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2nd fanfic part 5

V. Another day at SM University

"Where the heck am I anyway?" Kyuhyun muttered in dismay, strolling unknowingly at the campus.
"Looks like you're lost."
A woman with fair complexion appeared behind him. She was a student okay, but she didn't look very welcoming which wasn't a very good expression. 
"Well, at the very least, it doesn't concern you," He stated, sounding really obnoxious.
There goes the arrogant maknae again, earning as many enemies as he can.
She sneered, "But, yeah, you're stepping on my territory."  
"Really? I'm sorry, wasn't aware that this outlandish place is of your property," He fired back, sounding as if the place's a mess.
She clenched her fists.
"Alright new guy, better back off before I call a back up." She sounded irritated by now.
He, on the other hand left her with a smirk, not really looking afraid or anything the like, which pissed the girl more.

He continued walking along the school grounds when a girl, maybe his age, came rushing on the same direction as his. Apparently, she was going so fast that she haven't had the slightest clue that she was going to bump straight on Kyuhyun, one of the nicest guardian ever existed.

"Apa..."  She fell right on top of Kyuhyun.
"I-I-I'" She stuttered embarrassingly. Upon apologizing, she abruptly stood up and got her scattered books as fast as she can. 
'Her thoughts are just as scattered as her books. I can't read her.' He handed her some of her books. Kyuhyun doesn't seem mad at all, which is weird. He was just staring at her as she dashed somewhere out of his sight. Seconds, and she's already gone. No sign of her or whatsoever. 


"Alright, guess I'll be going lads." 
"Hyung." Kibum started and Heechul knew exactly what he was thinking.
"I know, I know. No fooling around, no flirting with the students, no bad words, or anything I normally do." Heechul enumerated, listing all his known bad habits. Donghae giggled; hearing it from Heechul himself is quite funny after all.
"Just keep that in mind hyung," Hangeng reminded.
"Araso. See you guys later then!" He waded happily and unbelievably enthusiastic.
The remaining guys looked at each other.
"What now?" Hangeng asked accordingly.
"I'm checking out their dance troop! Heard Hyukie was already a member." Donghae exclaimed excitedly.

Siwon mentioned something about going with Shindong an the others before finally  leaving the three of them. Donghae came next to him, figuring out where the dance troop room is located.

"Where are the others anyway?" Kibum then asked.
"Heard they're having lunch at the school's cafeteria." Hangeng inquired, hearing from Siwon a minute ago. 
"So are you going with them or not?" 
"I'll pass. Just ring me if everyone's going to meet up...I might as well take a little walk by myself." He smiled.
"Alright. See you later then."

And they parted ways. Kibum who was being followed by a dozen of newly fan girls didn't seem to mind it at all.


Inside one of the classrooms stood the energetic and newly recruited professor. "Annyeong Haseyo!!" He greeted, which caused quite of a ruckus. Girls were all drawn at his weird but interesting charisma.

"Songsaenim!!!! Can you possibly tell us about your first love?????" They all squealed in. Well, the girls, that is. 
"Eh? Wae?" 
"We wanted to get to know you!" They said in agreement.
"Oh? Is that so? Well..."
The boys stared at him in disbelief. How can he, a teacher, play with the girls flirting?
"Since I haven't introduced myself yet, I'm Kim Heechul, you're new professor." He winked.
"Omo!!" another squealing again. The guys are getting irritated by now.
The girls went silent, looking really excited anticipating his story.
"And I have no intention of telling you about my first love." He ended sternly.
'No messing up Heechul, no messing up.'
"EH??!!" They uttered in disappointment. The guys, on the other hand sighed in relief.

Good thing the room is air conditioned & closed cause if it wasn't, the screams might've reached the counselor's office. And that, by the way, wasn't a very good idea.

"Okay, open your books on page..."

~ gloomy atmosphere ~ 

"By the way, who's the class rep?" He was basically ignoring the unwanted atmosphere.
"Her." a guy pointed the girl at the back.

One of those who kept silent while Heechul was pretty much like playing with the other girls. She has this very kind and humble face. 'She looks like an angel...    Oh cut it out Heechul!'

"Oh miss representative, I'd like you to stay after class and help me in something. School related," He instructed and accidentally winked at her, which made the silent girl blush. Heechul can't really seem to control his womanizer habits. Other girls glared at her in jealousy. Apparently, there's this one girl who didn't look jealous nor pleased.
'What a dullard,' was what came in her.

~ + ~

"Hyukie!" Donghae called, catching everyone's attention.

He came out of nowhere, suddenly barging in the dance troop room. Everyone stared at him unknowingly. The club was about to have their daily club assembly too.

"What? Are you a new member?" someone approached them. He didn't seem to like Donghae's presence though.
" yet?" He smiled. Okay, that wasn't very smug of him aye? No. Members  of the club were, at that moment, glaring at him.
"Prove it then." A girl, who seems to be the club's president, interrupted.
"And why don't you join him monkey boy? He seems to be an acquaintance of yours after all," She added, makin' quite a fool out of Eunhyuk.
'She's abnormally nice! Bet she was awarded the most humble an inexistent world!' Donghae looked at Eunhyuk. They were talking mentally.
'I second emotion.' Good thing they didn't burst into laughter, at least not in front of the 'humblest person'.

# Bonamana #

And for the second time around, all the members including the leader herself was dumbfounded.
"Tss," was all their president uttered. She was pretty annoyed of course.

“Alright, you’re in.  Oh by the way, rule number 1: Strictly no latecomers allowed. If violated, severe punishment awaits you.” She turned to look at those two new guys. Other members chuckled.

“That’s…strict..” he uttered, trying not to sound smug or something.
“Sayin’ something newbie?”
“Ah, no, no. I mean nothing.”
“Good.” She turned to look at the others who were quite nervous at the moment and call their club meeting off.

