Friday, June 4, 2010

part 8! o_o

She was about to leave when Ryeowook tried to stop her.." it possible that you've.." he started but was interrupted by Yuki, "Hey.."
"I don't quite remember offering you something.." she blurted out as she smiled and got down the stairs...
'What now?' Ryeowook thought all flustered and confused...
"Yuki!" he unconsciously called out.
"I..I like you!" he yelled.
"That's good then..."
"Cause I like you too! Oh gotta go, Karin and the others are waiting for me! Ja ne!" she confessed as she wade goodbye.
"What just happened?" Ryeowook asked himself who still haven't got a grip on what Yuki just said.
"Hoho! Isn't that great??" Sungmin teased as he appeared from behind.
"Shut up." he said blushing.
"Yeah right..haha..guess you need to fix that super red face of yours!" Sungmin added still teasing him.
"Hey, you think she's serious??" Ryeowook asked, worrying..
"Cause she might have misunderstood it again.." he added.
"Oh that could be a possibility since its Yuki we're talking about. HAHA!" Sungmin answered laughing.
"HAHAHA! Oh well, you just gotta ask her!" Sungmin suggested as he too wade goodbye.
"Hey, where are you going?" 
"Hmm...guess I'll go apologize to someone!" he answered smiling.
"That guy..hehe..thanks Sungmin.." Ryeowook whispered as he went on his own way too.

"Ya! Karin!" Sungmin shouted embarrassingly at the cafeteria. And as usual he caught the ladies attention again.
"Nani yo? Don't go running here shouting my name, you pink freak!!" I demanded. *What's with you?
"Mianhaeyo!" he apologized positioning his hands in a praying like way while bowing.
"Hai, hai so what took you here?" I asked.
"I'm going to apologize from!!" he said, apologizing bowing his head again.
"Oh okay..and don't bow too much, it looks weird.."
"You're not mad anymore??"
"Well you've managed to apologize just in time so I'll let it slip.." I smiled.
"Yay! Alright, to make it up for you, I'll take you somewhere tomorrow." he said amending.
" good..I'll go somewhere tomorrow." I said thinking about something.
'What? is she going with sensei again??' he thought irritatingly.
"I'm not going with sensei or anyone." I said firmly.
" that so?" he uttered.
'Woah she can completely read my mind!' he thought in amazement.
Break's over and classes are about to start..when suddenly, rain started pouring..It became heavier and heavier that class was canceled and everyone was told to head home already.
"Oh no, I forgot to bring my umbrella!" Yuki regretted. 
Just when she was about to take a run and battle the heavy rain, someone from behind held an umbrella for her.
"A! Ryeowook!" she said turning around, facing the guy.
"Uhmm would you mind if I'll share my umbrella with you?" he asked, feeling a bit shy.
"Of course! Thanks! You saved me from the rain!" she thanked happily.
They were about to leave when Sungmin suddenly yelled, "Go for it Wookie! HAHA!" 
"Hey stop it." I instructed.
'That guy..really now.' he thought blushing.
"Hope it goes well for both of them." Faye mentioned.
"Yeah, but I think Ryeowook will be able to handle it smoothly." Donghae added.
"Yeah I think so too." I agreed as we all head home, Faye with Donghae and me with this pink guy..
"Uhmm..Yuki.." Ryeowook called looking straight at the floor.
"What you said earlier about liking me or something, is it true?" he asked shyly.
"Yeah? You're not sure??" he asked, worrying a bit.
"Well I'm pretty sure about liking you but I'm not really sure about you liking me.." she said casually..
'Didn't I just said that I like her?' he thought.
"I like you, how many times do I have to repeat that?" he blurted.
"Okay.." she answered plainly.
'I don't quite get it..what's okay? okay as in, okay we're a couple now or okay, I see or something like that..'
"So uhmm..this saturday, are you free?" he asked courageously.
"Yeah, wanna go somewhere?"
"Of course..I'll treat you then." he promised smiling at her.
"Thanks.." she whispered.
Yuki got home already and changed her clothes when the exact idea just got into her..
"We're going somewhere together? Wait, isn't that..a date??" she asked herself, confused. Her heart beating faster than normal. She sat down the couch and couldn't stop thinking about it. She didn't got enough sleep just worrying about it..

Morning came and I got up earlier than usual..I went to the bathroom, changed and got outside for some jogging..I don't usually do it but today's special so I decided to do so..
As I was on my way, Yuki suddenly called me, "Yoh Yuki, what's up?"
"I..I am going on a date.." she managed to said.
"Really? That's great." I exclaimed, a bit confused on why she made an effort waking early just to tell me this. She usually sleeps until 12 noon at weekends so it surprised me that she's already awake, it's just 6am after all..
"With Ryeowook.."
"That's better then." I said casually.
"Is that alright, I mean, we're buddies right?" she asked, confused as I am.
"Well, you could still be..Yuki, do you like him?" I questioned.
"Yes..I DO like him.."
"Well then what's wrong?"
"I'm afraid that he might change or something if we started dating..." she confessed. 'Oh so that's how it is..'
"Among all of us, you're the one who knows him best..and most likely you're the one whose supposed to trust him the most.."
"Thanks Karin..I'm such a klutz to think about something like that.."
"Nah, you're just worried and all but everything's gonna be fine..and it's Ryeowook we're talking about, he would DEFINITELY make you happy no matter what."
"Yeah, you're right..he's one hell of a good guy after all!" she exclaimed back at her usual self.  'Good for ya' Yuki-chan!'

Sungmin too was on his way to go jogging, it was his everyday routine after all..
'Tsk, I still can't believe that Karin refused to go with me!' he thought as he jogged..
He was in a deep thought when Hangeng suddenly tapped his shoulders.
"Lee-kun, good morning!" he greeted.
"Sensei?! What are you doing here?"
"It's the same as you..though I'm meeting someone.." he explained.
'Could it possibly be Karin?!' he thought cautiosuly.

~ hey!! haha..good evening guys! What's with my time? It's not 6:5am! its already 9:48 pm..haha..oh well..It's getting late now so I'll cut it here..hope you'll enjoy this! ^~^ ~

Sungminnie looks good in whatever hairstyle!! HAHA... ^3^

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