Wednesday, December 22, 2010

happy holiday guys!! [part 1]


Christmas is just around the corner!!!! *~* :D

And to celebrate the first holiday season of my blog,  I'd like to give THANKS for everyone who viewed, left comments and enjoyed my blog for this year.. yay! super thanks guys!!
I'd also like to take this opportunity to give thanks for all those people who patiently bear with my childishness and selfishness as this year ends... Be it my supportive family, my reliable friends, my Einstein family and so on so forth... ^^
I may not have been the most blessed person this year, but I have plenty of things to be thankful for...and countless persons aside from God to thank... 
Guess I'll start with GOD...
whew..I don't know what to say...just having created me and my wonderful family is a blessing what more is you have kept them together up to this day...( tma ba ang grammar?? XD) I'd say I'm more than thankful for staying nice to us and for continuously guarding us, keeping my family safe and sound...for my friends too who have been there every moment of my life and has almost know me inside out...thank you..thank you so much~!!!!!!!! :) everything's highly appreciated.... love you GOD!!!! ^^

then here goes for my family.. :)
Mom or ma as I usually call you, thanks for being there for us as always.. For bearing and patiently hearing me out for the past sixteen years, for letting me enjoy my ongoing youth, for giving me things beyond needed, for overlooking my mistakes in life, for teaching me life's lessons, and for letting me and the rest of the gang feel the purest love..(sabi nga ni Mitch Albom, "And I realized when you look at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know." oha... XD
I'll always treasure every single moment I'll spend with you..thanks for all the hardwork..I love you and Merry Christmas Ma~!! ^^

Dad, you may not be the perfect dad but you've always tried your best at everything, which is really admirable. You know how I've always complaint on things or how stubborn I can be, but that doesn't mean that I don't respect you or love you.. It may not seem like it, but we really, really treasure you and even though its not been obvious, what you keep on reminding us will always be with us...I hope that you'll have more patience for the upcoming new year ahead of us.... nevertheless, thank you for making our family feel secured as always, for cooking the most delicious foods there is, for disciplining us when needed and for being the tough guy (but tender inside) we've always known..we Love you!! Merry Christmas!!

Guio and Waks, I hope that you'll get to be more mature as another year approaches.
You've had your own accomplishments and I've been proud to be your sister..kahit di halata.. XD if the world's against you, then I'll have the universe go hand in hand with me..for back up ba.. XD anyway, thanks for the favors, and all... lessen the pasaway behavior ah...take you! (nye... XD) Merry Christmas!!

and for baby Gianelle..Gian!!!!! Ate's here!! weeee.... :D hope you'll grow up to be a down to earth, honest and respected person..I'll be watching over you as always...keep smiling and good things will be yours!! We love you!!!!! Merry Christmas!!! :)

me and my blessed family.. :)
~~ + ~~

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