Donghae merely gulped.

‘Up to what point is her ‘severe’ under?’ He thought, looking at Sooyoung as if she’s some kind of an exact visual demonstration of terror.

‘Dunno. And have, under any circumstances, no intentions of knowing.’ Here they go again, speaking up mentally.                                                                                                                                                                                         

Minutes later and club assembly was adjourned. Everyone got their sports bag and grabbed a drink by the school cafeteria; some on the other hand, preferred to seal their thirst through the drinking fountain, a few more walks away from the Dance troop room. Donghae and Eunhyuk decided to sit by the grassy area somewhere near their club room. They seemed to like it better without any ‘normal’ accompanies, afraid that they might blurt out something about the guardian thing.

“She’s frightening. Did you just see her demonic eyes??” Donghae shriveled, brushing off Sooyoung’s image in his mind.
“Yeah, absolutely. That's Sooyoung for .you” Eunhyuk couldn’t agree more. He handed Hae a bottle of mineral water.
“So, where are the others anyway?”
“Scattered within the school premises, I guess. Oh and you wouldn’t believe it, Heechul hyung has been accepted as a prof. here!” He laughed at the very idea, as if it’s a joking matter.

That’s how things turned out; Heechul became a professor; Leeteuk a home nurse and the rest; new students of SM University. Apparently, all of them enrolled on the same university though under a variety of sections. What they don’t know is, there, along those different four walled classrooms, awaits a combination of mixed feelings, rivalry, and lessons in life that is worthwhile learning.

“But hey, will hyung be okay?” Eunhyuk suddenly asked after making fun of the idea as well.
“Well, let’s hope for the best.”

~ + ~

“Okay class we will be having a new student!”
No one seemed to care about it though.
“Come in please,” their professor continued.
As the new student came, several of the students’ attention was now caught. It’s been quite a while since they had a new student, so technically, they were, or maybe half of the class, was looking forward to meeting this newbie. A young, foreign man with fair complexion came in. 

“Introduce yourself please,” their prof. gave instructions.
He smiled warmly. “I’m Hangeng.”

The girls, it appears that, were swoon over his pleasant looking fa├žade. They exchanged looks of interest and concern. His smile is just so pure that any girl would gladly open up to him regardless of the span of time spent with him.

“As for your seat, hmmm…let’s see…” the professor looked around, spotting a blank seat.
“Bingo! There. You may seat there,” she pointed.

Hangeng made his way through the luxurious, wooden chairs and tried to smile at everyone he passes. He wanted to look nice and friendly; surely, his smiling was a very good and convincing start.
Seconds and he was already seated. He turned to look at his seatmate and greeted, “Annyeong.” She barely looked at him. ‘Wow. That was welcoming.’

Class started and after a few literary readings, Hangeng seemed to notice that his seatmate has been murmuring things; he can’t hear it clearly though. “Is there something wrong?” He asked, leaning a bit closer to her.
She looked at him then averted her eyes back at the book. No answer at all. ‘Is this kind of conversation some sort of a trend?’ Hangeng suddenly felt awkward.

Out of the blue, the room’s transparent automatic door opened. A young man, sweaty and panting, came in. He was a bit small, or maybe he just looked small in nature. He has this short but messy hair with bangs which covered almost half of his face.

“Yesung??” Hangeng looked surprised.
“Geng!” he yelled, unnoticing that everyone in class has been staring at him.
“Oh mianhamnida,” he uttered as he bowed in embarrassment.
“Okay, Mr.?”
“Kim Jongwoon, otherwise known as Yesung.” He tried to smile which in turn only let out a silly vibe of him.
“Okay Mr. Jongwoon, kindly come in and have a seat if you are well aware that this is classroom 209,” she instructed.
“Yes, indeed. 209 got it,” he assured, taking out a payment receipt from the university’s cashier.

Yesung was seated next to some guy just in front of Hangeng’s pretty, or as Hangeng described, peculiar seatmate. He arranged his books and placed the literature one on top as it was the book being currently used. A few minutes later and the bell rang; end of classes. Okay, that was pretty damn fast.

~ + ~

“At the teacher’s lounge later okay?” Heechul reminded as he approached the representative before going on outside.
“Have any snacks left?” he asked untimingly. How could she have one? Isn’t it already time to go home?
“None sir. I-I’m sorry.” She bowed, thinking that she had to have anything to eat or something.
“Alrighty then! I’ll treat you instead!” he remarked happily. ‘This isn’t flirting, is it? Well duh, I was just treating my good class rep!’
“Oh..okay..” she mumbled. She was a little surprised at the idea.
“Hey! You’re pretty timid are you?? Stop being so stiff!” He advised before actually leaving his desk, patting her at the back. He waded smiling. She bowed and was about to leave the room.

Seconds, and Heechul was already gone, all that’s left is the class representative and some other girls from the same class. “You there!” One of the girls yelled. They didn't seem to invite her for a little chit chat though. The class rep. turned around only to be pushed on the ground. She was taken aback by the sudden violence but got nothing against them since they were too many. Surely, all those girls were just freakin’ jealous of her, getting all the attention from their new & cool professor. They insisted that she was actually flirting and or slash seducing their new prof. thus; kept on kicking her abrasively until her forehead gets to bleed. The girls seemed to be more than satisfied as they left her all alone, hopeless and with a bleeding forehead.

She was about to stand up when someone handed her a clean handkerchief. She felt embarrassed that she only bowed down in gratefulness and thanked the person. Although she didn’t really get a good of view of her rescuer, the person seems to be a guy based on the texture of his hand. The guy then knelt and got the hanky instead to wipe her bleeding wound. He patted her head and murmured, “Its okay…”

~ END of Chapter V ~
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