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uwaaa....hahaha...cuties alert! ^^


Fan : Oppa ㅠㅠ I failed at the volleyball test
Sungmin : It’s alright you just need to be good at the other subjects

Fan : Oppa ㅠㅠㅠ is it really alright when I just got 6 mark at my volleyball test ? But even like that (with that score) I am ranked no.10 of the whole school ㅎㅎ
Sungmin : If you’re no.10 it’s alright !!! ㅋㅋㅋ

Fan : Oppa are you replying the UFO now ?! kkya~~ ㅋㅋㅋ Oppa when will Kyuhyun oppa appear on the shows ? I miss Cho ㅜㅜ
Sungmin : Because Kyuhyunnie must not sweat/do hard work so he hasnt been able to come back yet~^^

Fan : Ah ah ㅜㅜ recently Sungmin oppa has done Kyuhyun oppa’s part really well !! and sing well too ♥♥ cutie ♥♥
Sungmin : No I didnt…I hope Kyuhyunnie will come back soon…I feel burdened because I didnt sing well either ㅠ

Fan : Oppa are you done replying the UFO now ? ㅜㅜ let’s do it a little longer ~~~ ㅜㅜ
Sungmin : I will play with it until 1PM ~

Fan : There are exactly 15 days left until the exam but I hate studying ㅠㅜ My mood is good since today is Ryeowook oppa’s bday but my body is hurt
Sungmin : aigoo…ㅠㅠ please dont get hurt~

Fan : Ming oppa please dont get hurt too ㅠㅜ
Sungmin : OK ~^^ ㅎㅎㅎ

Fan : Oppa is very cute ㅠㅠㅜ Oppa jjang ♥♥♥♥ Oppa please dont feel depressed ㅠㅜ
Sungmin : OK! ^^ hwaiting~

Fan : (to Ryeowook) Oppa once again I truly wish you a happy birthday ^^ Heavenly voice always hwaiting ! I love you ♥
Sungmin : Thank you for wishing our Ryeowookie happy birthday ~ ㅎㅎㅎ

Fan : Do you want to become my boyfriend ?
Sungmin : Heebum-ah ~~~ they’re calling you !! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Fan : Oppa I’m jealous seeing my friends (got your replies) oppa please quickly send me a lot of hearts
Sungmin : ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

Fan : Happy birthday to you ! I hope you have a whole fun day and please be careful not to catch a cold on rainy days ~ ♥
Ryeowook : ^^ I will be careful not to catch cold ! &^^

credits : onsaemiro & chunhweeryong fancafe
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net

HEENIM!!!! ^A^

WOOKIE!!!! ^^

credit goes to: http://kyulicious.wordpress.com

part 10

~ continuation ~

"Hm?" I asked.
He took a deep breath and answered, "I like you, is it okay?" as fast as he can..
'HAI?! How can he say that in a casual way?! Wait! is this the luckiest streak of my life?? Calm down karin!' I thought, utterly embarrassed, flustered and is blushing.
"I know its sudden, I'm sorry..should I repeat it slowly?" 
"HUH?! No, I..I heard it..I..I'M SHOCKED YOU IDIOT!" I unconsciously yelled smacking him. I wonder if its been my habit to smack him or something...
"Oh I'm quite surprised too!" he shouted as he stood up.
'Is this guy alright?' I thought, confused.
"Well, you see, I get easily jealous when your with Hangeng sensei, I even want to monopolize your time..I'm...I'm sorry.." he confessed as he looked down.
"I?" he asked curiously.
"I don't know! and Hangeng sensei? What about him?"
"Well, I just thought that you have feelings for him and the like." he answered.
"Hmm..I DO like him.." 
"Eh?!" he squealed.

"Yeah, I mean, he's been so nice to me and all.." I mentioned.
"Haven't I been so nice to you too?" he added.
"Well you are.."
"But then again I guess it's different.." he sulked, looking down.
"Yeah., way too different.." I agreed patting him.
He looked at me..disappointingly, then asked, "Then this just means that..."
"I feel the same way you do..at least that's what I think" I continued smiling at the dissapointed pink guy.
"Maybe I kind of like you too.." I confessed..tss...this is so embarassing..
He was so surprised that he didn't utter anything at all. He stood there, looking like a statue..a cute one.. :p
what is happening? I feel so damn embarrassed in here..should I just get outta here? I thought all flustered.
I was about to turn around when he suddenly held my arms and hugged me..
I cried, yeah, that sounds stupid...
"I..I've been bottling-in my feelings for so long, am afraid that you might avoid me if I'd confess..." I uttered crying.
"Pabo." he whispered as he hugged me tighter.  *idiot.
This is heaven indeed, am I only dreaming? Nah, this seems too real..too real that it might be just an illusion too..tsk, what am I thinking...

And night time came when he invited me over at his place and cooked me dinner...yeah..so sweet..we ate dinner with his family..but of course that goes on with my parent's permission..
I felt loved..

