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fanfic # 2... part 2 ^^

II. Hello Earthlings!

That's it..I guess..haha..oh the way, we are traveling via anti gravity tunnel which will lead in some location in th earth.. when a bright light blinded us..

"Woah!" a guy yelled as he fell on the floor of some unknown place, butt first.
He stood up and tried to move around.
"Good, you're still the sane enough Leeteuk. So, where can I possibly be?" he commented when a voice from behind asked,  "Uhmm... are you okay?" 
She came forward, visible enough for Leeteuk to notice her petite figure as a lady.
"I guess so. Anyway, do you mind telling me your name?" 
"Park Jungsu? Oh! Could it be that you're the new home nurse??" she asked, ignoring his question.
He was startled, only to find out that he was wearing some kind of a white uniform with his ID half tucked at one of his pockets. Written there is his real name, Park Jungsu. 
"Uhh... yeah, sort of," he replied not really aware of what the girl was talking.
Upon hearing him,  she abruptly dragged him all the way from the forest looking place, where Leeteuk alone landed,  to the nearest, maybe a  mansion instead... XD
Inside it where imported European furniture, gold plated door knobs, expensive looking huge chandeliers, and everything which reminds him of the term, 'opulence'.
Finally, she released Leeteuk's hand and smiled. They proceded to the second floor.
"Okay, I guess after all those sudden dragging, you'll now be willing to tell me your name.." he supposed, smiling back, wiping his eyebrows after the abrupt running and dragging thing. 
"Yoona." She extended her hand smiling.
Leeteuk extended his also.
"That's the room, be nice to her okay? She's a bit temperamental but I think you can handle her." She added, pointing the third room, left of the stairs.
"I'll be back by afternoon, I'll just attend my daily training." she interrupted as she rushed down the stairs.
"Great. Second floor huh?" 
Standing in front of the door, he unconsciously knocked. 
"Who's there?! Don't you dare disturb my rest for something trivial!" 
'A home nurse huh?' he thought.
"Oh, mianhe. Erm, do you want anything in particular for lunch? He asked nicely, leaning a bit closer by the door. 
A rolling sound came from the inside, something is moving along the wooden floor. The door then opened which caught Leeteuk by surprise. 
"You are?" She seemed a bit annoyed.
A girl in purple night gown, sitting on some king of advanced wheelchair, looked at him.
'She have the looks, but she seemed displeased over something.' he thought, looking at her too. Trying to win her with his charm.
"Annyeong. I'm Leeteuk." he introduced, smiling brightly.
She didn't seem to like it though..

-- + -- 

"Seems like I've landed in some crowded campus." another guy supposed, looking around.
Students were all around, walking in different directions, is busy chatting, and does things any normal student would do. 
"How cute! Is he a new student??" Girls from all around him suddenly whispered. He seemed to be very visible by now.
They've started to gather around him and fire multiple, random questions. 
'I'm wearing the same uniform as them...guess they'll be my schoolmates for a while.' 
"Annyeong~! Jo-nun Kim Ryeowook!" he happily introduced, slightly bending his head.
"HOW CUTE!!" Some girls shouted in happiness. He's short, has this slightly messy hair and he looks just like a first year student, which, apparently, he's not.
"Don't pressure the newbie!" Someon from afar called out.
She made her way through the crowd and stood straight in front of Ryeowook. She winked at him and pulled her away from the crowd of newly born fangirls. 
"Sure thing!" She smiled.
"Miss Vice pres! Mind guesting in our monthly school cook show??" a guy from afar called out.
Their school has this thing for events that once in a while, they'd issue different shows/events for the students to enjoy and hone their God given talents. 
"Uh-oh.." she uttered dismissively. 
"See you later then Kim Ryeowook." she waded as she walked side by side with the other guy.

A few miles away from Ryewook's location stands a big room with 'Dance Troop' engraved on the door. 
"I am allowed to join in here after all!" A guy squealed in excitement.
"Stop blocking the way; if  you intend to join, just get inside." a student stated smugly.
"Right, mianhe." 
He went inside and saw just how spacious the room was, though, there are still countless members in it.
"A new member huh??" 
Everyone looked at him interestingly. It's been months since a newcomer joined. And its not like no one wanted to join, its just that no one passes their incoming test.
"Think he has the potential?" Another member asked.
"We'll see." the girl from before replied. 
"You there, mind showing us some talent of yours??" she added smiling deviously at the guy.
He nodded. The girl reached for the cassette, instructed the guy to dance at the middle and played a certain song.

