Saturday, September 25, 2010

photos in here!! @-@

hello there! It's been a long time eh? haha..well, glad to be back again..(though, not ultimately back..:D)
in my comeback (comeback??) haha..I've decided to post pictures...cute ones, I promise!!
and maybe from these pictures I got any new ideas for my fanfic..nicey!

okay, here it goes...

there you go!! :D

hope you enjoyed seeing it!

till next time!! 

Monday, September 6, 2010

yaho!! :D

how's everyone doing??
hope you've just enjoyed your monday.. ^^
anyway, I'm about to post the first chapter of my newest fanfic..which is, of course, full of fiction.. :)) Yes, I'm serious about this fiction'll be shocked (or maybe not) by my jam packed fan fiction.. and I'm hoping that whatever the outcome will be, you'll get to enjoy my story.. ^^

p.s. if ever you have watched the Japanese version of SNSD's Genie, can you tell me the guy's name in there?? thanks.. ^^