Friday, February 11, 2011

wish me luck guys!

Okay, am having a really important interview tomorrow!!!!!

Nervousness is creeping up my spine! 
That interview is a life and death matter...........nah, just kidding~ :P

haha..well at least it has something to do with my future...I mean, its from a University and that interview determines whether or not I'll be able to study in UST (that's the university by the way)...

Anyway, pray for me guys!!!!!

Sankyu~!! ^-^

aww...sweet dubu... :P

crazy umma.. XD

Shining SHINee~ ^^
just wanted to include random photos! xD

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A protagonist isn't always the damsel in distress or some sort of! xD


I can't update my FF in AFF!! haha..wanna know who (or better yet, what's) behind it??
Well, well, well...It's this really interesting and cute kdrama that is currently ongoing!!!

It's title?

 *drum rolls*


You could've probably heard about it already since a lot of k-idols starred in this hit series!! Hah! Thanks to one of my best friends, Eagle-chan a.k.a MC for introducing this~!! Really, sankyu!

Starting from the brat, ill-mannered but soft hearted protagonist (btw, she's  got the looks too! ^^) Go Hye Mi portrayed by Suzy of girl group Miss A.. ; )

The laid back, friendly and nice dude Jin Gook is portrayed by Taecyeon of 2pm..

The naive, cute and dorky Song Sam Dong portrayed by rookie, Kim Soo Hyun  (I soooo love this guy! I mean, his character and all!! :P)
cute~ ^-^

The protagonist's ex-obedient best friend turned antagonist, Yoon Baek Hee portrayed by T-ara's lead vocals, Ham Eun Jung..
From this to that... xD 

The cool and gentleman Jason portrayed by Wooyoung of 2pm...again..:P

The sweet and bubbly, Pil Suk portrayed by IU..

And many many other more!! Haha..just check them out at the title's link! This, obviously is just the main cast.. ^^

Here are some sites on where you can watch it!!