Sunday, October 31, 2010

advance happy water and osaka birthday~!! ^3^

yoh minna~!

-droppin' by to give my greetings to the two of my favorite Asian guys that will be celebrating their birthdays this week...I may not have the ample time this coming weekday so I'm going to greet them here in advance instead.. ^^

advance happy birthday to Poseidon's Filipino son (just kiddin' XD), model/dancer/actor/athlete Enchong Dee!

Enchong Dee, my all time ideal man will be celebrating his 21st birthday on November 5 this coming Friday! yay! 

I'm quite sure that this message won't reach you, nevertheless, I wanted to greet you a happy, blessed birthday (well, in advance)!!
hope that you'll stay being the role model, down to earth person we've all known... :)
and just in case you don't remember, I met you once in a resto across ABS-CBN..and that day was a surefire dream come true for me.. ^^,  thanks again for allotting 30 minutes of your life meeting such a fan like was all worth the long byahe..ika nga.. :D
I promise to continuously pray for you and your family...
again, advance happy birthday and thank you! ^^


as for the self proclaimed pervert, sexy osaka man, Ryo Nishikido, I'd also like to give him my greetings as he'll be turning 26 this coming November 3..yay too! XD
the actor slash singer slash model will also be getting another year older! bwahaha...
can you believe it?? 
this guy..this dorky but handsome guy...

..will be turning 26 already?!

oh well, guess looks can really be deceiving.. XD


adobansu 'tanjoubi omedetou ya~!!
itsumo ni ki o tsukete ne~!
GODspeed ^^

That's it I guess.. ^^,
will be going to the church already so later guys~!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


trouble, trouble, trouble!

Hoot~! >o<

SNSD's newest 'retro inspired' mini album...
Hoot's music video has already been released last October 27 and is currently gaining more and more views..(imagine, they already have 551,597 views?!)

seeing the teaser for the first time, I'm like, 'what's with Tiff's hairstyle?'  but, seeing her at the MV, dancing, and singing...I was like, 'whoah, she's so pretty~!' haha..maybe, I was just surprised to see her go blonde and all, but, it did suite her after all.. ^^

and sunny~!!
the woman who, for me, always looks pretty whatever her hairstyle is!! ^3^
in this MV, you'll got to see the serious Sunny..again..(after the 'Run Devil Run MV)  :D

see?? uwaaa...kawaii!! :)

there you go! my two favorite SNSD members.. ^^,
that's it for now..I'll post my comments on the others later.. gotta go, still have school activities..ja ne~!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


just finished watching the MV of Doushite by DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki...(tss..too many names.. XD) 
I'm not a fan of theirs or something..I only knew this song because a friend introduced it to me..haha..well, I gotta admit, I like its lyrics..and I mean it!!  (the guy in there was pretty good looking too! ^3^)
and the fact that its a Japanese song makes it more desirable to hear (well, for me, that is.. :D)

anyway, I gotta say bye bye guys..cause its getting late and I still need to, you know, wake up early (as usual)
Ja ne~! ^^. 


Hi. there anyone who knows how to cure phobias for men????

Actually, I've been thinkin about this darn person and is wondering if I still like him...
I've always felt nervous when he's around...even before he knew about this stupid feelings of mine..(I told him about it maybe 2 years ago..and everything from then felt awkward) but somewhere in my ridiculous mind, there's someone echoing something like, "you don't like him anymore" or the likes of it..
was the nervousness I feel when he's around  was plainly because I still like him or is it only because of this unbearable phobia of mine?  

forget it..
I'm just wastin my time....XD

Sunday, October 24, 2010

my all time favorite host club!!

yoh minna~!!

am here to post my beloved host club's character songs!! yay! haha....
so for those Ouran fans, you might wanna check this out!


