Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Hi. there anyone who knows how to cure phobias for men????

Actually, I've been thinkin about this darn person and is wondering if I still like him...
I've always felt nervous when he's around...even before he knew about this stupid feelings of mine..(I told him about it maybe 2 years ago..and everything from then felt awkward) but somewhere in my ridiculous mind, there's someone echoing something like, "you don't like him anymore" or the likes of it..
was the nervousness I feel when he's around  was plainly because I still like him or is it only because of this unbearable phobia of mine?  

forget it..
I'm just wastin my time....XD


재즈 리 said...

Hahahaha! Kaya mo yan iel!

dainieru., said...

uwaaa..kamsahamnida taemin ah.. :)

재즈 리 said...

Chotto wa! Sore o genkyū shite inai! Tada karera ni hanasuto, karera wa anata to hanashi o shite iru watashi o shite iru koto to omoimasu!

재즈 리 said...

Watashi no bunpō wa tadashiidesu ka? :)