Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I'll post here a few lines that really gave me a smile..(Even laughter..haha)  If I got to notice more, I'll update this.. ^^,

Hwang Tae Kyung/ Hyung-nim : Go Mi're somehow very dangerous..
You're definitely a walking accident zone..I need to avoid that kind of thing well... XD

Kang Shin woo/Shin woo hyung :I have no desire to uncover things people are trying to hide...


Shin Woo hyung :  Mi Nam..
Now you're going to reject my request for help?
After rejecting my heart?
You're sorry, right?
Then don't reject it and come help..    *:D

Yoo  Hee Yi/ devil fairy : There could be something really big that you don't know about.. Then what would you do?

Kang On Yu/ Jeremy : I'll let it go. I really like Go Mi Nam. I like him so it's all good.. ( nice Jeremy oppa~!)


Go Mi Nam/Go Mi Nyu : Then I must be something like a moon using the light of a star like you..

Hwang Tae Kyung/Hyung-nim : But a moon is not completely useless.
No matter how many other stars are there at night, the only thing I see is the moon..  (aawww..hehe)


Go Mi Nam : Are you sure that you won't be troubled by me liking you?

Hwang Tae Kyung : Go Mi Nam. I am someone who is loved by numerous people. That's what I do for a living. It won't trouble me at all to let you join as a fan in one of my million fan clubs. That's the sort of person I am. You can like me and everything will be alright. (hugs Mi Nam) This is because you're a special fan. You should be honored..


Tae Kyung : (Mi nam is about to leave for vacation) Go Mi Nam, I came because I have something to tell you..I'm going to tell you only once so listen very carefully..
Go Mi Nam..I.. girls at the bus screams as they see tae kyung) listen before you go.....    I like you.... (waaaaahhh....XD)


Jeremy : (at the treasure bus w/ the sleeping Mi Nam) Can my heart really calm down in an hour? For this one hour, I like you, Go Mi Nam...                   (Kyaaaaa.....)


Jeremy (crying at the treasure bus after hearing from mi nam herself that she like tae kyung) : 
I was fine when they said you were a man..
I was fine when you became a woman...
but if you say that it's Tae kyung hyung...
I can't be fine...
Why? Why isn't it me?
I only told you about the treasure bus...
I only let you hold Jolie's (his dog) leash...
I was going to sing a song only for you...
Why? Why don't you like me??

*awwwwww...poor jeremy...


Mi Nam/Mi Nyu : Can I take a valuable picture with you?
Jeremy : If you want to take a photo of me the modeling fees are expensive...
Photographer Go, what kind of expression would you like?
A cute expression? (holds a glass pufferfish..(was that a glass??) then smiles cutely)
A sexy expression? (as described....:D)
or an expression full of wild beauty? (rawr..haha)


Mi Nam/Mi Nyu : Shin Woo hyung is always very warm and always comforts me warmly and softly..I'm really sorry that I can't give you that kind of comfort...

Shin Woo hyung : It's fine. Even though you might be really surprised..
I've already been dumped 100 times by you. 
I can overcome it. Thank goodness I had practiced before...  (haha..sorry...I find it hilarious..)


Mi Nyu : then it wasn't you?

Jeremy : If it was me, you wouldn't be here. I would have thrown you off the roof! Hurry and apologize!

Tae-kyung : Oddly enough, every time I’m full of complicated thoughts because of that person, you’ve come along, so you’ve been pretty useful. Like today.

Mi-nyu : I’m glad my fingers were useful to you. If I knew this would happen, I would have glued all ten of them together.

Jeremy : Go Mi Nam, the earth is round, no matter how far you go, you'll come back to the start; just like the bus...


Jeremy : I am a person who is as fragile as a glass, if you don't want it to shatter, you have to treasure it...             
(don't worry Jeremy, we'll always treasure you!!! ^^,)

* You're beautiful..


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