Saturday, October 16, 2010

SungSun couple~!!!!!! ^3^

I'm proud to share here...


Sungmin's birthday message and present to SNSD's Sunny.... ^^

 (I've just learned that you cannot upload videos in here if it weren't from your pc...T.T)
here's the link instead:

 my comment on the video:
sungmin's so sweet....good thing sunny seem to really appreciate his present.. (yay! :D)
they really look cute together~!!
hope they'll have more shows together other than their radio show...

best regards to the both of them~!

uwaaa...ano futari 'tte kawaii~!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Aww! What a cute couple! They're perfect for each other!

dainieru., said...
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dainieru., said...

thanks.. :) your comment's highly appreciated!
by the way, who's this?? ^^v

p.s. you might want to check out my upcoming second fanfic.. I'm about to post it later.. ^^

Anonymous said...

ㅗㅁ! 쳣ㄷ 채ㅕㅔㅣㄷ! ㅣㅐㅍㄷ 녀ㅜ흐ㅑㅜ.

dainieru., said...

thanks for the comment but I wish I can understand the Korean letters... :)

- dainieru ^^