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2nd fanfic part 4

SM university newbies

Kangin wanted to warn her but was unfortuantely late.
She almsot fell; but thanked God Kangin has the ability of speed that at one run he catches the girl just in time. 
'She's pretty good looking up close.' He thought, looking intently at her.
She was quite startled that she suddenly got off on Kangin's arms.
"Uhh..you alright?" he asked, a bit worried.
She gulped.
"Ne. Kamsahamnida." She blurted fixing her uniform. She looked so innocent.
"Miss President, the meeting is about to start!" another girl called out approaching the two of them.
"Oh didn't mean to interrupt." She then muttered upon seeing Kangin. 'Who is he?'
"No, no. I was just asking her about admission..you know, transfer student." He faked, smiling at the girl he just saved. After all, rumors can get scary when swept around.
'So she's the Council President. Funny, here I was thinking that she might still be in the High School department.'
"Oohh... Admissions that way," the girl who've just arrived pointed.
"Yeah, like I was told." 
The girl he saved looked puzzled especially when Kangin ended it with a wink before completely disappearing.
Like Kangin, all the other guardians, except for Leeteuk, decided to wander by the school grounds too. Only, it was at lunch time when they arrived.
"What's this school called again??" Shindong asked, looking around, studying the place while drinking a cola which he bought from the school cafeteria.
Siwon reminded, "SM University." 
Heechul recommended that they part ways and look for something interesting which everyone agreed.
"You mean our purposes hyung," Kibum exclaimed.
"Aahh. right, purposes."
Minutes and everyone walked on different ways.
Siwon walked through the corridors, passing different air conditioned, well maintained classrooms. Students he passed kept looking at him, especially the girls. They've took notice of Siwon's cool height that gives of a pleasing charisma. 
"He's tall!" or "What a height! Is he a student here??" was all the girls commented as he passed them all.
He then stopped when two guys approached his way, trying not to block them.
"Well, if it isn't a new face. You are?" one of the guys asked, assessing Siwon.
He too was tall, is wearing a cautious look, and looks pretty normal except for his uniform with a certain badge that has S.C. initials on it.  He was with another guy, maybe inches smaller than him.
"Siwon. I'll be transferring here." He introduced as he reached his right hand out. 'Transferring? What am I saying?'
They shook hands, uncertain if Siwon's being welcomed.
"You're tall!!" the smaller guy exclaimed as he added gestures. 
"Enough of it." the other guy cut in.
"Maybe I'll give you a tour around Mr.?" 
"Choi. Choi Siwon." He hasn't took notice that those two guys didn't even introduce themselves.
And so, the three of them headed towards the Music Building. Looks like these two guys were pretty proud of their music installment in this school. 
Students were everywhere, some are getting ready for lunch while the others are preparing for their music practices. Girls' attention were the ones caught by the three's presence.  Some were even pointing at them unnecessarily.
"It's Zhoumi oppa!" one girl squeaked.
Zhoumi, who apparently heard it, winked at her, which left the girl speechless.
The others started calling out as well. Zhoumi is the self proclaimed school's idol after all. 
"Henry oppa!" another called out delightedly.
He smiled and replied a simple wave and resulted to the cherry red cheeks of the girls.
They kept on walking along the corridor, Siwon now getting more and more attention. 
'So this taller guy is Zhoumi and that short guy, must be Henry, of course.' Siwon thought just when a girl broke his thoughts, pointing him out.
"Look! Is he a newbie?? He's so tall! And he looks handsome too!" She announced boldly.
"Is he a new student council member? I haven't seen him yet." Others asked Zhoumi. 
"No, no, we were just-"
He was cut in by a sudden echoes of 'Omona!', which, almost made him happy except for the fact that the screams weren't exactly for him. 
He turned to see who stole his spotlight only to find three GOOD looking guys and a maiden. A pretty and bubbly maiden which embarrassingly made Zhoumi's jaw drop. 
Seconds, and Zhoumi managed to get back to his senses.
"Okay, cut it out!" he yelled, making the girls stood still in horror. He rarely shouts, and when he does you have to stop whatever you're currently doing. 
"Siwon, having friends already huh?" one of the guys exclaimed sarcastically. Students kept on murmuring things, staring at those new faces.

*age note: All the guardians are of the same age except for Leeteuk and Heechul whose age is older.