On some other place...
"Are you sure you're gonna ask her? I mean, she might strangle you to death.." Yuki said hesitating to go inside her mom's company.
"Well, she'll do the same or even worse if I won't ask for her approval.." he smiled holding the lady's hand.
She felt relieved and they went straight at her mom's room office. It was on the fifth floor just at the side of the elevator.
Ryeowook knocked and was approved to get inside..
"Ohayou!" he greeted waving his hand freely.
"Oh Ryeowook and..Yuki...good morning. What took you two here?" her mom asked, a bit surprised.
"Well, you see, I was about to ask you for permission..." he started.
"Regarding what?" Yuki's mom again asked, crossing her hands.
"I'm planning to date her...uhmm..would you mind?" he finally said after exhaling air for a minute..Ryeowook seemed tense for a minute there.. :D
"DATE HER?!" Yuki's mom screamed in astonishment.
"'Kasan..." Yuki whispered calming her mom down.
"Ryeowook.." she called finally calming down..whew..I was afraid Ryeowook would cause a big ruckus in there..haha..oh well..
"You've known my daughter since you were kids that you know her inside out...and you know too how childish she can get...or how dependent she may be.." she started stating some of Yuki's behaviors.
"I am well aware of those things and is quite used to it already..it has even become my expertise..taking care of her and all.." he agreed trying to reassure Yuki's mom.
'What? Now you've agreed about all of my bad behaviors??' Yuki thought sarcastically. 
"But she's the kind of girl who'll never make you feel bored, a very energetic one. She's a person you can always count on and a person you can, of course, trust.." her mom added smiling at Yuki.
"I know it as well..so, would you mind sharing this irresistible and sometimes irritable Yuki with me?" he asked, smiling at Yuki's mom. Yeah, those pleading eyes...tss..aside from the pink guy, seems like Ryeowook has used these tactics too.. :))
"Okay...I think I can rest assure if she's with you but I'm warning you Ryeowook, one bad thing and you're outta her life, got that?" she warned, looking straight at the guy's eyes..scary...
"Got it, thanks for you're approval. I promise not to hurt her or do something that is against your will..." he guaranteed.
They went outside, side by side ,enjoying each others presence..
Their day ended nicely as well, guess everybody's have their 'someone special' now..

One rainy morning, as Yuki woke up from her deep slumber, she heard an unfamiliar voice blabbing about something that seems unnecessary.

On the other hand, I was busy preparing for school since I need to be there earlier for some reasons. School again, oh well..
As I went outside, I was surprised to see Sungmin there standing, smiling at me.
Has he been waiting in here?? Should I smile at him, or is it better not to..
"Annyeong!" he greeted cheerfully..he was always the first to greet..good.. :D
"Ano, how did you know that I was going to school earlier than normal?" I asked, trying not to blush.
Control Karin, control..
"Guy's instincts I guess." he joked as he reached out his hand for me.  
We both ride his bicycle as I sat on the extra chair at his back..not a very good idea cause I was so close to him that he might hear my speedy heartbeat...

Back at Yuki's house, "Kasan, was there a visitor here a while ago?" she asked while fixing her polo.
"That was one of my subordinates, did he, by any chance, bother your sleep?" her mom explained as she asked.
"Nah, not really."
*someone knocks at the door..
"Oh Ryeowook, good morning. You're just in time, Yuki is almost finished." Her mom greeted.
"Morning! yeah..so, let's go?"
"Yup! Itekimasu!" she waded.
"Ki o tsukete!"

At our room while I was chatting with Donghae and Sungmin..
"Ohayou!" someone familiar greeted as the door opened.
"Mornin!" Sungmin and I greeted.
"Faye!" Donghae called out happily as he approached the girl.
"Oh hey!" she greeted him as well.
"Yeah, I was planning to try out Japan's karaoke bars after class, it'll be great if you'll join us!" he invited holding both her hands.
"Oh okay, I'm free this afternoon anyway.."


alright, I was feeling a bit tired now..haha..so maybe I'll leave it like this..yeah..sorry if this part didn't satisfied the readers.... ^^v
I'll post the next part on..I'm still workin it out so just hang in there.. :))

YAY~!!! ^3^

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F.T. island!!

F.T. island ~!! ^3^

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random phOtoS... ^-^

uwaaa..KyuMin... ^3^

another KyuMin photo!!

Kibum!! aww...I miss him..hehe...

 F.T. island!!


haha..there you go..hope you enjoyed (cause I DO enjoy..haha) ^^

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Kimi ni Todoke profiles here!! ^^,

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Oh well..hope you guys enjoyed it!

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source: mangafox.com



poor me...oh well..
hope I'll get more soon.. -_-

good evening guys...
just droppin by in here.. 

..advance happy birthday to my mom! 
MOM i love you!! (if ever you got to see this..hehe)

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otanjobi omedeto !! ^^

just wanna greet one of my favorite anime guys in here..

(yay, good thing my greetings wasn't too late..it's only 11:36pm~)
itsumo ni ki o tsukete ne~

andou tsubasa of Gakuen Alice ^3^

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No other...

cuteness of "HAPPINESS" and coolness of "SORRY SORRY" combined..


