Wednesday, January 26, 2011

definitely siblings! xD

I've decided to make yet another random post! :D
And for today's post, I'm sharing here with you some of our favorite Kpop artists' most adorable siblings! :)) 
Though, this post will be really really short..cause, you see, I'm not yet familiar with other kpop artists...^^v

So, yeah, here they are:

Taeyeon's ultimate look alike! xD

heck, he's definitely Taeyeon's carbon copy! Or vice versa! XD
It's him again.. ^^,

Yes, she's the noona of the cutest bassist, Lee Jaejin~!! <3
another picture of her. She's Lee Chae Won by the way, an actress.. ^^
Oh and yes, the Jung sisters..who could've possibly forget about them??

Anyhow, I'm getting a bit tired I guess I'm going to put here the link can check out many more artists and their siblings there. ^^
here's the link:

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