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another suju vid

SUPER titanic!!!


super titanic!

Dangerous couple?!

This is hilarious eeteuk!! this guys...this is for Donghae's sake..even though I don't see any connection between Donghae feeling a bit ill and this hilarious scene XD

dangerous couple! :))

*credit goes to:nurulshimazamli*

the protective one... ^^,

Who would've thought that this cute little guy actually is protective? 
even if it involves someone he didn't knew...
See it for yourselves!! ^~^

(CREDIT goes to: sujuheart for the vidoes)

My real life bishies!!!

yoh!! haha..just taking quite a rest in Umi..
with that I've decided to put a list of my own real life bishies!! XD
this list is randomly made..not based on my favorites.. ^~^

 who can probably resist the smile of this cute swimmer/model/dancer/actor??!! 
No one..XD at least, for me..
he's one hell of a good swimmer, proffesionals even commented on how natural his talents are! Superb! :D
and that he's second home is actually underwater..haha..
He's acting skills is unbelivable too, proven in Katorse.. 
That goes the same when he's dancing or simply modeling...
he's one hell of a good natured person too!!
what a real bishie!!


when talking about cute celebrities, this little guy can never go wrong and I mean it!
You can clearly see how cute this guy is! Proven! XD
He's a good actor, and a good singer; he plays the guitar too!
He's also a crybaby..yeah..that's cute in some ways!! (wanna see him cry, just once..haha)
Even when not in motion, you can already be satisfied just by looking him!! XD

LEE SUNGMIN current favorite..:D
He's waay too cuute!
and he loOoves PINK!
How cute can that be???
He's a multi talented musician since he can play the guitar, drums and piano..and he's a good dancer too!!
what more is, he's also capable of doing Chinese martial arts! Cooool!!

~ haha..that's it for now...~

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part 5? tma b?? hehe..

~ CONT... ~

"Good thing you're alright." Donghae mentioned, then he added, "I won't probably know what to do when something like that happens to you Faye!"
"Eh?" Faye wondered.
[School bell rings!!]
"Time to eat!" Sungmin yelled excitedly.
"Hey don't shout." I reprimanded.
"We'll buy you a food, so stay here for a while. We'll buy some for you too Ryeo.." I added.
"Thanks! Oh and Ryeowook no need to stay here for me, I'll be fine." Yuki said assuring Ryeowook.
"It's fine, I'll stay." he answered which seems to surprised Yuki.
We all left, and we're kinda I said, the weather's a bit gloomy, maybe it affected our moods or whatever..
"Oh yeah, guys!" faye suddenly exclaimed.
"Hm?" we wondered.
"I was just wondering if you're free after class??" she asked.
"I have nothing in particular to do so let me in." I assumed.
"Guess I'll have to join too!" Sungmin proclaimed.
"No need to force yourself you know." I said facing Sungmin.
"Nah, I want to see the ojou's mansion personally. Haha!" he said laughing.
"Oh it's not a mansion, really..." she denied.
"So you're going too?" Sungmin asked Donghae.
Faye was feeling dissapointed thinking that Donghae might not come with them.
"Yeah, I'll come." he then ended.
'Whew. Eh? what am I thinking??' Faye thought all flustered.
Back at the clinic..
"Hey, you sure you're okay?" Yuki asked Ryeowook again.
" need to worry about me, just focus on getting your slight wounds healed." he replied smiling.
"Oh alright."

After I brought Yuki and Ryeowook's foods, I went straight to the school's rooftop..I hardly go there though, I just felt like going there this time..
Guess what? there's something bothering me..yeah..maybe I need some advice or the like..
"Ichinomiya-san? (my surname) It's quite a rare view seeing you here..what's wrong?"
"Nothing, please call me Karin instead, it's way shorter." 
"Alright then, Karin, is there something bothering you?" he asked again.
'What is he thinking?'
"Nothing in particular.." I excused..
"I don't think so..oh well, if ever there's something I can do for you, then please do tell me.." he ended smiling gently at me.
"Arigatou.." I thanked.
'he's really nice...'
"KARIN!!!" a noisy familiar voice from the stairs yelled.
'It was him after all..'
"Karin! What were you and sensei doing?! That's illegal!" Sungmin questioned almost out of breath.
"Huh? Stop your dirty imaginations. I just happen to see him here, that' all."
"Oh is that so? Hehe."
"Whatever, so  what brought you here?" I asked.
"I was searchin for ya! Literature class will begin in a minute." he reminded.
"Oh right.."

After class, at the school's main gate, "So will Yuki and Ryeowook join us?" Donghae asked.
"Mm.." I answered.
"Sorry for the wait guys.." Yuki mentioned upon appearing just in time, she's with usual..:D
The luxurious limo then appeared and the butler, Heechul, got outside.

"Heechul oppa they'll be going with the condo." Faye told Heechul.

"I understand, then I'll serve the best tea for them. You may get inside the car now." he said opening the door.
Faye got inside first then Donghae, followed by me and Sungmin and then Yuki and Ryeowook. When Yuki was on the brink of getting inside, Heechul smiled at her again. Ryeowook who noticed it, glared at the butler when it was his turn to ride.
'Oh so it's like that huh?' Heechul thought smiling deviously.

At the Choi residence..
"Woah! This in one huge condo you have here!" Yuki admitted astonished.
"Oh no, no.." was all Faye can answer.

While inside Faye's room, Ryeowook suddenly approached the bedroom owner. "Hey, what exactly is your relation with that butler?" he asked suspiciously.
"He's like an older brother to me.." 
"Oh, then will you please tell you're butler slash older brother like to stop looking suspiciously at Yuki?" he said in a very serious tone.
"Oh I'm sorry, he's just like that. Okay, I'll tell him then."
"What were you two talking about?" Yuki asked him.

