Monday, July 5, 2010

Yay!!! Shinichi!! ^^,

Kudo's back..haha..
Oguri-kun!!! yatta!!

"As a detective, even if there is some evidence that conflicts with my reasoning, I won't just get rid of the evidence, instead, I'll incorporate that into my reasoning and try to solve the case.."
>> Kudo Shinichi

Here's the second live movie for the sensational and never ending anime Meitantei Conan!

Just want to share this certain character who appeared here in the 2nd movie...
for those who have watched Yukan Club then you may be familiar with this lady already..
(I like her character in the series after all, both in Yukan and Meitantei Conan!!)

Kashii Yu as Miyano Shiho/Sherry

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