Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reaching for you...

Kimi ni Todoke rocks!!!!!

"Do a good deed each day!" - Kuronuma Sawako

~ just wanted to recommend it to everybody, you'll surely love it. It's simplicity have captured my heart and hope will yours as well!! ^^,

-- Sawako-chan's nice deeds and courage to speak up have surely helped her clear unnecessary misunderstandings.Her innocent attitude is what makes her 100% cute. Way to go Sada--i mean Sawako-chan!!

-- Kazehaya's refreshingly nice attitude have surely captured my heart. He's smile is way too cuuuute!!!! He's utterly nice, cheerful, but like any other guys, he too falls in love, blushes, and gets nervous whenever his special someone is just around the corner..KAWAII!!! (I'll be searching earth in order to find a guy like him!! sounds crazy, but yeah I'll try doing it..XD) Even his selfishness is cute in many ways..haha..

-- Yano-chin's (as Yoshida calls her) protective attitude is what you'll surely love about her. She was what you'll call a 'friend loving person' XD, as shown by the way she accepted and loved Sawako for who she was. She was always ready to fight for Sawako's sake. And she was the mature one in the group, helping Sawako realize her feelings for Kazehaya. I really like her!!

-- Yoshida on the other hand, was someone slower, I really mean it, slower than Yano-chin when it comes to thinking XD. Her kind of a dense and idiotic attitude is well seen throughout the anime, but that's one good thing about her. She was also a gangster like person but a very caring and loving friend, who is willing to be by Sawako's side no matter what (even if she doesn't have the idea of what's going on XD). I like her too!!

-- Ryu's silent dimeanor is what makes him look cool and also what makes him perfect for Chizuru (Yoshida). They were childhood friends and have this brotherly relationship as stated by Yoshida.
Ryu being silent and all while Chizuru being loud and noisy (in a good way), they're perfect, nice combi!! (well, he does love Chizuru after all, so its decided!! XD) I like Ryu's attitude too, being a man of few words..

-- even the antagonist, Kurumi was kinda likeable too..well after all, she's way too cute..but i still like Sawako more XD..i guess they agree in one thing though, their love for Kazehaya..^^


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