Yuki felt kind of distant but she knew that asking him repeatedly would not result in anything good.
But, like before, we again had a great time. We enjoyed each others presence cause that's what's important after all.
"Guys, I'm planning to go to the mall this weekend, would you guys wanna tag along?" Sungmin asked while munching on some homemade cookies.
"Yeah, sure." Faye agreed and so as Donghae.
"If Yuki's coming then I'll tag along." Ryeowook stated.
"Alrighty then, I'll go too!" Yuki agreed as well.
"Pass." I said.
"Pass? Not allowed!" Sungmin protested.
"I already have plans this weekend." 
"It'll be way happier if you'll come!" he insisted.
"He's right, it'll be fun if everyone's present!" Donghae agreed.
"I told you, I already have plans..."

The night grew deeper that everyone decided to call it a day...
Sungmin kept on pestering me to come and I consistently gave the same answer...
At Lee's residence, (Sungmin's surname) he kept on thinking on reasons why I won't come along. He can't come up with any answers though...he ended up not being able to now he's sleep deprived...poor him..
The mall-trip-day came along....and....Sungmin can hardly believe seeing me in the same mall with....

* Is this really Ryeowook?? haha..he's really cute in here!!!!! XD...peace YUKI-chan/MC ^^,v


 ~ Okay, let's call it a day too..XD I'll post this but I still have things to edit here so when I actually finished it, kindly read it again cause I might add up some details..thank you!! and please do leave a comment! ~

I can't resist this cute guy!!!!!! He's way tooo cuuuute!!!

GO Sungmin!! XD

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cOnversation of the day!!

Ran (suffering from amnesia at the time..): Hey, why? Why are you protecting me so much?  Hey, why?
Conan: Because I love you. 
I love you. In this world, more than anyone else.. 

*Kyaaaaaaaa!!!! so sweeeeet!!!!! 


Summary: So what does Sungmin hate about Kyuhyun?

10. “I hate the way you tease me.”

Kyuhyun was the member who’d tease everyone and got away with it. He’d made it routinely. Monday, Leeteuk and Kangin. Tuesday, Heechul, Hangeng, Kibum and Siwon. Wednesday, Yesung and Ryeowook. Thursday, Eunhyuk and Donghae. Friday, Sungmin, only Sungmin. Saturday, most of them except for Sungmin, and Sunday, since God rested, he too will rest. But most times, Kyuhyun would mix up the days so they’d all be pranked.

Friday, it was Sungmin’s hatest day. He didn’t thank God for it. He’d always wake up with Kyuhyun in front of him already and pranked him and all that. As much as he wanted, he wanted to avoid the impudent magnae, but that magnae knew where Sungmin had gone. Sungmin would always sleep angrily during Friday nights. But he would always love Saturdays when Kyuhyun would ignore him, but he felt that he didn’t get the attention. He was confused himself.

9. “I hate the way you’re my roommate.”

Kyuhyun was always the messiest and noisiest in the room. He’d leave crumbs on the floor when he’s hungry and does not bother picking it up. When it’s time to wake up, Kyuhyun does not even bother fixing his bed. After their tours or concerts, Kyuhyun would always leave the bag in the floor where there’s a place to put the bag in the cabinet. He’d always play Star Craft every night, which added the irritation to Sungmin’s Friday’s nights. When sleeping, he always snored and this added more and more to Sungmin’s irritation. Sungmin wished he’d already die. But he hates it when he’s alone when SJ-M’s on tour. He hated being alone as much as he wanted to.

8. “I hate the way you stare and smile.”

Kyuhyun had the way with his members. He’d always irritate them to a point they’d kill him. But they love Kyuhyun, for without him, there won’t be thrill in their lives, but Sungmin was the one who hated Kyuhyun a lot. He hates the fact when Kyuhyun smiles devilishly at him thinking of plots to tease him more and all that. He always hated the fact when Kyuhyun stares at him when Sungmin was doing something trivial. He hated the fact when Kyuhyun randomly stared at him, Sungmin knew a person would stare at you when there was something wrong with you, or the other way around. Sungmin would in turn roll his eyes at Kyuhyun and Kyuhyun would smile his devilish smile. But he hated the fact the most of the time he’s alone and he’s not given that much attention. He hated it.

7. “I hate the way you dance.”

Kyuhyun sucked at dances he admits. But he was pretty good, but not as good as his hyungs, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Shindong, Leeteuk and yes, even Sungmin. Kyuhyun would always mess up routines or sometimes mess up practice times for his own practical jokes. Sungmin was the type of person who would want to focus and he didn’t want little distractions get in their way. He hates the fact that sometimes Kyuhyun would get a solo. But he hated it when too much practice was in their way, when no one was there to even make them laugh. He also hated it when Kyuhyun pleaded to have a solo and he didn’t get one.

6. “I hate the way you touch my things, especially the pink ones.”

Kyuhyun was always fascinated with the fact that his hyung Sungmin loved pink so much as the next girl. He has a lot of pink bunnies, pink shirts and sometimes it irritated Kyuhyun to have Sungmin his roommate the pink lover. But he didn’t mind. Sungmin hated the way when Kyuhyun touched his stuff without proper permission. He’d always touch and cuddle the pink bunny all the time and sometimes his pink cell phone and pink iPod. But Sungmin hated it when his favorite pink bunny wasn’t cuddled at all.

5. “I hate it when I’m alone and you’re not there.”

Sungmin always hated the fact when Kyuhyun wasn’t around to cheer him up. Sure he was the most irritating person in the group but Kyuhyun would manage to make him smile as hell. Sungmin hated the fact when he spent the sleepless nights worrying about Kyuhyun who wasn’t in their room. He hated it a lot.

4. “I hate the way you make me smile.”

