Saturday, June 5, 2010

part 9' ! ~-~

Sungmin too was on his way to go jogging, it was his everyday routine after all..
'Tsk, I still can't believe that Karin refused to go with me!' he thought as he jogged..
He was in a deep thought when Hangeng suddenly tapped his shoulders.
"Lee-kun, good morning!" he greeted.
"Sensei?! What are you doing here?"
"It's the same as you..though I'm meeting someone.." he explained.
'Could it possibly be Karin?!' he thought cautiosuly.
"It's not Karin so no need to worry yourself." he exclaimed completely reading Sungmin's facial expression.
"Heh! I'm not worrying about that!" he denied crossing his hands.
"Oh alright..before I forgot, I'd like to give you a piece of advice..." Sensei said.
"What advice?" he asked curiously.
"Never doubt someone that shouldn't be doubted. Try looking at the other person's perspective and you'll see many unbelievable things..It's not about what you see visually, rather, It's about what your heart'll just have to listen carefully. Besides, Karin's a nice girl, you won't just hand her easily were you?" he exclaimed as he left the the pink guy alone.
He then continued his routine and stopped at his resting place..he sat at the same spot under this big old tree by the river..He sat there for a while thinking on what Hangeng sensei told him..
He was so into the idea that he didn't notice me; I was just at the other end of the tree, sitting and gathering courage..And at last I decided to approach him..
"Yoh." I said, a bit embarrassed.
"A! You're here.." he mumbled, surprised.
"Well yeah as you can see.." I said a bit sarcastic.
"Haha! So what took you here, I mean, you're one of those slacker-who-wouldn't-get-up-early type aren't you??" he teased. 'hey that's quite rude! And wasn't that Yuki..oh well I'm a bit of a slacker too so..yeah maybe he's right too..'
"That's a very nice greeting from you.." I remarked smirking..
"Haha, warui..It's just weird seeing you so early in the morning.."   *My bad.
"Uhmm..I was taking a bit of a jogging too." I answered looking away..
"Really? So you've decided to finally do some exercise!" he teased again.
"I'll smack y0u." I said, quite offended.
"I'm just kidding!" 
"Oh my, whatever. Here." I sighed handing him a pink box wrapped in pink gift wrapper.
"Wow! Thanks! But what's this all of a sudden?" he asked in happiness.
"As I thought, you had forgotten your own birthday again." (Sorry, I know Sungmin's birthday is on January 1..I occasionally altered it in here, I mean how could it be that his birthday is on the middle of the year when it's actually on January 1..sorry 'bout that)
"Oh yeah right!" he shouted , getting a grip on the occasion.

"Thanks! The box alone is undeniably wonderful enough!" he thanked joyfully holding the pink thing.
"And here, I brought some snacks and juice for a little celebration." I said bringing out the foods I've brought with me.
"Yay! Thanks Karin...oh and..." he started, he seemed a bit bothered.
"I'm really really sorry for thinking about you and sensei too much, for doubting you and for yelling at you." he apologized sincerely while bowing his head.
"Well, since it's your day today, I'll forgive you.." I said smiling at him, lifting his head up.
"Ne Karin.." he called, looking at me.. 'Those innocent eyes again huh?'

[at some other place...fufufu ^3^] 

"Yuki!" Ryeowook called out as he parked his motorcycle outside the Ryuuzaki residence.
"Yoh!"" she replied as she got outside.
'She's...pretty..' Ryeowook thought blushing a bit, covering his face with hanky.
"Hey, do I look weird?" she asked worriedly.
"No, no, you look great..maybe prettier than the usual.." he uttered in embarassment.
"Oh...thanks..." she replied, as embarrassed as the guy..
They rode the vehicle together, both were feeling awkward. While on their way, Yuki curiously asked on where he plans on going.
"At your mom's company.." he answered.
"Huh?" she mumbled, confused.
"She'll kill me if I take you on a date without her approval..hehe.." he mentioned. 

[Back at the big old tree by the river]

"Hm?" I asked.
He took a deep breath and answered, "I like you, is it okay?"
'HAI?! How can he say that in a casual way?! Wait! is this the luckiest streak of my life??' I thought, utterly embarassed, flustered and is blushing.

~ nyahahahaha....I'll end it here..for now...tsk3..this is getting 'cheesy'! HAHAHA! oh well,
hope you guys like it (Maybe those other Ryeowook and Sungmin fans, they're dying to get a revenge from me! haha..) I'll repeat, this is just a fiction of my wildest dreams and imagination..haha..and my friends' need to get so hyped and feel enraged..XD though, please do leave a comment.. ^^, ~

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