Saturday, November 6, 2010


Annyeong Haseyo~!! ^^V

here at my friends nest, finishing  the script which was supposed to be passed today...haha..good thing our teacher seems to be in a good mood that he agreed to let us pass it on Moday instead... yay!
Anyway, like I said, i'm currently here at  jazzee's place for the purpose of  watching movies, surfing the net and of course finishing the script.. ^^
and just to share, me and my friend Jazzee agreed to cook! haha...goodluck to us...
and we've actually decided to cook carbonara....which almost wrecked their kitchen when a potful of fire suddenly appeared!! (I'm not kidding) waaahhh......
by the way, sorry for the broken pepper glass Jazzee, my stupidity enters again.. :))
In the end, our carbonara seems tasteless. But, we did enjoyed eating it. :D
good thing though, that my other friends, Kim and Faye seemed to appreciate it well enough..especially Faye ah..yay!! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED JAZZEE!!!


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재즈 리 said...

Hahaha. Masarap pala yung ginawa natin! Kala ko panget ng lasa! Pwede na tayo magkaTVshow! =))

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