Thursday, December 9, 2010

getting a bit depressed.

Hi there.
It's been days since I've last posted in here.
and being back doesn't necessarily mean I'm into a good mood or anything synonymous with that.
Well, I'm not in a bad mood either. Maybe, in betweens.
Anyway, I've recently been preoccupied with the fact that I'm feeling miserably hopeless, pretty useless, and incompetent. Here I go again. self pitying myself.
Well, I just can't help it. We just can't help it.We, the leftover guys, can't help it. (well, maybe not all of them...)
I'm not blaming anyone of this and I mean it. I just freakingly hate myself for being so incapable of things that I ended up with this totally unwanted scenario.
Seeing the looks from my batch mates from the other sections, and even from the younger years, I can't help but feel utterly embarrassed and frustrated. It's been obvious that they're looking, and some even staring, just because of that event/tradition or whatever our school calls it. Just because some of us, the so called EINSTEIN students, were left and ugghh..enough!
sorry. I just wanted to share my feelings in here so badly. You know how we just can't keep feelings like these bottled up inside us....especially for me. I might broke myself down.

anyhow, to ease myself a bit, I've thought of sticking a photo of Ryo-tan in here. :)

cool as always. ^^

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