Wednesday, January 26, 2011

definitely siblings! xD

I've decided to make yet another random post! :D
And for today's post, I'm sharing here with you some of our favorite Kpop artists' most adorable siblings! :)) 
Though, this post will be really really short..cause, you see, I'm not yet familiar with other kpop artists...^^v

So, yeah, here they are:

Taeyeon's ultimate look alike! xD

heck, he's definitely Taeyeon's carbon copy! Or vice versa! XD
It's him again.. ^^,

Yes, she's the noona of the cutest bassist, Lee Jaejin~!! <3
another picture of her. She's Lee Chae Won by the way, an actress.. ^^
Oh and yes, the Jung sisters..who could've possibly forget about them??

Anyhow, I'm getting a bit tired I guess I'm going to put here the link can check out many more artists and their siblings there. ^^
here's the link:

Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm unofficially back! nyahahaha! :DOh

Hey guys~!!!! It's me again! Back after the long and dragging Hell week a.k.a quarterly tests week!! wooohoo!! XD

And yes, for the nth time, I once again failed both my Mathematics subjects! >.<
Well, like what I've always said, Math and I don't get along very well....indeed.. XD
Anyhow, I got high grades in Physics and English so it makes up for my low grades in math..I guess... :))

By the way, I already have an account in Asianfanfics and I'll be really glad if you guys can add me up and see my fic...the very fic that I've been posting in here..I mean, the second one.. :P
So, uhh, here's the link:

kazeryu's profile (that's me!! ^^)

Just click the 'add as friend' button and voila! We're gonna be buddies already! Yay! ^^
Okay, me and my simple minded brain again...
another thing too, for those who have read my second fic and is waiting for an update (if there were really any..) you might just want to see my AFF (asianfanfics) profile instead..I'll be posting my updates there instead of here so..yeah...just check it out. ^~^

Alright, that's enough for now... :)
I'll be updating my fic too so...have a good night sleep people~! ^_^

SHINee hwaiting~!!! <3 

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Goodbye 2010 and welcome to 2011!!! :D

happy happy new year guys!!
hope everyone got to enjoy their meja noche's or whatever they call it!! XD

may we all have the BEST of luck this year 2011!
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! :))

anyhow, I'd also like to greet here my most precious oppa-- LEE SUNGMIN!!!!!!!!! ^3^
for turning a good natured 25 year old heartthrob, happy bornday oppa~! yay!!
Hope that this new year will also open up more opportunities for you and the rest of the gang..too bad though that I won't be able to see you in your upcoming Super Show 3 this coming February...T.T (it's too much of a reality for me!!) I wasn't able to save enough for the concert....nevertheless, hoping that you'll come back here for SS4 if ever there will be one.. Never lose hope!! yeah! :)
anyway, I always wish you all the best, best of health, best of your career, and best of everything!! Super thank you for giving me new and infinite happiness!! haha..Your cuteness alone is superb!! :D Total healing material!! 
okay, let me end this...
again, Happy 25th BORNDAY!! 
GODspeed!! c",)
Itsumo ni ki o tsukete!! (you understand the basics of Nihonggo aye? ^^)

--> much love, Danielle ^^,v 

yes oppa..its your special day today!! XD hurray!! 
credit goes to: facebook page > either  Super Junior will not disband or KyuMin fan page. :)

again, credit goes to those two fan pages!

okay, and this one too! :)


uwaa..the abs!! @-@ :))

I wanted to post here every photo of him that I have but this blog might've collapsed! hope you enjoyed this guys!!! 
cheers for all those SUNGMIN fans out there!!! yay!!!!

rain or shine, we will always love you Minnie~!!