Tuesday, November 16, 2010


hey 'tis me again...
I happen to have a little free time and writing a post was what I thought about...
you see, my day ended pretty well I guess...I woke up a bit late, ate pandesal for breakfast and do the usual chores I do...after which I studied Economics cause we're having a test tomorrow...I also did numerous homeworks and the lectures...which I find tiresome as always...In betweens, I had to constantly look after my little sister, Gian..both parents are off to Divisoria after all..

I wonder why babies are prone to crying a lot?? oh well....whatever..

And now I'm busy printing images to be used for our birthday present to one of my important friends, Madeline..I hope she'll get to like it... :)
Apparently, after all that I've done for this day, the idea still keeps on bugging me like hell.. and it sucks..really..

and the classes will be resumed tomorrow....what's the connection?? Well, I just don't feel like going to school tomorrow. I don't know why either..

anyhow, good night humans...

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