Tuesday, June 1, 2010

part 6...

~ continuation...~

The mall-trip-day came along....and....Sungmin can hardly believe seeing me in the same mall with....
Hangeng sensei...He was about to approach us when Yuki stopped him.
"What?" he asked in an irritated tone.
"Can't you just let it go?" Yuki mumbled.
"Buut..." he continued.
"Oh alright.." he then agreed, pouting..
'Guess I'll let it go since you're that happy after all..."' he thought as he walked away with the gang.

Everyone on the group is present, well, that is, except for me who was with Hangeng sensei. It was actually time for us to part ways since I have other things to do too, but then again, I really enjoyed the time I spent with him...100 percent nice guy!

"Xièxiè!" I thanked him smiling.   *thank you in simplified chinese
"Oh that's a good pronunciation! Hehe.. Doo itashimashite!" he said smiling back.   *You're welcome!
"Ki o tsukete!" he added as I walked away from him.  *be careful.
'Guess I'll buy something for sensei too!' I thought walking contentedly along the mall.

Back on my gang, "What is she doing with sensei??" Sungmin kept on asking them.
"Maybe she's fallen for our adviser!" Donghae joked which Sungmin seems to took seriously that he just diverted his full attention to those pink stuff at the store they were passing by...
"Hey don't tease him!" Faye reprimanded Donghae who was just beside her.
"Okay, okay, didn't thought that he'll take it seriously."
"Was he really jealous?" Faye then asked Yuki.
"Well, maybe. He's quite naive and Karin's dense on the other hand." she explained making quite a face..
"What a couple!" Ryeowook stated.
"Haha! Guess there's really a small percentage of couple who understands one another completely." Donghae mentioned.
"Yeah, yeah." Yuki and Ryeowook both agreed.
"Yup, like you and Ryeowook." Donghae added facing Yuki.
"Yes, ye- HAI?!" Yuki blurted out, a bit panicking.
"Cut it out Donghae." Ryeowook said seriously. Yuki was surprised and gave it a thought, 'What's he thinking? Is he mad?' 

Everyone was satisfied already and Sungmin has already bought a pink CD holder, so they've decided to call it a day.
At the parking, Heechul was patiently waiting for Faye and her friends.
"Heechul-san! You're here too?" Yuki asked. She was surprised and is obviously blushing.
"Oh hey there! I stayed here to fetch Nathalie. I'll be glad to send you of too." He stated making Yuki felt a bit special.
"Re-really? Thanks!" She thanked wholeheartedly.
Again, Ryeowook glared at him. He can't help it so he rode the limo too since that's what Yuki wanted. 
A minute right after Yuki and Ryeowook got off the limo, Ryeowook glared at Heechul again. Heechul then suddenly got outside the limo to questioned him.
"What was that look for?" he asked Ryeowook.
"Stop getting close to her." he ordered at him, still glaring.
"What? Are you gonna smack me with that small hands of your?" Heechul mocked.
"What the hell did you say?!" he yelled making everyone in the limo worried.
"Hey, what's happening?" Donghae shouted trying to reach those two.
"Just kidding!" Heechul suddenly joked, smiling.
"That was a good expression Ryeowook-kun!" he added, then whispered, "Feelings are supposed to be expressed and need not to be bottled up inside..keep that in mind youngster." as he got inside the limo and wade his goodbye. Good thing though that Yuki was already inside when that happened.
Ryeowook who was still confused and all, unconciously knocked at the Ryuuzaki residence.
"Ryeowook? Nani?" Yuki asked upon opening the door.  *what?
He wasn't answering that Yuki just dragged him inside and let him sit at the couch.
"Heey~!" she said waving her hand in front of his face.
"I can't stand this anymore." he whispered.
"Huh?" she mumbled, confused.
"I like you after all." he blurted out while looking down.

Wookie! :D

~ Alright! It's getting late now so let's leave it like that! haha..oh mind to comment on what will Yuki probably reply Eagle-san?? ^^,  Feel free to comment guys! thanks! ^~^  ~


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