Sungmin would always hate the fact when Kyuhyun wasn’t there to make him smile. Sungmin always hated the fact that Kyuhyun would always make him smile when he sings and when he sits next to him. He hated the fact a lot because he didn’t know that the only person that can make him smile as hell was Cho Kyuhyun and the members would notice and Sungmin would always deny.

3. “I hate the way you lose at Starcraft.”

Sungmin feels very sad when Kyuhyun loses at his games. Sure, he hates the fact the Kyuhyun would cuss and all that, but Sungmin was Team Kyuhyun all the way. Sungmin hates it because it ruins his sleep but it also ruins Kyuhyun’s sleep making him more sleep deprived and irritated and the morning however it still remains a mystery of how this man’s mind worked, he could get up happily after losing in Starcraft a lot.

2. “I hate it when you sing.”

Sungmin was sure envious of Kyuhyun’s singing abilities. Sungmin knew Kyuhyun wasn’t the best at dancing but Kyuhyun’s singing made him smile, made him feel tingly all inside and made his heart beat fast and slow at the same time and realized it after Kyuhyun sings. Kyuhyun would always sing in the shower and Sungmin giggled knowing that Kyuhyun had the most beautiful voice, he didn’t have to boast it in front of his members. Kyuhyun would always sing their songs in the shower and Sungmin hated the fact Kyuhyun sounded better with Sungmin’s parts of the song, but he smiled knowing he sang it.

1. “I hate the way, I don’t hate you. Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.”

Sungmin would always hate Kyuhyun’s imperfection, whether it is small or big. But he would always accept Kyuhyun for what he is because he’s different. And that’s the reason Sungmin loves Kyuhyun. Sungmin loves Kyuhyun because when Sungmin was teased, Kyuhyun would give sincere apologies to his hyung and sometimes hug him knowing his hyung was the most sensitive of them all. Sungmin loves Kyuhyun because he makes an effort to be neat because he knows Sungmin is one hell of a neat freak. Sungmin loves Kyuhyun because when Kyuhyun smiles his heart leaps. Sungmin loves Kyuhyun because he can dance and he gets solos. Sungmin loves Kyuhyun because Kyuhyun appreciates his pink stuff especially the pink bunny, which Kyuhyun himself gave him on his birthday. Sungmin loves it when Kyuhyun is at his side when he’s very sad and tired. Sungmin loves it when Kyuhyun makes him laugh and smile because that’s what Sungmin’s about: smiling and laughing and Kyuhyun says his cute that way. Sungmin loves it when Kyuhyun wins at Starcraft because his smiles happily and he could sleep soundly without giving Sungmin an ounce of worry. Sungmin loves it when his sings because it made his heart leap like hell and loves it when Kyuhyun makes him go to sleep because he has a special lullaby for him and Sungmin loves Kyuhyun, just because.

credits (twitter sungminniefacts)

part 4 of my fanfic

 ~ continuation again.. ^~^ ~

'What JUST happened?!' she thought, all red and flustered.
"It's getting cold here madam, let's go inside..." Heechul invited upon appearing behind Faye. 
"Oh Heechul..okay.."

After getting her clothes changed she went at her balcony and stare at the sky for a little.
"Looks like Donghae hasn't changed a bit..good, seems like there's nothing to worry after all.." Heechul mentioned as he dropped a sweater on Nathalie's shoulder.
"Kamsahamnida..." she thanked, then added, "Yeah..I guess..I've been thinking that he changed a bit...just a bit..." 
"That's adolescence. Haha! Aren't you happy that he actually kissed you?"
"Wha-?! What are you talking about Heechul oppa?!" 
"Oh must've been a mistake seeing that he kissed on you on the cheek." he teased.
"Stop it! It's just a friendly kiss!" she exclaimed, denying....
"Oh well...It's getting late now, go to bed already..." he mentioned, almost leaving.
"Oh okay, by the way, one of my friend's told me you're beautiful..." she said smiling at him.
"I know that ever since I was born...oh well, thank her for me..." he said as he disappeared from Faye's room.

At some other place, "Won't you come home already?? It's getting late now." I asked Sungmin who was busy playing a video game at my living the way, I'm living alone, my parents were both in London..I guess...
"I'm not yet finished here!" he insisted.
A few more minutes and I fell asleep already...
"Oi Karin! Oh! What is she doing in here? Sleeping at the sofa...she'll catch a cold like that..." he whispered upon seeing me, he then carried me to my room.
He placed me at the middle of the bed and covered me with my blanket, he too was getting sleepy already that he actually did fell asleep. His head at my bed while he was sitting at the my bedroom stool..

[yawns...] As I stretched my arms up high..and...
"Woah!!" I screamed in astonishment upon seeing the pink guy at my bed, well, his head was...
"What...happened?" he asked, awaken by my loud voice..he's scratching he's head while slowly opening he's eyes...
'Crap! I can't deny it! He's...cute..yeah, hell yeah...I hate that part of me...'
"Are you alright?" he again asked getting closer to my face...
"STOP! You're too close, you idiot!!" I yelled, unconsciously smacking him.
"Aya!!" he too shouted upon being smacked.   *Ouch!
"Gomen...Heh! What am I saying? What the heck are you still doing here?!" I questioned.
"I'm...having a sleepover?? HAHAHA!" he joked, that pisses me off.
"HA?! sleepover? without homeowner's permission?!"
"Okay, fine. I'm sorry.." he apologized looking innocently at me.
'Those puppy eyes again huh? Damn.'
"Okay, to make it up for you, I'll cook ya a delicious breakfast!" he said ammending.
He stood up, washed his face and went straight to the kitchen. I stayed at my bed, feeling a bit bothersome to stand up..a few more minutes and he suddenly entered my room holding a tray with toast and my favorite hot chocolate drink..
"You didn't have to, I can go to the kitchen myself."
"I doubt it, with that heavy body of yours!! HAHA!" he teased, that's kinda offensive you know!
"Go to hell." I demanded, glaring at him.
"Easy there! I'm just kidding!"
"What the hell is wrong with you?"
"Nothin'! Oh gotta go! See ya later!!" he said as he wade goodbye..
'Didn't he knew that telling a girl that she's heavy is really hurtful! What the heck?!'
As I started eating, I noticed a piece of paper on the says there, YOH! I prepared a huge breakfast meal for're getting thinner, that's bad you know! Eat up, enjoy, and have a GOOD MORNING!
"What is wrong with him??" I whispered as I smiled contenttedly.
'Wait, as I remember correctly I fell asleep at the sofa...then that means....' I thought as I blushed..I'm blushing too much lately..there's really something wrong with me.

