Tuesday, August 31, 2010




yoh, konbanwa!! :D

It's me again..just droppin by to say hi! haha..
oh let me share something..
as I was looking at the clouds maybe an hour ago, I noticed that one part of the cloud was shaped like an airplane and the other was like scales of a fish, which kind of amazed me..haha..

me and my simple minded brain.. :D  

Donghae and BoA
haha..they look good together..
(my opinion..don't take it seriously)

Monday, August 30, 2010


It's been weeks since I last posted in here!! yay! (our pc's broken that's why; good thing my dad allowed me to use his laptop :D)
Okay, I've scanned my blog and noticed that I haven't finished my first SuJu fanfic whereas I'm already in the process of doing another fanfic...that's quite a handful, yes. But don't worry, I'll do my best to finish the first one while doing the second one..haha..best luck to me then..!

alright, let me post here images that may or may not be related to my second fanfic..haha..I simply like such pictures..well, maybe not all.. :))

aww..the 2 maknaes! Kyuhyun looks really good with Seohyun~!! ^^v

"the aegyo couple"
uwaa...they really look good together~!! thumbs up for you guys!! :p


yay!! Tiffany and Sunny!!


That's enough..haha..just stay tune for the first chapter of my second fanfic here at my blog!! hope you'll support it~!! kamsa!! ^^

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

part 11!

At our room while I was chatting with Donghae and Sungmin..
"Ohayou!" someone familiar greeted as the door opened.
"Mornin!" Sungmin and I greeted.
"Faye!" Donghae called out happily as he approached the girl.
"Oh hey!" she greeted him as well.
"Yeah, I was planning to try out Japan's karaoke bars after class, it'll be great if you'll join us!" he invited holding both her hands.
"Oh okay, I'm free this afternoon anyway.."
As the newly couple arrived (Yuki and Wookie, sounds the same..haha :o), Donghae too invited them and agreed to come with us too..

*RIIING!!! (Schoo'ls over! haha..it hasn't even started yet..oh well..)

After quite some time...
At the karaoke rooms down the road, the guys were busy choosing what songs to sing and  has been decided (by majority, of course :D) that our little Wookie will go first! :)
He inhaled some air and then started; his beautiful voice echoed all over the room...

Neorago (Neorago)
Neorago (Neorago)
Nan nobunirago (Neorago)
Neorago (Neorago)
Dareunsaram pilyo obseo nan keunyang neorago
Dashi hanbon mullo bwado nan keunyang neorago
Imi noneun dareun saranghaet kkaetjiman
Nohl chilsuga obseo dashi dolikilsu obseo oh~
Nae nunbit chi deulkowo keu sungane
Gaseum kipi moseul bakdon sungane
Miryeon obshi baro nohreul sontaekhaeseo
Keurae nan neorago

Ona, keu nuga nuga mworaedo naneun sangwan obdago
Keu nuga nuga yokhaedo nomanbarabun dago
Na dashi taeor nandedo ojik nobbunirago
Jakku jakku shigani heullodo

* translation:
Its you (its you)
Its you (its you)
Youre the only one for me (its you)
Its you (its you)

I dont need anyone else, its only you to me
Even if you ask again, its only you to me
Even if you have another love already
I cant forget you, i cant turn back
Right when my glare was sharp
Right when i was nailing a nail deep inside my heart
I chose you without any regrets
Yes , its you

Oh I dont care what anyone says
No matter who curse at me, I'll only look at you
If i am born again, it will be only you
Tik-tak - Even as time goes by
Oh when i tell you i love you thousands of time
Even if my heart is on fire and as my lips dry
If i am born again, it will still be only you
Tik-tak - Even as time flies #

"Kirei.."  Yuki whispered.  *it's beautiful...
Up until the last words of the lyrics, Ryeowook kept his eyes fixed at Yuki's. Their presence speaks of love, young, and a bit ridiculously beautiful..Yeah..that's them..
Yuki too smiled at the guy and thanked him when he handed her a cute 'Mokona' stuff toy for some unspecific reasons..haha..guess that's love after all..
After the 'high toned Wookie' sang, the pink guy volunteered to go next..

#  Love Oh baby my girl
Umaku wa ienai keredo
todoketai shinken na omoi
Setsunaru kono chikai
Demo kan ga yokute tokku ni baretetari suru kana
Sou, sugu ni kimi ni todoketai
nan kai mo ienai koto sa
daiji na kotoba
Kiite hoshii koto ga arunda
Sou sa majime na hanashisa
Would you marry me?
Odoroita kimi ga
Totemo KIREI sa
Guuzen no deai ga ima
Unmei to yoberu ki ga shita
  *translation: Even though I can't say it well
I want to confess to you my true heart, my earnest promise
Even though I feel you can detect my true feelings
Yes, I want to tell you right now
The things I never could told you, The most important words
There's something I want to ask you
Yes, something very important
Would you marry me?
When you're suprised
You look so beautiful
From the coincidental meeting to now
Everything feels like it's managed by fate

  his voice is wonderful..suddenly I bowed down..Yeah..I don't know..I just felt embarrassed..Seconds later, Yuki leaned closer to me as she whispered, "Hey, at least look at the guy.." "Okay, I'm sorry." I uttered.I slowly looked up and a flash of light blinded me..Uwaa...'HE' smiled at me..Tsk, it's that smile again! "Okay drop the smile pink guy.."  I said with a bit of a rising tone. He laughed as he sat beside me patting my head...and yeah he finished singing already..I don't know what to say...He sang one of my favorite songs and in Japanese too! Out of the blue, I said, "Kamsa."    He hugged me and replied a simple, "Dou itashimashite." Okay, that's enough..I might melt in front of the pink guy so I handed Donghae the microphone already.. And then here goes the guy next door, Donghae..He stood up and started singing..   # Sojunghameul itkko sarasseo chaga-un sesang sogeseo
Eodu-un georireul hemaedo nunmul heullil su eoptteon nayeonneunde 

Neoreul gidaryeo ongeoya aju oraen shigandongan
Nareul kkok dalmeun sarangeul wihae
Weroweottteon shiganmankeum neo-ege da jugo shipeun
My endless moment, pray for you
Nega eomneun na-ui moseubeul sangsanghal suneun eopseo
byeoriran mareul moreuneun neowa na-igil barae yeongweontorok
Neo-ui jageun euseumjocha ireoke nan haengbokhande
kumi anin neo-ege yakssokhae
Manheun nari jinagado neoreul wihan naega dwelge
My shining moment, forever

In this cold world, I lived without anything of special value
I couldn’t help but cry when I walked the dark streets
I’ve been waiting for you for a long time,
For someone who’s just like me
I want give my loneliness to you
My endless moment, I pray for you
I can’t imagine my life without you
I don’t want us to separate, ever
Even a little smile from you, brings me happiness
I’ll make a promise to you; this isn’t a dream
Many days will pass and I’ll still be yours
My shining moment, forever
Faye was in a complete awe..Donghae sang her favorite song too and more, he was looking at Faye herself only..or maybe she was thinking too much..haha..
He was smiling brightly at her..his smile is inexplainably wonderful..yeah, I've been thinking about it too..if I didn't knew Sungmin, then maybe I'd have fallen for this guy instead...

~~~~~ ooookaaaayy..enough....my stomach's aching too much..better sleep already....hope you enjoyed part 11...and please do comment on it! Kamsahamnida! ~~~~~~~~

 "The pink guy" 
 "The guy next door" 
"High toned Wookie"      Credits: Super Junior 4th album photos