The showy and flamboyant president, Suou Tamaki

>> Guilty Beauty Love
DL link: courtesy of 4shared
Video link: courtesy of youtube

The cool and calculating Vice president, Ootori Kyouya

>> Tsumetai Yoru
DL link: courtesy of 4shared
Video link: courtesy of youtube

The devilish & naughty twins, Hitachiin Hikaru & Kaoru 

>> Bokura no love style
DL link: courtesy of Vietmusic
Video link: courtesy of youtube

The cute but dangerous, Haninozuka Mitsukuni

>> Doki Doki Waku Waku
DL link: courtesy of 4shared
Video link: courtesy of youtube

The stern and thoughtful,  Morinozuka Takashi

>> Itsumo Soba Ni
DL link: courtesy of 4shared
Video link: courtesy of youtube

the club's character song:

>> Mata Ashita
DL link: courtesy of 4shared
Video link: courtesy of youtube

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sunny, sunny, sunny.... ^^,


hello there humans! :D

Glad to be back again.. :)

(Calculus is finished!! my nightmare is over! XD)
and as a comeback post, I'd like to share here one of Super Junior H songs, Sunny!

[ALL] Oneureun uhdireul gashinayo nan nuhmu goonggeumhaeyo goonggeumhae
Namjadeul manheunde an gamyuhn andwenayo SUNNY~ yes I love you!

[LEETEUK] Nuguna algo inneun sashireun geunyuhneun yeppuh nuhmu yeppuhsuh
Mureupkkoolhgo gidarineun namja handoori anya~

[ALL] Geuguhn andwae!


[SUNGMIN] I love you I need you

[KANGIN] Ah sonyuhyuh naman bwayo [ALL] Nan geudaeui noyega dwegopa


[SUNGMIN] I love you I want you

[YESUNG] Duhneun mot chama naman bwayo

[ALL] Nan geudaeui dalkomhan kkooldanji

[EUNHYUK] Nan nan dalla nae maeryuhge pook ppajyuhbuhrilguhl HAHA
Geudael chyuhdaboneun juh noonbitdeulgwa
Nan nan chawuhni dalla soonsoohan miso
Jenteurhan* moseup oneuljuhnyuhk wooseumjoolge
Ddo gakkeumeun nappeun namjado dwae bolge nan iruhn namjaya

[ALL] Oneul ddo uhdireul gashinayo nan nuhmu goonggeumhaeyo goonggeunhae
Yuhjabundeul mwuhga geurido pappeunguhnji SUNNY~ yes I love you!

[SUNGMIN] Nuguna algo inneun sashireun

[MIN+TEUK] Geunyuhneun yeppuh nuhmu yeppuhsuh

[SUNGMIN] Mureupkkolhgo gidarineun namja handoori anya~

[ALL] Geuguhn andwae!


[SUNGMIN] I love you I need you

[KANGIN] Ah sonyuhyuh naman bwayo

[ALL] Nan geudaeui noyega dwegopa

[SUNGMIN] I love you I want you

[YESUNG] Duhneun mot chama naman bwayo

[ALL] Nan geudaeui dalkomhan kkooldanji

[YESUNG] Oh lady lady jogeum murihaebwado dwel guht gateun oneul juhnyuhk woorin gwaenchanhji

[ALL] Yeyeyeye

[SUNGMIN+ALL] SUNNY, SUNNY, SUNNY! I love you I need you

[KANGIN] Ah sonyuhyuh naman bwayo

[ALL] Nan geudaeui noyega dwegopa


[SUNGMIN] I love you I want you

[ALL] Duhneun mot chama naman bwayo nan geudaeui dalkomhan kkooldanji

[SHINDONG] Danji geudae gyuhte muhtjin namjagil~ nuga bwado oo wah~ jiguchon moduga burowoon noongil
Geudaereul wihaesuh peshidwelge mwuhdeun halge majimageuro hanmadiman halge naesarang


Where are you off to today
I'm curious, so very curious
Couldn't you go somewhere without boys
SUNNY~ Yes I love you!

It's a truth that anyone knows
She's pretty, so very pretty that
There's more than one guy waiting on his knees~
I won't allow that!

