Wednesday, November 3, 2010

'tanjoubi omedetou ya ryo-tan~!


Haha. seems like its the SEXY, OSAKA MAN's special day today!! :D
Well then, Happy Happy 26th Birthday Ryo-tan~!! (I hope you don't hate it when you're reminded of your age.. :D)
I'll always pray for your health and the success of your career..
and continue being the anti-sweets (you don't like sweets do you??), dorky, and sexy (as you said), Ryo you're fans have known... 
Soshite, itsumo ni ki o tsukete ya ne~! 
(by the way, my best friend likes you...uuhh..what's new? many other girls [like me for example] likes you too anyway..XD anyway, her name's VERONICA ^^,)
that's it...

Ryo's mischievous smile..according to insane_desire..haha..I definitely agree!
check out her LJ post for most of  Ryo's charming smiles... @-@
here's the link: insane_desire

~~~ Oyasumi minna... ~~~~~     -_-* zzZZ 

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