Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm being unreasonable..

"Calculus is...SUICIDE..." 

yup, that's right..can you believe it?
 Even the letters 'c' & 'u' is being used in computations...
              EH?! Nande?!
I was okay with the letters 'x' & 'y' but now, it seems like every single letter was intended for cruel can math be?? T.T
I'm sorry, I just freakingly hate math.. :[

Anyhow, I've been yet pre-occupied with what I was talking about on my last post...and actually, the very idea has just sunk in to me..
yeah..and I was like...whaaaaaaat?!?! Darn..this is not a dream..
Oh how I hate it when every time my mind was flying off somewhere, his figure (or maybe his image or anything related to him) appears...dang..
I just can't focus in class..this is getting really annoying now...
why the heck do I keep on thinkin' about him?! 
am having some kinda disease?! 

HELP ME!!!!! T.T

my advice: never fall in love with anyone of your guy's never a good thing..

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