# Neorago (It's you) #

He danced to the tune gracefully and with unusual but unique steps. Minutes later and the song was finished. Everyone was dumbfounded by the guy's flawless ability in dancing. 
The leader, or so it seems, walked towards him. " I accept you here. I admire your skills, however, you're face still, kind of, disturbs me. " she stated bluntly.
'That's, how should I put it? Very welcoming.' He thought, faking a smile.
"Kamsahamnida. By the way, I'm Lee Hyukjae." he introduced, still trying to smile, as if he's un-affected. 
"Sooyoung here. Alright, everyone may have their break!" she announced, leaving Eunhyuk behind.

The sky is getting darker and only seconds when rain started to pour...
"Aish.." Sunny uttered, feeling a bit depressed, as she looked at the gloomy sky. She was standing in an open area, doesn't seem to care and kept staring at nowhere.
A leather jacket then was suddenly dropped on top of her head, which, of course, surprised her.
"Sungmin oppa." she whispered, looking at the dripping wet Sungmin. 
He smiled and held her hand. He intentionally grabbed her hand and took her somewhere dry where she can take a rest. 
"Kamsahamnida Minnie!" she thanked appreciatively.
Their instincts lead them to an old roofed park. Fallen leaves were scattered around as evident that its been months since the place was last taken care of. Good thing though that the benches were still usable enough.
As they sat down, Sunny stretched out the jacket and shared it with Sungmin. After quite some time, the rain had finally stopped and Sunny decided to contact everyone through telepathy. 

"Everyone seems busy. I can't contact them well.." She inquired, looking at Sungmin.
"You think they've started their tasks?" Sungmin then asked hanging his wet jacket on the bench.
"I hope so. But, we've just arrived so maybe they haven't yet." she then looked away.

Opposite from their location, miles, miles away, is a bar with letters that lights on and off. It was a sure eye catcher that even a guardian was drawn.
"Hello ladies! I am Heechul!"  he announced as he approached the table with women in short dresses. 
He was so pre -occupied that he can't hear Sunny calling out to him and the others. In time, all the other guardians were already gathered and only Heechul is missing. 

"Where can Heechul hyung be??" Siwon asked worriedly.
"I'll find him." Hangeng bravely volunteered. It's Heechul we're talking about after all; he can be really scary when irritated.
"But hyung might be at some club, you know, he might be too drunk and all..he's extremely scary when he's totally out of control! Donghae protested, imagining the situation. Heechul going really angry and starts breaking their condo in half. Donghae shrugged. 'I just hope nothing like that will happen...'
"That's the sole reason why I need to find him, to prevent such horrible outcomes from happening." Hangeng explained, insisting on the idea. "Have any ideas where clubs are located??"

