Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Christmas from the fantastic world of anime!

Here goes the anime world to give us their greetings as well!!
Enjoy guys!

From the strong to feeling strong characters of BLEACH!! :D

From the cute and lovely characters of Kimi ni Todoke~!!

Fr: yours truly, Sawako-chan and Kazehaya-kun!

Fr: the nerve cracking geniuses of Prince of Tennis!

Fr: the wacky and entertaining characters of Ouran High School Host Club!!!!

Fr: the never ending characters of Metantei Conan!

Fr: the magical world of Gakuen Alice!

Fr: the noisy and naughty characters of Haruhi Suzumiya!! (MOHS)

Fr: the ninjas of all time!!!! :D

gain, hope the hardcore otaku's (and even the passerby's ^^v) out there enjoyed this post!!!! :D

and credits for those who made some of this posts fan arts!! ^^


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