I love you I need you (I need you)
Ah girl, only have eyes for me
I'm willing to be your slave

I love you I want you (I want you)
I can't take any more, only have eyes for me
I'm your sweet honeypot

I'm I'm different you're gonna fall for my charm
HAHA and the way I look at you
I'm on a different level my pure smile
My gentle image I'll make you laugh tonight
I'm try to be a bad guy sometimes I'm that type of guy

Where are you off to again today
I'm curious so very curious
Why are girls always so busy
SUNNY~ Yes I love you!

It's a truth that anyone knows
She's pretty, so very pretty that
There's more than one guy waiting on his knees~
I won't allow that!

I love you I need you (I need you)
Ah girl, only have eyes for me
I'll willing to be your slave

I love you I want you (I want you)
I can't take anymore, only have eyes for me
I'm your sweet honeypot

Oh Lady Lady it might be a little over-the-top
Tonight at dinner but it's okay right? Yea yea yea yea!

I love you I need you (I need you)
Ah girl, only have eyes for me
I'm willing to be your slave

I love you I want you (I want you)
I can't take anymore, only have eyes for me
I'm your sweet honeypot

I'll be a cool guy only at your side~
Everybody'll say wow~ so the whole world will be envious
For you I'll be your pet I'll do everything
I'll say one final thing my love


aww....isn't it adorable????
I especially love Sungmin's part in the song!! ^^
two thumbs up for Super Junior H!!!  :D


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

fanfic # 2... part 1 ^^

I. Guardians on the go :)

"Ahjussi! Ahjussi!" a lady in white dress came rushing towards the man in coat, average height, maybe in his 40's or something.  She walked straight inside the white room with bright yellow light coming from the room's old fashioned chandelier. 
"Slow down little girl, it'll look bad to have the presence of scar in your pretty face," the man reprimanded, smiling. 
She giggled. "I think I've heard the 'little girl' thing ever since I've started to talk, which is more or less 19 years ago," she reminded.
"Come on, you know that you'll always be my little girl."
"Aww..." she muttered.

"Anyway, I'd like you to call the newly elected guardians for their very first task awaits them," he mentioned, preparing the white room.
"Alrighty then, be back in a minute or so!" she waded enthusiastically.
'You see, that's my beloved ahjussi from a while ago. He's been treating me as his own daughter for as long as I can remember..Now, now, where can those guardians be??" 

She walked past the council of elders, then to Neophyte Village, where the newly guardians were supposed to be, made a roundabout by the fields and there she finally spotted them. 
Donghae and Eunhyuk, the said to be guardian dancers are playing a ball game; Kangin & Shindong on the other hand, are happily sitting at the side of the field, eating snacks. Leeteuk, Hangeng and Kibum are on the other side, chatting with each other by the river. And Yesung, soundly sleeping with his back rested on the big oak tree not far from where Leeteuk and the others are. She noticed that Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Siwon, Ryeowook, and Heechul wasn't anywhere to be found. 
"I'm guessing that Minnie and Wookie's at the musique room while Kyuhyun and Heechul are both at the game room; yeah, a game room, sounds unbelievable but the elders were forced to agree with it. Talking about constant-pestering-for-persuasion-scheme! :D And lastly, there's Siwon oppa; I supposed that he's at the guardian chapel..again.. :)

She then walked towards the big oak tree with a plan in her mind.
'Oh! By the way, my name's Sunny! Hmm...I wonder if it's Sunny when I was born..' she smiled.
She sneaked at the back of the oak tree, inhaled a cupful of fresh air, then yelled, "AN-YEONG!!" which, of course, startled the hell out of the sleeping Yesung that he too have suddenly screamed. 'Aigoo..did I somehow overdid it?'
He looked back to see who the culprit is..
"You surprised the hell out of me Sunny!"
"Aigoo, mianhe oppa!" She smiled gesturing a peace sign.
"Alright, alright."
Leeteuk who heard the sudden commotion went straight to them. 
"Care to share what's happening?" he asked upon approaching Sunny and Yesung.
After hearing about the their new task, Leeteuk, as the head of the newly elected guardians, ordered Donghae and Eunhyuk to call the others, while everyone proceed to the white room. 
"It's okay, it's okay. Let me call them instead!" Sunny insisted.
"I'll accompany her then." Kibum volunteered.
"Kamsa oppa!" she thanked cheerfully as she dragged her oppa all the way down to the musique room. 
"Hey!" Eunhyuk called.
"Let her be. Let's go?" Leeteuk smiled.
"Ready as always." Kangin exclaimed.