"Annyeong! So, you're Siwon's buddies??" 
"Stop it Henry. I suppose you'd like to introduce yourselves, as we, the student council members would like to welcome you." Zhoumi supposed, looking intently at one of them straight in the eye.
"Hello~! I'm Lee Donghae!" one of them introduced smiling widely.
Another smiled sweetly. "I'm Kim Kibum." Girls were obviously blushing.
"Lee Sungmin here~!" a guy in pink, winked. All the girls went mushy over his cuteness.
"And my name's Lee Sunny~!" the bubbly girl in pink dress introduced.
Zhoumi was totally drawn.
"H-Hi Sunny," he managed to utter, unconscious of his dreamy smile.
"Hello~" she greeted back.
"Get a grip hyung!" Henry called, pointing into something that cracked Zhoumi's thoughts.
Sunny is cute, yes; she seems to be friendly, yes; she looks like a live doll, yes; and she was holding on to Sungmin's left arm, ye--EH?!
Looking a bit disappointed, Zhoumi turned to look at the last guy, that one with a boastful look.
"And you are??" 
"Oh I forgot to introduce myself. Name's Kyuhyun." He grinned.
'What's with the dominating aura?' Zhoumi thought, looking cautiously at Kyuhyun.
Their presence is undeniably conspicuous, murmurs kept on coming until those student council members and the new faces were being completely surrounded. 
It looked like some huge celebrity is there. That is, until they heard a sudden yelling from someone afar. 
"Hi there beautiful ladies~!" He greeted over confidently.
They turned to him and saw this guy wearing a black coat, hair neatly fixed, is holding a few notebooks and is flashing a smile towards them. With him is another guy, a guy in casual get up, blue shirt and khaki pants.
Kibum looked away in embarrassment. 'I knew it.' 
"Heechul hyung! Where have you been??" Donghae asked, only to find out that everyone's been staring at them.
"Oh...right...he's with us," he continued, feeling a bit flushed while faking a smile.
"Cut it out oppa!" Sunny mumbled, spanking Heechul lightly on his chest.  
Now they've caused quite a commotion and she didn't want to add more.
"Sunkyu!" Heechul yelled as she hugged the girl; thinking that Sunny's anger might have subsided already.
"Aish." she mumbled in dismay, breaking away from Heechul's hug.
"Sunkyu??" Zhoumi inquired, looking more and more puzzled.
Heechul has completely forgotten how Sunny hates  it to be called by her real name.
"Nothing! By the way, these two are our companions, Hangeng and Heechul hyung." Sungmin interrupted introducing who is who. He was making a clear effort to cover up on Sunny's real name.
Another set of "Omona's" were heard and playful Heechul winked at them only to make the uproar louder.
"Stop it hyung." Hangeng break in.
"But-" Heechul started but was cut short by a girl's voice. "No blocking the corridor guys!" 
She was also a student council member judging from the badge which apparently is on Zhoumi and Henry's uniforms as well.
"She's...pretty.." Donghae unconsciously whispered, not knowing that despite the low volume, the girl still heard him. She glanced at him. "Thank you." 
Donghae felt his cheeks redden.
"By the way, Zhoumi and Henry, we'll be having an urgent meeting right now. I'll need your full cooperation," She announced looking away from Donghae.

A few minutes later and everything's back to normal again. The disclosure of the commotion is processed. :)
"Heechul songsaenim...hah! Isn't that great??" Heechul pronounced feeling highly of himself.
He kept on fixing his newly bought necktie. Sungmin gulped, thinking it wasn't what he feared of. Sunny was in a state of astonishment. 'Am I hearing right??'
"Songsaenim? Don't tell me-?" Sungmin had to start.
"I told hyung not to apply but..." Hangeng continued. It has been a hopeless attempt.
"Oh come on men! What's wrong with being a teacher??" Even I wanted to try being one!"He protested, smiling widely at them.
"I hope you'll not mess this up oppa." Sunny then exclaimed getting a grip on the idea, dragging Sungmin away even before Heechul can reply.
Heechul pouted in frustration.
"Guess Sunny's still mad at you hyung." Kibum stated adding salt to Heechul's wounds.
"That's very encouraging Kibum." He said sulking, looking down.
Donghae patted him, trying to cheer him up. "Okay, enough hyung. Nobody would want a songsaenim like that!" 
"Uhh mind if I wander around?" Kyuhyun interrupted.
"Sure maknae." Heechul agreed gesturing a 'go,go' signal.

At some other place, maybe at the school garden, "Haven't forgiven hyung yet?" 
"Maybe. Oppa's just too playful, I'm worried that he might end up being severely punished. " She confessed thinking about the worst case scenario.
"Nah, I don't think so. You know how the elders couldn't stand his ego and about that thing too. " Sungmin explained, assuring her.
"Just don't worry about those things. Hyung may be, yeah, a little playful at times but he can be dead serious about things. At the crucial moments especially," He added as he smiled at her.
"Thanks a lot Minnie~!" She grabbed him and gave him a big hug, which, resulted to Sungmin's flustered face. He merely looked at the side, trying to hide it.

~ + ~

"Where the heck am I anyway?" Kyuhyun muttered in dismay, strolling unknowingly at the campus.
"Looks like you're lost."
A woman with fair complexion appeared behind him.
"Well, at the very least, it doesn't concern you," He stated sounding really obnoxious.
There goes the arrogant maknae again, earning as many enemies as he can.

END of chapter IV


Heenim oppa!
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