Thursday, October 28, 2010


trouble, trouble, trouble!

Hoot~! >o<

SNSD's newest 'retro inspired' mini album...
Hoot's music video has already been released last October 27 and is currently gaining more and more views..(imagine, they already have 551,597 views?!)

seeing the teaser for the first time, I'm like, 'what's with Tiff's hairstyle?'  but, seeing her at the MV, dancing, and singing...I was like, 'whoah, she's so pretty~!' haha..maybe, I was just surprised to see her go blonde and all, but, it did suite her after all.. ^^

and sunny~!!
the woman who, for me, always looks pretty whatever her hairstyle is!! ^3^
in this MV, you'll got to see the serious Sunny..again..(after the 'Run Devil Run MV)  :D

see?? uwaaa...kawaii!! :)

there you go! my two favorite SNSD members.. ^^,
that's it for now..I'll post my comments on the others later.. gotta go, still have school activities..ja ne~!

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