Sunny was almost out breath and so was Kibum when they reached the musique room. 
"Guess I got carried away! I haven't run for months and doing it suddenly feels great! Oh sorry 'bout that oppa!" She apologized as she clasped her hands together.
He smiled back reassuringly, looking a bit tired to answer.
A few seconds later and they've decided to knock at the musique room. 

# Canon D piano #

"Sunny!" Ryeowook greeted letting those two inside.
"Annyeong~!" she greeted back happily.
Kibum started, "There's a meeting going on at the white room." 
"And everyone's supposed to attend??" Sungmin asked, stopping in playing the piano. 
"Ne! You heard it right!" Sunny answered.
"Alrighty~!" Ryeowook replied putting back the instruments at their respective places.
"Is Heechul hyung already there??" Sungmin asked, filing the musical sheets one after another. 
"Not yet." Kibum responded.
"So are we going to fetch them or something??" he asked again.
"Sungmin hyung and Ryeowook may go already, we'll just call the others." Kibum stated.
"No! I"ll be going with you two!" Sungmin volunteered enthusiastically.
"Seems like Sungmin hyung can't leave Sunny with Kibum alone!" Ryeowook teased grinning at Sungmin. Sungmin ignored him, pushing him out of the room already. Kibum just smiled at Sunny.
The 3 of them then headed towards the others' places. And after quite sometime of persuasion, Heechul and Kyuhyun finally agreed to attend the meeting.
- meeting ended -

Everyone is excited that they'll be having their very first task already, and as early as tomorrow. 
"Yay! Hello to earth again!" Sunny exclaimed excitedly.
"And hello to ladies!" Heechul added grinning deviously.
"Stop the dark thoughts Chullie!" Leeteuk reprimanded, patting Heechul's back.
"I'm sure to check out their game centers!" Kyuhyun proclaimed.
"Am I allowed to join the dance troops in there??" Donghae suddenly asked curiously.
Eunhyuk asked the same question and got nothing but  'maybe's'.
'I, Sunny, together with this bunch of simple minded guys are almost on our way to Earth to fulfill different purposes. Okay, let me explain some of the house rules first..

  • Newly elected guardians were given different abilities that they may use for the purpose of their task. But, their powers are nullified when used against another guardian.
  • Male guardians are strongly advised not to fall in love with any human girl. If broken, guardians are to stay on Earth with their memories completely deleted. As for the females, the human guy they fall in love with will be forced to disappear. (I don't know why either!)
  • The elders will be on the look out and any mistake leads to different punishments depending on the level of their mistake. 

That's it..I guess..haha..oh the way, we are traveling via anti gravity tunnel which will lead in some location in th earth.. Again, this is Sunny speaking...see 'ya guys at the next chapter!

>>> ookaay.....part 1..finished..whew...gosh! I haven't reviewed anything yet for my upcoming test tomorrow just to finish typing better appreciate this and leave a comment! XD 
*goodluck to me for tomorrow..and to IV-Einstein! ^^

Guardian Sunny~! 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

maligayang kaarawan!

nyahahaha..maligayang kaarawan nga pala sa aking butihing bunsong kapatid na lalaki....

study hard and keep up your bright personality~!!! ^^
love you!  

from ate iel.. :D
p.s. ingatan mu ung bago mung skateboard ah.. :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

SungSun couple~!!!!!! ^3^

I'm proud to share here...


