Tuesday, July 27, 2010

part 10

~ continuation ~

"Hm?" I asked.
He took a deep breath and answered, "I like you, is it okay?" as fast as he can..
'HAI?! How can he say that in a casual way?! Wait! is this the luckiest streak of my life?? Calm down karin!' I thought, utterly embarrassed, flustered and is blushing.
"I know its sudden, I'm sorry..should I repeat it slowly?" 
"HUH?! No, I..I heard it..I..I'M SHOCKED YOU IDIOT!" I unconsciously yelled smacking him. I wonder if its been my habit to smack him or something...
"Oh I'm quite surprised too!" he shouted as he stood up.
'Is this guy alright?' I thought, confused.
"Well, you see, I get easily jealous when your with Hangeng sensei, I even want to monopolize your time..I'm...I'm sorry.." he confessed as he looked down.
"I?" he asked curiously.
"I don't know! and Hangeng sensei? What about him?"
"Well, I just thought that you have feelings for him and the like." he answered.
"Hmm..I DO like him.." 
"Eh?!" he squealed.

"Yeah, I mean, he's been so nice to me and all.." I mentioned.
"Haven't I been so nice to you too?" he added.
"Well you are.."
"But then again I guess it's different.." he sulked, looking down.
"Yeah., way too different.." I agreed patting him.
He looked at me..disappointingly, then asked, "Then this just means that..."
"I feel the same way you do..at least that's what I think" I continued smiling at the dissapointed pink guy.
"Maybe I kind of like you too.." I confessed..tss...this is so embarassing..
He was so surprised that he didn't utter anything at all. He stood there, looking like a statue..a cute one.. :p
what is happening? I feel so damn embarrassed in here..should I just get outta here? I thought all flustered.
I was about to turn around when he suddenly held my arms and hugged me..
I cried, yeah, that sounds stupid...
"I..I've been bottling-in my feelings for so long, am afraid that you might avoid me if I'd confess..." I uttered crying.
"Pabo." he whispered as he hugged me tighter.  *idiot.
This is heaven indeed, am I only dreaming? Nah, this seems too real..too real that it might be just an illusion too..tsk, what am I thinking...

And night time came when he invited me over at his place and cooked me dinner...yeah..so sweet..we ate dinner with his family..but of course that goes on with my parent's permission..
I felt loved..

On some other place...
"Are you sure you're gonna ask her? I mean, she might strangle you to death.." Yuki said hesitating to go inside her mom's company.
"Well, she'll do the same or even worse if I won't ask for her approval.." he smiled holding the lady's hand.
She felt relieved and they went straight at her mom's room office. It was on the fifth floor just at the side of the elevator.
Ryeowook knocked and was approved to get inside..
"Ohayou!" he greeted waving his hand freely.
"Oh Ryeowook and..Yuki...good morning. What took you two here?" her mom asked, a bit surprised.
"Well, you see, I was about to ask you for permission..." he started.
"Regarding what?" Yuki's mom again asked, crossing her hands.
"I'm planning to date her...uhmm..would you mind?" he finally said after exhaling air for a minute..Ryeowook seemed tense for a minute there.. :D
"DATE HER?!" Yuki's mom screamed in astonishment.
"'Kasan..." Yuki whispered calming her mom down.
"Ryeowook.." she called finally calming down..whew..I was afraid Ryeowook would cause a big ruckus in there..haha..oh well..
"You've known my daughter since you were kids that you know her inside out...and you know too how childish she can get...or how dependent she may be.." she started stating some of Yuki's behaviors.
"I am well aware of those things and is quite used to it already..it has even become my expertise..taking care of her and all.." he agreed trying to reassure Yuki's mom.
'What? Now you've agreed about all of my bad behaviors??' Yuki thought sarcastically. 
"But she's the kind of girl who'll never make you feel bored, a very energetic one. She's a person you can always count on and a person you can, of course, trust.." her mom added smiling at Yuki.
"I know it as well..so, would you mind sharing this irresistible and sometimes irritable Yuki with me?" he asked, smiling at Yuki's mom. Yeah, those pleading eyes...tss..aside from the pink guy, seems like Ryeowook has used these tactics too.. :))
"Okay...I think I can rest assure if she's with you but I'm warning you Ryeowook, one bad thing and you're outta her life, got that?" she warned, looking straight at the guy's eyes..scary...
"Got it, thanks for you're approval. I promise not to hurt her or do something that is against your will..." he guaranteed.
They went outside, side by side ,enjoying each others presence..
Their day ended nicely as well, guess everybody's have their 'someone special' now..

One rainy morning, as Yuki woke up from her deep slumber, she heard an unfamiliar voice blabbing about something that seems unnecessary.

On the other hand, I was busy preparing for school since I need to be there earlier for some reasons. School again, oh well..
As I went outside, I was surprised to see Sungmin there standing, smiling at me.
Has he been waiting in here?? Should I smile at him, or is it better not to..
"Annyeong!" he greeted cheerfully..he was always the first to greet..good.. :D
"Ano, how did you know that I was going to school earlier than normal?" I asked, trying not to blush.
Control Karin, control..
"Guy's instincts I guess." he joked as he reached out his hand for me.  
We both ride his bicycle as I sat on the extra chair at his back..not a very good idea cause I was so close to him that he might hear my speedy heartbeat...

Back at Yuki's house, "Kasan, was there a visitor here a while ago?" she asked while fixing her polo.
"That was one of my subordinates, did he, by any chance, bother your sleep?" her mom explained as she asked.
"Nah, not really."
*someone knocks at the door..
"Oh Ryeowook, good morning. You're just in time, Yuki is almost finished." Her mom greeted.
"Morning! yeah..so, let's go?"
"Yup! Itekimasu!" she waded.
"Ki o tsukete!"

At our room while I was chatting with Donghae and Sungmin..
"Ohayou!" someone familiar greeted as the door opened.
"Mornin!" Sungmin and I greeted.
"Faye!" Donghae called out happily as he approached the girl.
"Oh hey!" she greeted him as well.
"Yeah, I was planning to try out Japan's karaoke bars after class, it'll be great if you'll join us!" he invited holding both her hands.
"Oh okay, I'm free this afternoon anyway.."


alright, I was feeling a bit tired now..haha..so maybe I'll leave it like this..yeah..sorry if this part didn't satisfied the readers.... ^^v
I'll post the next part on..I'm still workin it out so just hang in there.. :))

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