Sunday, October 31, 2010

advance happy water and osaka birthday~!! ^3^

yoh minna~!

-droppin' by to give my greetings to the two of my favorite Asian guys that will be celebrating their birthdays this week...I may not have the ample time this coming weekday so I'm going to greet them here in advance instead.. ^^

advance happy birthday to Poseidon's Filipino son (just kiddin' XD), model/dancer/actor/athlete Enchong Dee!

Enchong Dee, my all time ideal man will be celebrating his 21st birthday on November 5 this coming Friday! yay! 

I'm quite sure that this message won't reach you, nevertheless, I wanted to greet you a happy, blessed birthday (well, in advance)!!
hope that you'll stay being the role model, down to earth person we've all known... :)
and just in case you don't remember, I met you once in a resto across ABS-CBN..and that day was a surefire dream come true for me.. ^^,  thanks again for allotting 30 minutes of your life meeting such a fan like was all worth the long byahe..ika nga.. :D
I promise to continuously pray for you and your family...
again, advance happy birthday and thank you! ^^


as for the self proclaimed pervert, sexy osaka man, Ryo Nishikido, I'd also like to give him my greetings as he'll be turning 26 this coming November 3..yay too! XD
the actor slash singer slash model will also be getting another year older! bwahaha...
can you believe it?? 
this guy..this dorky but handsome guy...

..will be turning 26 already?!

oh well, guess looks can really be deceiving.. XD


adobansu 'tanjoubi omedetou ya~!!
itsumo ni ki o tsukete ne~!
GODspeed ^^

That's it I guess.. ^^,
will be going to the church already so later guys~!

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