Sungmin's birthday message and present to SNSD's Sunny.... ^^

 (I've just learned that you cannot upload videos in here if it weren't from your pc...T.T)
here's the link instead:

 my comment on the video:
sungmin's so sweet....good thing sunny seem to really appreciate his present.. (yay! :D)
they really look cute together~!!
hope they'll have more shows together other than their radio show...

best regards to the both of them~!

uwaaa...ano futari 'tte kawaii~!!!!!!!!

belated happy birthday~!

just droppin' by to greet the boy next door of Super Junior, Lee Donghae.. :)

..hae~!! :D
....saengil chukahamndia!! (well, I mean, belated..) 
thanks for making many girls (and boys..if there are any) happy..especially my good 'ol friend Faye.. :D
stay being the nice and adorkable Donghae you've been..  
I'm sure your dad's very proud of you!!  
best regards..
GODspeed ^^

credits to whoever made this cute fan art.. ^^

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I'm not feeling well...yes....

and there are two main causes:

  • school's stressful schedule
  • stupid mathematics (i.e. calculus)

 ugghh..I hate this feeling...
math is driving me insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and our very considerate school...hah! good thing that I'll be graduating in 5 months or less...
yay! goodbye to this good 'ol money-loving school!!!!!!!  

*anti-math pupil

Friday, October 1, 2010

YAMANADE live action!!!!

droppin' by to share my thoughts on one of the wacky animes turned to live action--Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge.

Together with the cast's photos, I'll comment on whether I liked their portrayal or not..(based on my opinion only) ^^

List of CAST:

Kamenashi Kazuya as Takano Kyohei
I'm not a fan of this popular Kame from Kat Tun (group who sang the live action's theme song) and I'd say that I think I'll like it more if Akanishi Jin's going to play the Kyohei but, I admit, Kame did a pretty good job portraying Kyohei--somewhat cool, an arrogant guy, is simple minded and freaks out a bit..he fascinated me this time..haha..oh well, he has a good voice, maybe he's not that bad..hehe...

Oomasa Aya as Nakahara Sunako

she's good..haha..well, she's not that pretty but she is scary..thus, making her look good in portraying Sunako.. :D and I'm just wondering why this 'live Sunako' was a bit brutal..head butting the boys whenever they come face to face with her (when she actually is supposed to nosebleed..well, anime speaking, that is) .. though that sounds funny.. :)) all in all, she did just well..go Sunako-chan~! :D

Uchi Hiroki as Oda Takenaga

kyaa~!! ^3^ (gomen, fan girl mode) oh well, back to comments...let's see, Uchi Hiroki-kun ka?? hmm...perfect! haha..he's a perfect Takenaga!! he portrayed just right..The handsome, calm, intelligent and sometimes uneasy (when Noi's around) Takenaga..two thumbs up for Hiroki-kun~!!!

Tegoshi Yuya as Toyama Yukinojo

At first, I wasn't really into seeing this guy as the cute and adorable Yuki, but later on as the story progresses,
I've completely liked him as Yuki..hehe..he's portrayed just as well too~!!  thumbs up for you too Yuya-kun!!

Miyao Shuntaro as Morii Ranmaru

pardon me but, I kinda don't like his physical attributes...and portraying the Casanova Ranmaru means that you have to have a beautiful/wonderful face...(though, I'm not saying that this guy is ugly..he's just not 'too' charming) but, based on his acting, I can say that this guy is worth seeing too..especially when he tricked Takeru that he's been possessed by his dad's soul..that part is well acted..haha..good job for you too. :)

That's it for the main characters...wait, is Takeru and Obaasan main characters too? haha..oh well, I'll just include them in my 2nd post for the Yamanade live action category.. hehe.. ^^  

*comments are appreciated.. ^-^

  • Yamanade live action Music: Love yourself ~Kimi ga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki~ by KAT-TUN   
  • you can download it here: love yourself