Thursday, June 3, 2010

part 7 ^A^ !!

"Heey~!" she said waving her hand in front of his face.
"I can't stand this anymore." he whispered.
"Huh?" she mumbled, confused.
"I like you after all." he blurted out while looking down. 
"Oh I like you too!" she replied without hesitation.
"Yeah, I knew you'd say that." 
"So since you love me and I love you too, would you mind telling me your problem now??" she asked persistently.
"Nothing! Never mind that. Instead, I'd like you to accompany me." he then said regaining his usual self.
"Eeh?? oh alright. So where's the destination??" she agreed smiling.
"Just come with me!" he said holding her hand.

They rode Ryeowook's motorcycle (Guess he had one too.. ^^) and went at the nearby lake..
"This place..." Yuki started as she looked around, feeling nostalgic and all..
"Yup, we usually go here when were little. Especially when one of us feels a bit lonely or sad.." he continued.
"So you're feeling sad after all??" 
"Nope. Just felt like visiting this place.." he mentioned while sitting down at the grass.
"Oh..." she mumbled sitting just beside him.
"Those simple times I've spent with you..I've always recalled them in here..they've been so precious after all.." he added smiling, remembering the times spent with her..
"Yeah. thinking back, wherever we'd go we're always together..hmm..I wonder why..." 
"Haha..maybe we're inseperable?.."
"You think so too? haha." she laughed.
'Thanks, even though the love you felt for me was completely different from how I feel, I really appreciated it.' he thought silently as he stood up and breath some fresh air..

Today is my most unfavorable day of all, Monday. Yeah, for the sole reason that it's the start of classes again..ugghh...
As I arrived the campus, I went straight to the teacher's lounge... 
"A! Hangeng sensei!" I called out..I wonder if I called too loud that some other teachers were looking at me.
"Oh Karin? What is it?" he asked smiling at me.
"I bought you some cookies, I'm really not into cooking so I just bought you one. Here." I confessed as I handed him a pack of cookies in a transparent bag..
"Oh thanks, you shouldn't have bothered." he thanked as he hold the cookies..
Sungmin who was passing by the lounge got a view of me giving sensei cookies..and he felt irritated...
As I went inside our classroom, an unhappy, gloomy-looking sungmin greeted me..
"Ugh..what's wrong?" I asked him being cautious. He seems NOT in the mood, who knows, he might send me flying outside the room with his Chinese techniques..and I'm not that good in aikido too so...I better be cautious.. XD
"Nothin,'" he responded.
"Then what's with that creepy, sulking look of yours??" I asked, a bit bothered.
"I told you, it's nothing."
"Huh? how could 'nothing' make such an impact in you?!" I asked, now in an irritated tone.
"Tsk! It's nothing alright?!" he yelled as he stood up banging his table.
Everyone was panicking just when sensei appeared. Oh good thing...
"Lee-kun would you mind taking a seat? I'll hear you out later." he instructed. 
He DID sit down..what exactly's wrong with him?
[Break time!]
Sungmin and Ryeowook are surprisingly eating with just the two of them..
"Cool down. Nothing's going to happen if you're always like that." Ryeowook mentioned patting Sungmin's back.

At the other hand, I'm with Yuki, Faye and Donghae..
"What exactly happened?" Donghae asked, worrying.
"I'm not really sure. I don't understand a thing." I exclaimed, pissed off.
"Hey, calm down, there must be a reason." Faye said calming me down, handing me a bottle of cold juice..
"Of course there is.." Yuki started. "Let me ask you, what exactly is your current relation with sensei now?" she added.
"A teacher student's just like better than any other student, but nothing in a romantic way.." I explained.
"Okay, at least that's cleared." Yuki replied.
"What's cleared? Are you misunderstanding things?" I questioned them.
"Not me, there's just this person who does.." she said.
I was about to answer when Yuki suddenly exclaimed, "Uh oh Ryeowook left his drink at my bag, I'll just take it too him." she said hurrying..
"Oh alright, and maybe he's at the rooftop!" I suggested until she dissapeared completely.

She was about to enter the rooftop when she overheard the two guys talking...
"How about you? How's it going between you guys?" Sungmin asked his considerate friend.
"We're good friends as always." he blurted out in a plain way.
"Friends? Is that really all that you've wanted?" 
"That's what she offered me so I can't help it..." he said in a disappointing tone...
"Oh I left my drink at Yuki's bag, I'll go get it, 'kay?" he said as he rushed downstairs only to find Yuki in there. He was completely dumbfounded.
"Yu..Yuki.." he uttered.
"Here,  I've brought your drink.." Yuiki handed smiling at him.
She was about to leave when Ryeowook tried to stop her.." it possible that you've.." he started but was interrupted by Yuki, "Hey.."
"I don't quite remember offering you something.." she blurted out as she smiled and got down the stairs...
'What now?' Ryeowook thought all flustered and confused...

Here's a pic for 'ya Yuki!! ^^,

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Sungminnie!! You look really really cool in Sorry Sorry MV (just took a notice of it..haha)


Anonymous said...

nyhaaaaaak... so Yuki misunderstood the confession??? HAHAHAHAAHA!!! What a very Yuki-ish thing to do... Hahahaha... And there are tons of misunderstandings that has to be cleared up... Especially the thing about Hangeng and Karin... XDDDDDD


Anonymous said... we'll see...
and thanks for the comment!! ^^,

- Karin ^^p