Wednesday, December 1, 2010

dang.tests.tests.and more tests.

Having four exams tomorrow (not including the college entrance exam for EAC) is way too easy!!
Heh!who am I kidding?! of course it isn't.
English, Physics, Calculus and Environmental Science..the power four! XD 
It's probably the doom's day tomorrow and add on it our weekly CAT havoc! :))
Yet, here I am, seriously focused on the computer..haha..foolish it is..
Spending too much time on Calculus is pretty useless, I've reviewed English already since it was supposed to be administered today and as for Envi..I guess I was just being lazy..Oh and Physics; maybe I'll study it later.. XD
but, at this point of time...I have no intention to study at all..

I can't do that. It's like fighting for a war without armors and weapons.
So, as usual, here I am multi tasking my studies and my addiction.. :))
hope I'll pass tomorrows exams..
wish me luck guys!

- karin - :P

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