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my 2nd fanfic chapter III

III. Farewell day One

He bumped trash cans, and even scared street children away; when he felt the sudden urge of tiresome, he rested his head on what seemed like a woman's shoulder. His mind was getting blurry after all. 
"Woah!" He backed off a little after a gun was suddenly pointed on the tip of his forehead.
"Yeah, that's right, back off!" 

"Alright! Alright! Wait. Who the hell are you anyway?!" he questioned a bit enraged.
He was quite unaware of the person and was surprised to see a pretty lady in front of him. And apparently, that pretty lady was the one holding the gun. She was wearing a police uniform or some sort of.
"Chief superintendent Park." she introduced lifting up her license. 
"Oohh.." he can't think straight, her vision is a bit blurry as well, and her eyes seemed hidden under her cap. Still, she seemed pretty for him anyway. She was about to handcuff him when Hangeng and Kangin appeared. It took hours before they spotted their soon to be a prisoner hyung. 
"Wait! He's with us!" Hangeng inquired, stopping the girl.
"So you're his drinking buddies..?" she studied their faces, looking suspiciously at them.
"Well, not at the moment." Kangin blurted, surprising the girl.
She raised an eyebrow.
"He's just kidding! Believe me..hyung's just..." Hangeng explained, finding a word to complete his sentence.
"You see, our hyung's in the state of emotional trauma..broken families, unwanted child and know.." Kangin covered up. It has to be a lie. Heechul didn't have a family to begin with. Well, a biological family that is. 
Hangeng seemed to get the idea and looked at the girl trying to win her sympathy.
Apparently, the idea clicked and the girl let go of Heechul's hands then left them with a cautious look.
"Oh if it isn't Hangeng! What's gotten you guys here??" he asked unknowingly. He just noticed his presence.
Hangeng answered with a smack. He smacked him real hard on the face.
'Woah!" kangin thought, backing off a little in case Heechul turned & become the 'devil Heechul' everyone feared of.
The three of them went silent.
'That..." Heechul started, looking straight at Hangeng.
"That was awesome! Your punch pulled me back to my senses! But you overdid it, look, one of my molars is bleeding. " He continued touching the sides of his mouth. Laughing at himself for being so incapable.
"Sorry 'bout that. " Hangeng uttered, feeling a bit guilty.
"Nah, I'd rather have a bleeding molar than a blasted brain!" He laughed it off, patting Hangeng's back.
"Hyung..." Kangin interrupted.
"You have a brain??" he mocked. The usual arrogant Kangin indeed.

"You scared me hyung. I thought you'd turn, you know, evil." Kangin then labeled, gesturing that they should head back now.
Gladly, Heechul's now back to normal. Or maybe the old same insane Heechul.
They all returned safely, that is, except for Heechul's injured molar; which, fortunately, is not bleeding anymore.
"What happened  huh Heechul??" Leeteuk questioned, sounding a bit disappointed.
"Let me heal hyung." Kibum suggested humbly.
"No. Heechul's at fault. He doesn't deserve your healing oppa." Sunny interjected seriously. It's the first time she called someone older than her by their first name. She sounded really disappointed and irritated.
"Oh Sunny, I'm sorry. Alright, how about I sing you a lullaby?" he tried, looking apologetically.
She glared at him and looked away. Heechul sat at the floor, sulking. 
"Excuse her hyung. She was just worried about you, acting a bit rash and all." Sungmin covered up for her.
"Maybe I'll go comfort Sunny." Kyuhyun intervened, smiling deviously as always.
"Stop it Kyu. You wouldn't want Sungmin to practice his Chinese martial arts on you." Donghae warned, having seen just a bit of Sungmin's 'scary' martial arts.
Leeteuk then heard Heechul's story out. He apologized and everyone forgave him; there's no point in arguing with it after all. That is, except for Sunny who was in her, with her and sungmin's room rather, alone. 
'Why can't he be more careful??' She thought, slouching at her bed.

Their first day ended just like that, a fine, no, not really that fine, but bearable enough. Everyone hoping for a more cautious and wise actions from each of them after what had happened. And so, night crawled up and             enveloped the sky, making all visible things looked pitch black.

The next morning, Ryeowook was the first to wake and is busy preparing breakfast already; that is, except for Leeteuk, the gang leader, who looked as if he has finished exercising already. Seeing the busy Ryeowook, he hanged his towel on the living room's couch and walked straight into the kitchen to help Ryeowook out. 

After having their huge breakfast, which is indeed huge since Ryeowook was in charge of cooking; he has this tendency to cook 'too many' as it's his very own forte. Apparently, he enjoys it quite too much. :)
From then, everyone went on their ways. Leeteuk as the home nurse, and the rest, just somewhere else scattered. 
Kangin who still have nowhere to go, decided to tag along with Eunhyuk by the school where Eunhyuk got to join the dance troop.
"You really joined the dance troop huh?" Kangin mentioned.
"Well, there wasn't any rule about not to join one." He ascertained smiling really pleased with the idea.
Kangin smiled back. 
They were halfay down the corridor when Kangin decided to part ways.
"I'll see you later then, monkey boy." Kangin ended with a mock.
Few minutes later when Kangin was walking through the hallway, he noticed a certain girl. He estimated that she probably is 170cm tall, and is pretty wearing the school uniform, hair in ponytail and looks as if she's quite in a hurry. Which is maybe why she didn't notice the glass wall she was about to bump.
Kangin wanted to warn her but was unfortuantely late.
She almsot fell; but thanked God Kangin has the ability of speed that at one run he catches the girl just in time. 

~~~ END of Chapter III ~~~

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