Just when almost everyone in the gang were present at the school gate, the Choi's limo stopped by again..
"Here comes the ojou-sama again..." Ryeowook exclaimed.
"And her beautiful butler..." Yuki added smiling happily. Ryeowook didn't respond though...
"Al-aseo joh-eun sigan bonae." Heechul said before leaving the ojou but before completely getting inside the limo, he looked and smiled at Yuki. *Have a good time, take care.

"Kamsahamnida.." Faye thanked.
"Hey, did you just see that? HE actually smiled at me!" Yuki mentioned while facing Ryeowook.
"He wasn't." he answered sternly.
"What's with you? Not in the mood??" she asked quite suspicious of Ryeowook's sudden emotionless answer.
"Good morning Yuki-san, Ryeowook-san, Karin-san, Sungmin-san and Donghae!!" she greeted
"Ohayou Faye-chan!!" Yuki greeted as well, completely forgetting about Ryeowook's attitude.
"Good morning!" we all greeted joyfully, except for Ryeowook who did greet but seemed not in the mood.

Inside the classroom, "Ohayou!" sensei greeted. 'I really like his usual smile, very refreshing.'
"Okay, everyone get your clothes changed, we are going to play tennis!" he instructed as everyone got ut excitedly.
'Ughh, tennis again...'
"That's okay! Playing tennis early in the morning isn't so bad!" Yuki said trying to cheer me up. She knows how I hate tennis or anything which involves physical strength.
"Yeah right."

I was feeling so gloomy about the weather, I didn't really wanted to play...
"Are you not feeling well?" sensei suddenly asked me.
", no. I'm just fine.."
"Are you sure? I wouldn't want to send an ill player out there." he said.
'He's too nice, students may take advantage of him...'
"Sensei..." I started.
"Aren't you being too nice sensei? I might not even feeling ill, yet you're allowing me not to play?"
"Well, if you're not feeling ill at all, then that's good!" he said smiling.
"Alright, I'll play." I agreed as I smiled back.
"I'm expecting to hear that." he smiled again as we walked towards the field, side by side.
"He's too close, he's smiling too much, he's too gentle with Karin...Arggh!" Sungmin pointed out, staring at me and sensei.
"Ohoo! Look who's getting jealous!" Yuki teased grinning.
"I'm not jealous, you idiot! Hmp! And before noticing something that shouldn't be noticed, shouldn't you worrying first at why Ryeowook's acting a bit strange??" he then questioned her.
"Oh yeah, I almost forgot!"
She rushed inside the locker area where she saw Ryeowook, she was in a hurry that she didn't notice the spilled juice on the floor..and..
She slipped and had gone unconcious..
Later, at the clinic...
"Where am I?" Yuki asked, a bit confused, holding her head which seems to be in pain.
"You slipped, I carried you here. Are you fine now?" Ryewook explained.
"Oh yeah right! Ryeowook!" she suddenly yelled.
"Is there something bothering you?! I came rushing to ask you."
"Idiot. Don't ever do that again, seeing you here, injured, bothers me most more than anything else.." he said, smiling while looking down.
"I'll be dead first just worrying about you. You surely stress my heart out.." he added, looking at her.
"I'm sorry..." she whispered apologizing while looking down.
"That's okay, good thing you're not that injured." he assured her..patting her head.
"YUKI!!" I and Faye shouted as we got inside the clinic, worried.
"Oh hey guys!" se greeted casaually..
"Are you alright???" we asked.
"Yup, thanks for the concern."
"Whew, you scared me!" I sighed. 
"Good thing you're alright." Donghae mentioned, then he added, "I won't probably know what to do when something like that happens to you Faye!"

~ haha! see my next post for the continuation! feel free to comment!! thanks! :D ~
Uwaaaa.......heechul oppa!! XD

Hangeng sensei!!!!! ^~^

Ryeowook-kun!! haha..


and not but not the least.....


leeteuk oppa?!

Full Name 
Your Partner Is: EeTeuk
Where Did You Meet: At a coffee shop where he dropped his drink on you
What made him fall in love with you: The way you help people
How did he announce that he had fallen for you: Asked you to meet him up at the place you first met then said No mu Saranghae
What kind of nickname he calls you: My Candy
How did he propose to you: Sang "Marry U" to you.

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part 3 of fanfic..

~ continuation.....~

On the other way, "You're an ojou-sama after all! sugoi!" Yuki shouted in amazement.
"Ojou-sama?" she wondered.
"It's a honorific for someone who came from a rich family, it's how they address such wealthy young lady like you." Ryeowook explained while on their way.
"Nan jeongmal geuleon anieyo!" She denied.
"Huh?" they both said in unison.
"She just said, 'I'm not really like that!'," Donghae explained smiling.
"Well, it's not like I'm that rich, it's my grandfather that is rich. He's actually being too strict with father." she added.
" even the rich got it tough at times huh..." Yuki concluded.
"Oh here we are!" Ryeowook said as he pointed at the little blue house.
"It really is not that far!" Donghae exclaimed.
"Yup!" Yuki said as she grabbed the knob to open the door for them.
They were all inside, chatting, watching and Ryeowook, cooking.
The kitchen was just close at the living room that the scent of his cooking will surely reach the living room. 
"Mas-issneun naemsae!" Fayed blurted upon smelling the scent.  *Smells delicious
"Naega bunmyeonghi dong-ui!" Donghae seemed to agree.   *I certainly agree
"Uwaa, I really can't comprehend their language..." she whispered as she excused herself to see if Ryeowook's just doing fine.
"Yoh! How's it going in here?" she asked tapping his shoulder.
"Just good, what's up? It's rare for you to check me in here." he mentioned as he dropped some ingredients into the pot.
"The guys there were talking Korean, can't cope up with them! haha!" she answered happily.
"Oh I see, then give me a hand here instead." he suggested smiling.
"Sure, sure!"

