Thursday, December 2, 2010

tanjoubi omedetou eagle-chan~!! ^_^

Greetings to my 'annoying but likable friend' M.C. a.k.a Eagle-chan!!

guess who?? XD
course its the birthday celebrant in her witch feel outfit! ^^v

Dear live representation of anime, (yeah, it's you I'm talkin about M.C.!)
you've gotten a year older, are you considering on thinking more mature now?? 

guess not. XD
well, you're better of that way. It's your distinct quality after all; to annoy and pester everyone around you.. :))
anyhow, hope you got to enjoy you're day, your tiring, tests packed day, student teacher! ^^
don't sabotage you're future students 'kay?? XD
And as always, I'll be here by your side ready to lend you a shoulder to cry on and  to give you a back up if ever! :))
...... ^^
okay, I won't make it long in writing you a letter after all. :)
again, Happy 16th birthday friend!
Itsumo ni ki o tuskete ne~!!
Love yah!

- IEL :P


Anonymous said...

UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! THANK YOU IEL!!!!!!! Love ya! Aishiteru yo!!! Saranghae yo!!! Mahal kita!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! XDDDDD


dainieru., said...

^^V all languages.. XD
doo itashimashite!
ikaw p..lkas ka skin eh! :D

재즈 리 said...

Nice, may pic ni MC ah!

dainieru., said...

opkors! :))
cea me bday eh.......alangan nmang pic ko?? XD
'menchang' b un???? :))