They can't help it, Hangeng seemed to grow close to Heechul, thus, making Leeteuk agree with the idea.
"I'll come with Hangeng too!" Kangin suddenly volunteered.
They looked at each other and finally sent the two of them off. On search for their naughty hyung, they've decided to take the right side of the street first.
"I hope he wasn't that drunk yet...please.." Hangeng uttered as they walked down the alley. He knew how Heechul can't keep it to a minimal when drinking liquors. 
It was dark and cold & the streets are getting more and more crowded.
"Calm down, okay? Hyung still has this certain tolerance with liquors so no worries. He can still be under control...not unless he's angry.." Kangin mentioned trying to calm Hangeng down while having a look around.
It wasn't days when they arrived in Korea, yet, Heechul's making a bit of a ruckus already.
Heechul was already out of the bar and is walking, swaying like a lump which is more or less because of the liquor. Yes, unfortunately, Heechul is drunk.
He bumped trash cans, and even scared street children away; when he felt the sudden urge of tiresome, he rested his head on what seemed like a woman's shoulder.
"Woah!" He backed off a little after a gun was suddenly pointed on the tip of his forehead.
"Yeah, that's right, back off!" 

~~~~~ END of chapter 2 ~~~~~

our naughty oppa! ^3^

Whew, this chapter has been quite long...
anyway, hope you enjoyed it! ^^,v  

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hey 'tis me again...
I happen to have a little free time and writing a post was what I thought about...
you see, my day ended pretty well I guess...I woke up a bit late, ate pandesal for breakfast and do the usual chores I do...after which I studied Economics cause we're having a test tomorrow...I also did numerous homeworks and the lectures...which I find tiresome as always...In betweens, I had to constantly look after my little sister, Gian..both parents are off to Divisoria after all..

I wonder why babies are prone to crying a lot?? oh well....whatever..

And now I'm busy printing images to be used for our birthday present to one of my important friends, Madeline..I hope she'll get to like it... :)
Apparently, after all that I've done for this day, the idea still keeps on bugging me like hell.. and it sucks..really..

and the classes will be resumed tomorrow....what's the connection?? Well, I just don't feel like going to school tomorrow. I don't know why either..

anyhow, good night humans...

Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm being unreasonable..

"Calculus is...SUICIDE..." 

yup, that's right..can you believe it?
 Even the letters 'c' & 'u' is being used in computations...
              EH?! Nande?!
I was okay with the letters 'x' & 'y' but now, it seems like every single letter was intended for cruel can math be?? T.T
I'm sorry, I just freakingly hate math.. :[

Anyhow, I've been yet pre-occupied with what I was talking about on my last post...and actually, the very idea has just sunk in to me..
yeah..and I was like...whaaaaaaat?!?! Darn..this is not a dream..
Oh how I hate it when every time my mind was flying off somewhere, his figure (or maybe his image or anything related to him) appears...dang..
I just can't focus in class..this is getting really annoying now...
why the heck do I keep on thinkin' about him?! 
am having some kinda disease?! 

HELP ME!!!!! T.T

my advice: never fall in love with anyone of your guy's never a good thing..

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I've just confirmed one shocking, ah no, unbearable news....
wait, was unbearable really necessary? well, maybe..

 The guy I liked, or maybe I still like, will be migrating to Canada..what?! 
well, he's mom was based there and now that she became a citizen already, she has apparently decided to get her family to live with Canada...

Noooooo......I mean, I don't know...
I've liked him, yes...and was quite sure that the idea has been in its past tense already, but, it seems like it has yet to become one...I tried erasing him (not completely, though) in my mind since I know that it'll just be a pain in the ass..sorry for the term...but, I just can't seem to do that..especially hearing the news from him directly...I even unconsciously felt hopeless about it.. and like I said, I don't know why either...

alright, enough of this....
sorry if I've been dumping my idiotic feelings in here...

anyway, have a good night lads... 

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Annyeong Haseyo~!! ^^V

here at my friends nest, finishing  the script which was supposed to be passed today...haha..good thing our teacher seems to be in a good mood that he agreed to let us pass it on Moday instead... yay!
Anyway, like I said, i'm currently here at  jazzee's place for the purpose of  watching movies, surfing the net and of course finishing the script.. ^^
and just to share, me and my friend Jazzee agreed to cook! haha...goodluck to us...
and we've actually decided to cook carbonara....which almost wrecked their kitchen when a potful of fire suddenly appeared!! (I'm not kidding) waaahhh......
by the way, sorry for the broken pepper glass Jazzee, my stupidity enters again.. :))
In the end, our carbonara seems tasteless. But, we did enjoyed eating it. :D
good thing though, that my other friends, Kim and Faye seemed to appreciate it well enough..especially Faye ah..yay!! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED JAZZEE!!!


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'tanjoubi omedetou ya ryo-tan~!


Haha. seems like its the SEXY, OSAKA MAN's special day today!! :D
Well then, Happy Happy 26th Birthday Ryo-tan~!! (I hope you don't hate it when you're reminded of your age.. :D)
I'll always pray for your health and the success of your career..
and continue being the anti-sweets (you don't like sweets do you??), dorky, and sexy (as you said), Ryo you're fans have known... 
Soshite, itsumo ni ki o tsukete ya ne~! 
(by the way, my best friend likes you...uuhh..what's new? many other girls [like me for example] likes you too anyway..XD anyway, her name's VERONICA ^^,)
that's it...

Ryo's mischievous smile..according to insane_desire..haha..I definitely agree!
check out her LJ post for most of  Ryo's charming smiles... @-@
here's the link: insane_desire

~~~ Oyasumi minna... ~~~~~     -_-* zzZZ