The two at the living area noticed that Yuki wasn't with them anymore that they sneaked at the kitchen.
"They really are close, they look so good together..." Faye exclaimed.
"As expected from childhood friends... well, at least that's what I've heard..." Donghae mentioned.
"Oh..does that mean that they're brought up here in Japan?" she asked out of curiosity.
Not too long and the food was already prepared so as Sungmin and Karin arrived together.
"Yay! Looks like were just in time for food!!" Sungmin shouted in excitement.
'Is he that hungry already??'
"Hey, we'll leave the dish washing to you guys!" Yuki insisted referring to Sungmin and me.
"Maldo an dwae!" Sungmin yelled swinging his head n disagreement.    *No way!
"Cut it Sungmin, there's no point in arguing with Yuki. Let's just do this." I agreed, a bit forced too.
"Alright, alright!"
They were having a good time that they lose track of time...
"Yabe, it's already this late?" I said as I looked at my circular orange watch.
"That's right, let's get going!" Donghae agreed as he stood up helping Faye to make a stand too.
"Uhmm, thanks guys, I really enjoyed today.." Faye thanked fixing her skirt a bit.
"No probolem! You can always visit here whenever you felt like it!" Yuki assured her.
"How 'bout you Ryeowook?" Donghae asked.
"I'll be going later, I can't just leave Yuki here all alone." he 
"We'll be going too then!" Sungmin waded as he dragged me along with him.
"Well then, Donghae, Faye's in your hand, kay? And Sungmin I leave Karin to you!" Yuki reminded as she let us off.
"I know that!" the guys said in unison.
'Good thing I have this Pink freak with me, he's just as reliable after all...'
"Bye guys!!" Yuki and Ryeowook both waded.

By the street where Choi household is located, Donghae too wade his goodbye...
"Kamsahamnida!" she thanked.
"No problem!" he replied happily, as he rode his motorcycle..though, a second before that, he stole a kiss from Faye's cheeks.
'What JUST happened?' she thought all red......

Cuuute!!!!!! (just felt like putting a picture here..haha)

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part 2 of my fanfic....

 ~ continuation..~

A few more hours passed and its already time to go home..
'For some reason, it seems that time flies way faster than before..what the am I thinking? Is my brain still functioning well??'
"Ya, Karin what were you thinking??" Sungmin asked upon seeing me at the gate.
"Nothing, by the way..." I started.
"Would you stop wearing pink jacket, pink gloves and pink bonnet altogether?!" I stated out of irritation.
"EH??!! WHY??" 
"My eyes is allergic to color pink!!!!" I declared.
'Yes, that's right, I AM awfully irritated with that color, Sungmin likes it too much, he's overdoing it!'
"HAHAHA! Don't worry I'll buy you a cheesecake on our way home. Peace?" he apologized smiling sweetly.
'There comes that smile again! Ughh...'
"Oh alright.." I said at complete loss.
"HAHA! Way to go Sungmin! As expected from you're cute looks attack! Even the tough looking Karin can't resist!!!" Yuki shouted making a fool out of me.
'Hey don't go announcing it, you spider coward! In the end, I lost, damn that smile of him. Tsk!'
We were all having fun, I mean they were having fun when Ryeowook, Donghae and Faye approached us.
"Looks like you're having fun here??" Donghae said.
"They were, so, are you guys coming with us?" I asked facing Donghae and Faye.
"Would you mind if we come?" Faye asked, she was hesitating a bit.
"Of course! The more the merrier!" Yuki mentioned.
Just when Faye was about to answer, a beautiful man wearing a butler uniform approached her. They talked, just the two of them.
"Hey, hey. Who's that butler looking guy??" Sungmin asked out of suspicion.
"He IS a butler. That's Heechul-san, he's the ever so loyal but quite irritating butler of the Choi family."  Donghae explained.
"WHAT?!" we all said in unison.
"Oh Donghae, it's been a long time. So you're on the same school as Nathalie, that answers why she's so happy today." the butler concluded.
"Heechul!!" Faye uttered in embarassment.
"You'll have the privilage to see our princess everday in school, I'm quite jealous of that." Heechul confessed grinning.
"Hmp! Feel jealous all you want!" Donghae said in raged.
'Like hell you're get jealous! You're living in the same house with her you know!' he thought.
"Hey, stop it you two. Oh Heechul oppa I won't be riding home with you, I'll be at my friend's house for a while." she explained stopping the two.
"Oh I see, see you then. Enjoy your first day Nathalie, I'll come pick you up later." the butler replied.
"Oh no need to, I'll be driving her home." Donghae protested.
"Ooohh...Okay..Just be sure to return her in full piece or else I won't let you off easily." Heechul warned Donghae.
"Huh? We're not going in some war you know! Tsk, never mind. Let's go." he said as he held Faye's hand..again..
The butler then rode the limousine and drove off as he gave Donghae quite the smile.
'Now I know why Donghae's irritated at him.'
"He's....BEAUTIFUL..." Yuki said flustered.
"Is he really a guy? I mean, he's just so good looking." she added.
Ryeowook held her hand and asked her, " So, what do you want for dinner??" he said completely changing the topic.
"Guess I'll have your specialty!" she answered joyfully.
'ohoo! looks like someone's feeling jealous in here!' 

