Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Loverholic, Robotronic!! :D

my latest fandom~!

oh how time flies when I'm busy watching videos of kpop artists!! (and jpop too, of course!) :D
You see, I've spent almost five hours searching and browsing for SHINee's (my latest addiction! XD) MV's, random vids (the cute ones!) and anything related to them.
Well, apparently, I've been trapped in Key umma's adorable world!! haha..and taemin oppa's uber cuteness too! They're just so adorable. I mean, how could you not love them???? XD
Oh I actually fell in love with Key after watching him in Lucifer! haha.. I didn't like him that much before not until this short part (that part where the voice of Onew is heard) of him in Lucifer where he stares at you then smiles....uwaaa...^^V
And there's this video where SHINee is having a live performance of Lucifer and Taemin did a good act of fanservice in there; almost kissing umma! XD The surprised Key then laughs it out and can barely dance because of it!!!! XD 

anyway, let me just post photos of them in here!! 
*credits to those websites where I got these..sorry just can't remember every single site...

SHINee photos~!!!!!!  :) ^3^

our adorable umma! :D

SHINee with our Leeteuk and Eunhyuk oppa!! ^^

Oh lucky Min Hyorin..(she's that girl by the way..)

maknae Taeminnie~!

flaming charisma minho.. :)

is this really key umma??

yeah!! Lucifer Holic!! XD
shock..it's already 1:30am..'kay better sleep now...g'nyt!!


재즈 리 said...

nice2. But remember, TAEMIN is mine. Only mine.

dainieru., said...

oh come on twin..haven't we talked about it before?
Sharing isn't bad... :)

anyway, thanks for the comment! ^^