"NO OTHER"!!   >>  Super Junior's latest single...
yay! haha..
can't get over with this new song!! :D

image source: sapphirepearls.com

eh sungmin?!

 aww...so cuuute....
sungminnie... ^3^

 the best..:D
perfect... ^^

wait..he has a girlfriend?! ^O^

It's Cinderella's day today!! ^^,

saeng-il chughahabnida heechul oppa!!
 happy birthday Heechul oppa!
hangsang haengboghal....always be happy..

just felt like posting photos of him here..well, it's his birthday anyway.. ^^
 what an attractive and unique guy...^3^

 source: heechul images

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for MC's sake..haha

Here you go MC, a list of Ryeowook trivias..
sorry..haven't found any  100 questions and answers kind of thing from him...
though, this trivias were all interesting enough..hope you haven't read this yet..hehe...


Chinese Name: Li Xu
Birthday: 06-21-87
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Blood Type: O
Education: Inha university, Acting major
First Appearance: Starry Night Contest (1st Place)
Occupation: singer, actor, cook (exclusive for suju members)
Hobbies and Interests: Singing, composing music, sleeping and eating
Favorite Music: So Nyeo Si Dae
Favorite TV Shows: Winnie the pooh, Prison Break
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite food: Kimchi with fried rice
Motto: Try my best in doing everything

Other facts:
He always carries his mobile phone and wallet
He lyks girls who sing well (ie. bada) and have nice necks.
He lyks to get free makeup samples and never has an umbrella.
He plays the piano very well, and used to be quite chubby in school (weighed 80kg and lost 25kg).
He used to play the triangle in the school's orchestra.
He had his 1st kiss when he was 7(unintentionally)
He lost his shoe during a Miracle performance in Feb.
He loves icecream and chocolates.
He sleeps a lot and can sleep up to 18 hrs a day!
He never irons newly bought jeans. And once he wears them, he never washes them for the longest time.
He has a mole on his ryt cheek. It's quite prominent when he doesnt wear makeup.
he lyks to write songs. He wrote Kangin's and Yesung's radio logo songs.
He lyks to talk to people what he eats.
He lyks chocolate on strawberries.
He can speak 'broken' English.
He is the 4th heavy drinker amongst SuJu members (surprise, surprise!)(Shindong is 2nd and kyuhyun is 3rd. Guess who's the first)
He is the 2nd wildest (crazy) member after Kang In.
His favorite tv series is Prison Break
He loves to watch Winnie the Pooh. He lyks to be Christopher Robin. If he can't be Christopher Robin, he would like him to be his brother!!
he has a slight fear of hospitals
he's the mother figure of the group (what?!?!)
he's the #1 fan of so nyeo si dae (super girls) and usually listen to their songs
His favorite part in the girls MV is when they kicked! (pervert! but we still love him!)
he's donghae's favorite dongsaeng!!!
he takes care of the group, even cooks their meal and always reminds them to eat their meals on time (yup, mother figure)
hes the 5th member of SES fans club (bada's grp)
he wears silk pajamas
hes close with yesungs dongsaeng
he lost his new pet, dabong, a terrier lately. he cried when it cannot be revived.
he now bought a new one.
he had 5 ear piercings
according to kangin: Ookie looks innocent but he is really insolent!! (so much for homonyms)
during yesung and donghae's airing:
YS : The one who is the most unlucky is Ryeowook.
DH : He is?where?No,he is so cute how can he be unlucky? (korek donghae, bat unlucky si ookie?!?!? cute niya naman ha to be unlucky...)
he quit the chunji and sukira radio guesting (Jan 14 & 16 respectively) due to unknown cause. Rumor has it that he will be placed on suju subgroup called suju china.

*source: chryssel16.multiply.com

oh and here's his monologue:

credit goes to: sherbetshaz

Enjoy!! ^^ 

ttaeneuj-eun saeng-il chugha! (belated happy birthday!)

uwaaaa....I forgot to greet Kim Bum yesterday!! :D
okay, I know, it's late but I'll still greet him..haha..through here nlang..hehe..
can't reach him eh.. ^^

saengil chukha hamnida Kib Bum oppa~!!
(Happy Birthday Kim Bum!!)

dangsin-eun choeseon-eul dahagil balae!
(Wish you all the best!)

sin-ui chugbog-i issgileul!
(God bless!)


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Ughh....really now.....

i think i was born to hate math and so does math!!

I.....totally...freakingly....amazingly...undeniably..... do bad at math!!

I hate math.....(infinite sign)

end of story......................... -_-

Yay!!! Shinichi!! ^^,

Kudo's back..haha..
Oguri-kun!!! yatta!!

"As a detective, even if there is some evidence that conflicts with my reasoning, I won't just get rid of the evidence, instead, I'll incorporate that into my reasoning and try to solve the case.."
>> Kudo Shinichi

Here's the second live movie for the sensational and never ending anime Meitantei Conan!

Just want to share this certain character who appeared here in the 2nd movie...
for those who have watched Yukan Club then you may be familiar with this lady already..
(I like her character in the series after all, both in Yukan and Meitantei Conan!!)

Kashii Yu as Miyano Shiho/Sherry

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 Here's a short video of my favorite NEWS member, Nishikido Ryo:

ryo-chan sleeping!

credits to: isodia