"We'll catch up with you guys! I'll just buy her a cheesecake!" Sungmin announced holding my hand as he dragged me along with him.
'Hey, hey, I thought you're gonna buy me a cake yourself. It's way different from WE'RE gonna buy cheescake, Oh well..I've got no choice now..I've been dragged in here after all.'
"Here," he said handing me the yellow cheescake.
'Hey cut out the smile!'
"I've been thinking.." he started.
"What type of guys do you usually fall for??" he asked out of the blue.
'Wha-? what is he saying???'
I was feeling awkward that I didn't know what to answer..
"Heeeyy.." he added, bowing a little, looking straight at me.
'Stop staring you idiot!'
"No..." I stuttered.
"Nothing!! I'm not interested!"
"Really??? Aren't you intersested in Hangeng sensei??" 
"Well, maybe. Oh who cares..." I ended as I started walking with the cheesecake in my hand.
He followed me then grabbed the cheesecake, "Well, I CARE." he said.  "Let me carry that for you, it's my treat after all.." he was now walking by my side, I felt tensed for some reason..
'What was that? Snap out of it! he was just probably making fun of me!' I thought, confused and a bit red.......

<<-- the beautiful butler...:D

~ uwaaa.....hahaha...that's it...hope you enjoyed it!! It's getting late now...I'll continue this tom. but you can comment about it already...I'm open for criticisms too (or if ever you have any violent reactions with the characters..haha) oh well..g'nyt guys!! ~


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my supposed to be short SuJu fanfic.. *-*

(This was based on my perspective (Karin = my story name, Yuki = for my friend Mc and for Faye, it's just as it is...) unless I included a note somewhere in the story, and well, the setting here is in Japan. Quite contradicting huh? sorry 'bout that.. I just looove Japan, even though I've never set foot on there before..haha) 

<<-- the teacher :D  

 <<-- the mother of the gang.. XD

 <<-- the friendly type..

 <<-- the pink guy.... ^~^

'this is one hell of a love story..I guess?'

"Okay class, settle down!" Hangeng sensei instructed as he stood in front of the class.
'I've been thinkin about it, as Sungmin reported, sensei's actually a native from China, yet he's good in Korean and  speaks as well in Japanese... what a guy.' 

[ silence]

"Okay, today, we'll be having a new transfer student!" he announced happily.
"Sensei isn't a transfer student always new?" Ryeowook asked.
'He always pay too much attention to details...'
"Yeah, I guess." 
"Then why use new and transfer student together?? Isn't it a bit odd??" 
"Well you've got a point in that..haha.. maybe it just sounds good to me.."
"Ryeo-kun not all transfer students are new.." Yuki mentioned patting Ryeowook's shoulder. An Oohh is all Ryeowook answered.
"Oh well, let's just let her in.. oh by the way, she's an American but she grew up in Korea..even so, be nice to her okay?" sensei added.
'What a laid back teacher.. well he's better off that way..'
"O-ohayou..I'm Nathalie..nice to meet you. Hoping to become good friends with all of you." she introduced shyly.
"Faye!!" someone from behind me shouted.
'I knew it, that friendly voice belongs to...'
"Looks like you know someone here already, good for you Nathalie-san! Hmm... let's see, you're seat would be there."  sensei smiled pointing at the seat next to me and just in front of Donghae's. 
"He's my childhood friend." she mentioned.
"Oohhh.." everybody said in unison. 
'Looks like some girls are getting pretty jealous in here..haha.'
She walked past the students gracefully until she stopped by my side. "Hi, I'm Faye nice to meet you!" she smiled.
"Oh okay, likewise." I replied. 'She's graceful, is she an ojou-sama or something?' 
"Yoh! Yuki here!" the girl in front of me suddenly introduced. She's a good friend of mine.
"Here at my right side is Ryeo-kun." she added. "Hello, I'm Ryeowook." 
'He's a good friend of mine too.
"Oh and I'm Sungmin!!" another guy introduced excitedly, he's sitting beside me. 'And him too.'
"Oh and Nathalie-san, you won't really have to worry, you see, we actually have 3 Korean students in this class so..." again said sensei reassuring the new student.
'So Ryeowook and Sungmin are Korean too as I expected.' Faye thought as she sat down.

[break time, START!]       *Start? haha..whatever.. 

"It's been a long time! How have you been?? I mean, where are you living right now?? And what took you here??" Donghae asked, firing multiple questions simultaneously.
"Hold it, you're asking too much..hmm..let's see, I'm just fine as you can see, I'm living in a condo unit not too far away from here and my family went here for some business related things. There. haha," she explained.
They were walking together when Donghae suddenly looked down and become silent.
"Uhmmm, is there something wrong?" she asked, a bit worried.
"Nah, just reminds me of the old days. I'm just really happy to see you again, I missed you after all." he blurted, this time, looking straight at her. 
"Oh I see." she replied, feeling a bit awkward. Not to mention, she's blushing. 
"So, let's go?" he said happily holding her left hand while pulling her on their way to the cafeteria. 
"Oh no, looks like we're late, the cafeteria looks full." he said as they reached the place.
"Oh it's Donghae and the transferee!" Sungmin shouted as he waved his hands, signaling there's free seats on our table. "Her name's Faye, keep that in mind pink guy." I reminded.
"Yoh!!" Yuki greeted.
"Could we sit here?" Nathalie asked shyly.
"Of course, feel free to sit there!" Sungmin replied.

# Tomaranai mirai wo mezashite, yuzurenai negai wo dakishimete.. #

"You're phone Yuki." Ryeowook called out.
"A! right..Moshi moshi! 'Kasan? Eh? mm..Yeah, okay. got it!" she said closing her flip phone. 
"So?" I asked.
"Mom won't be home tonight, meaning, I'll leave the cooking to you again Ryeo.." Yuki pointed out.
"Hai, hai." he agreed without hesitation.
'What was that?are they living together??' the transferee thought.
"Uhmm.." she started, with a confused face.
"Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I don't know how to cook and is not interested to learn either. So, since my nice neighbor Ryeowook is good in cooking, he agreed to cook for me whenever my mom's out." Yuki explained clearing the misunderstanding.
"That's so nice of you!" Faye mentioned.
"Oh thanks." 
"As expected from the mom of the gang!" Sungmin added.
"Yeah, I've heard of it, because of Ryeowook's, uhmm, home skills, I guess, he was labeled the mom of their group." Donghae explained.
(Faye's train of thought: MOM = cute tiny guy??)
"Oh well." I sighed.
"It's decided then! we'll have our dinner at the Ryuuzaki (Yuki's surname) residence!!" Sungmin suddenly proclaimed.
"Eh? iino?" Donghae asked.    *Is it alright?
"Yeah, it's always like that after all whenever Ryeo's cooking for me." Yuki ascertained.

Later, at their room just before lunch break...
"Tsk! I've lost yet another bet from Karin!" a guy shouted in disappointment.
"Haha! So what's the punishment for ya??" another guy asked.
"Am gonna buy her lunch.."
"Poor you, so what do you plan on buying her?"
"Anything. Maybe a sashimi combo or whatever.."
"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Karin doesn't eat sashimi you know." Sungmin suddenly mentioned appearing in front of the guys.
"Oh who cares??"
"If I were you, I'll buy her Domburi instead, or else she'll smack you to death!" he added frightening the guys.
(Sashimi is raw seafood; Domburi is a bowl of cooked rice with some other food put on top of the rice.)
"Okay, okay." the guy agreed as they left for lunch.
"You sure know a lot about Karin do you?" Faye asked Sungmin curiously.
"Not really, we've just been friends for like..hmm..9 years only.." he said casually.
"9 years?!" 
"Haha, that's more than enough Sungmin!" Donghae said barging in with their conversation.
"Really?? HAHAHA!"
"But are you serious about what you said earlier, the one where you said that Karin will smack him to death??"
"Yeah, maybe. Haha, but believe me, she's scary when she gets mad, really scary.." he explained in a frightened manner.
"Ha? You're way scarier than I am when you're totally not in the mood." I said as i opened the door.
'They sure seems so close...' Faye thought as they were all walking toward the cafeteria, for lunch.

~~ okay, this is getting longer than I thought..haha..I'll seperate the continuation of this in another post.. please comment about it!! thanks~!! ~~

my short SuJu fanfic.. ^~^

yoh minna!!
haha..eto...just last idea struck my mind, and that is, to write a Super Junior fanfic!! XD
I don't actually know if it'll be a short or long one (but I'll make it short as much as possible), and it contains mostly of my wildest dreams and imaginations (so please bear with it! ^^,v)..HAHA!! thanks for Faye too, my good ol' friend who gave me this idea..(she was writing her own SuJu fanfic too, you might want to check it out here:
Alrighty then, I'll start it...on my second post..haha.. ;)
please see it! Thank you!!

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currently reading Dengeki Daisy (manga)...

you guys can check it out here:

Dengeki Daisy 

(Source: Mangafox)

couple of the day!! nyahaha..

Ichimaru Gin & Matsumoto Rangiku <3<3
 -- oh and they have their own song can download it here:
Fuyu no Hanabi..
(Gin's voice when singing this was quite..hmm..funny? sorry..didn't mean it in a bad way..still, I really like this song!!)

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what do you think is better, the font used in chapter 1 or the one in chapter 2 ???

chapter 2 of UMI..

Chapter 2: his undeniably terrible attitude..

“Ohayou!!!” a loud greeting from someone surprised other students from class 2-A. They were rather surprised upon seeing that it was Kazu-senpai with Kana who even dropped her at her classroom. Well, of course that’s what the girls think, but the truth is, he was just walking with Kana going to his classroom who happen to stroll past 2-A.
“Kyaa!! Kazu-senpai!! Ohayou!” some of the girls screamed.
“What’s with her being so friendly with Kazu-senpai?!” others muttered in jealousy.
Saito on the other hand, just glimpse at them while turning his head looking back at the window.
“Yo! Eto, ja ne!” Kazu-senpai waded smiling.
A group of girls by the corner of the room can be heard speaking badly about Kana upon being with Kazu-senpai and they’ve got guts to even stare at her. Iinchou who noticed it, looked and then approached them.
“Do you mind keeping the unnecessary commentary to yourselves ladies?” she warned smiling.
“A..HAI!” they answered in unision and with nervousness.
“Iinchou wa yappa kowai yo ne? Onii mitai.” one of them mumbled, but unluckily for them, their president heard it.
“Dare ga onii desu ka?” she asked smiling, though this time with her eyes a bit opened.
‘Shimatta!’ the student thought. “Gomen nasai..eto..moshiake arimasen..” she apologized while even bowing her head.
*I’m sorry..umm..I am truly sorry, forgive me..
“Ii yo..but don’t dare try to do that again, understood?” she asked them, with her eyes back to normal.
“Fufufu..” sarcastically laughed Rima facing the group who thinks badly of Kana. Her facial expression is clearly stating, ‘that’s what you get for bullying Kana-chan!’ and of course the girls were in raged but is afraid to do something as Rima is an Aikido specialist and Iinchou might approached them again.
A minute later, Haruna sensei arrived and everyone got back to their seats. Kana who is seating beside Saito is still feeling uneasy.
“Ohayou..okay, use this formula in answering the exercises in pages 217-219. f(2h) = (2h)2 + 3(2h) – 4 = 4h2 + 6h – 4” asked Haruna sensei right after greeting his students.
Everyone was dumbfounded to see Saito answered all the questions correctly.
“Sa suga Kanazawa-kun desu ne..” the students whispered in unison.
*As expected from Saito-kun
‘Sugoi..Saito-kun..sugoi..’ Kana thought in amazement.
*Saito’s amazing.
“Okay..that’s correct..Now, anyone here who got a perfect score aside from Saito?” again asked Haruna sensei, and of course no one except for Saito got a perfect score.
“I thought so. Study more okay? Now, since you’re all a bit drained you may answer the next 20 questions using the same formula.” He said sarcastically.
“EH?!” everyone complaint in unison.
Haruna sensei smiles, “Nante ne.. Go, eat, and have your empty brains be recharged, if ever you have any.” Again he said mocking his students.
“You mean will be having our break earlier??” gladly asked Rima.
“Well, you can have one-on-one lessons with me instead Sohma-san.”
“Zettai yada yo! I’d rather eat!!”
“You sure have some guts telling me that are you Sohma-san?” terrifyingly asked Haruna.
“Eto.. Yatta! Thanks for that sensei!!” thanked Rima who clearly ignore her teacher’s scary approach.
“Oh well..” Haruna thought leaving the classroom.
Everyone was again in hurry. But Saito left the room earlier than any of them.
“Rima shouldn’t we be hurrying? We might lose seats.” Kana invited.
“No, no. We still have 10 minutes to at least reach the canteen with extra seats for us.”
“A, sokka. Eto.. I’ll be going earlier; I have some errand to do. Will that be alright?” she asked.
“Errand huh? You really are helpful are you? Oh well, I’ll meet you at the canteen instead.” Agreed Rima.

Kana who went out earlier, tried following Saito hoping that he might be somehow connected to her childhood friend.
‘I don’t have any proof but I guess this is what they call a friend’s instinct.’ She thought while following Saito.
They walked and walked but Kana can’t seem to find the right timing to approach him. She just got all her guts to ask him when he, suddenly collapsed.
“Saito-kun!!” she screamed, panicked and decided to put all her strength to carry him to the clinic. Luckily, their adviser saw them and he then carried Saito.
“You’re pretty strong carrying him are you?”
“No, no I can’t carry him at all. Maybe it’s the adrenaline rush that helped me carry him a little farther from where he collapsed.” Explained Kana.
“Sokka. It seems that even that tough Saito is prone in collapsing.” He assumed sarcastically.
“Hai, hai. So, tell me, what exactly happened?” he asked curiously.
“Well, he’s simply walking when he suddenly passed out and I don’t know what to do.”
“Okay, guess we better hurry.”
Inside the clinic, Kana was waiting in the small lobby of their school clinic.
‘Daijobu kana Saito-kun..’ she worriedly thought.
*Is saito alright?
“A sensei, eto, Saito-kun wa daijobu desu ka?” she asked right after Haruna finished talking with the school doctor.
*Uhm.. Is Saito Okay?
“He’s in a 50-50 state.” He said gloomily.
“EH?!” she responded worriedly.
“Jodan da, aitsu wa daijobu. Shimpai suru na.”
*just kidding, he’s fine. No need to worry
“What’s with that sensei? But why did he collapse?”
“Lack of sleep according to the doctor.”
“Is that it?? Nothing serious is concerned?” she asked again still not contented with the lack of sleep idea.
“Yeah, why are you worrying too much? Now eat, that’s the best thing you can do right now.” Haruna explained.

Classes had ended and Kana remained at their room.
“You sure you’re okay here?” asked Rima.
“I’ll be fine. Go, you still have your club meeting.”
After a few minutes Saito arrived fresh from the clinic.
“Eto, Saito-kun?” Kana said in a low voice as she approached Saito.
“I just thought that since you were absent for almost half of the day, you might want to have a copy of the lectures. I was thinking of lending you mine.” She said shyly with her head looking down.
“No need. I can catch up with the lessons even without that. And besides, I didn’t ask for your notebook.” He said harshly.
Kana was hurt and didn’t know what to reply so she stayed silent and the guy, he got his things and left her behind.
She then left the school spacing out, depressed and speechless.
The next morning, at the assembly, “Hey, you okay? You seem like you didn’t get enough sleep? Are you feeling down or something?” her friend, Rima asked.
“No, I’m fine, don’t worry.” Assumed Kana.
“How can I-” Rima said when someone’s loud voice coming from the gym’s speakers stopped her.
“Ohayou minna! Continue your blabbing later. I’ll be saying some announcements.”
“What’s with him??” Rima whispered in an irritated voice.
“It’s too early but we decided to celebrate our Maora Festival and Senpai-Kouhai challenge game earlier than before as we wanted to make you’re first weeks in school unforgettable enough. Now, for those students who will not be seen participating, will surely get an equal punishment from our vice president. Fair enough? Oh and let me remind you that whoever wins in the Senpai-Kouhai game will be receiving free tickets going to Paris.”
“EH??!!” students all over the gym screamed as they were shocked and can’t barely believe in what they have heard.

~~ END of chapter II ~~

Fuyuumi: Who just did the sudden announcements? And a ticket to Paris? That was..a good idea.. Well, try reading the next chapter and you’ll find out more about it. Though we will need a bit of you’re patience to wait for the next chapter. Hoping for you’re kind consideration. (smiles)
Inoue: Uhm, Sakamoto-san, I’ll be saying something again in relative with my appearance/looks again. Why do people always comment on my looks???? Can’t they just leave my appearance alone? I haven’t been on the first 2 chapters either so why do people keeps on pointing out my bad looks??? Oh please, I won’t mention names so please.. T.T
Okay, hoping you’ll be reading chapter 3 as well. Sankyu!
Fuyuumi: poor Ichinomiya-san, you heard that readers, so please keep the unnecessary comments to yourselves, that’s all. Thank you! (smiles again)