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part 5? tma b?? hehe..

~ CONT... ~

"Good thing you're alright." Donghae mentioned, then he added, "I won't probably know what to do when something like that happens to you Faye!"
"Eh?" Faye wondered.
[School bell rings!!]
"Time to eat!" Sungmin yelled excitedly.
"Hey don't shout." I reprimanded.
"We'll buy you a food, so stay here for a while. We'll buy some for you too Ryeo.." I added.
"Thanks! Oh and Ryeowook no need to stay here for me, I'll be fine." Yuki said assuring Ryeowook.
"It's fine, I'll stay." he answered which seems to surprised Yuki.
We all left, and we're kinda I said, the weather's a bit gloomy, maybe it affected our moods or whatever..
"Oh yeah, guys!" faye suddenly exclaimed.
"Hm?" we wondered.
"I was just wondering if you're free after class??" she asked.
"I have nothing in particular to do so let me in." I assumed.
"Guess I'll have to join too!" Sungmin proclaimed.
"No need to force yourself you know." I said facing Sungmin.
"Nah, I want to see the ojou's mansion personally. Haha!" he said laughing.
"Oh it's not a mansion, really..." she denied.
"So you're going too?" Sungmin asked Donghae.
Faye was feeling dissapointed thinking that Donghae might not come with them.
"Yeah, I'll come." he then ended.
'Whew. Eh? what am I thinking??' Faye thought all flustered.
Back at the clinic..
"Hey, you sure you're okay?" Yuki asked Ryeowook again.
" need to worry about me, just focus on getting your slight wounds healed." he replied smiling.
"Oh alright."

After I brought Yuki and Ryeowook's foods, I went straight to the school's rooftop..I hardly go there though, I just felt like going there this time..
Guess what? there's something bothering me..yeah..maybe I need some advice or the like..
"Ichinomiya-san? (my surname) It's quite a rare view seeing you here..what's wrong?"
"Nothing, please call me Karin instead, it's way shorter." 
"Alright then, Karin, is there something bothering you?" he asked again.
'What is he thinking?'
"Nothing in particular.." I excused..
"I don't think so..oh well, if ever there's something I can do for you, then please do tell me.." he ended smiling gently at me.
"Arigatou.." I thanked.
'he's really nice...'
"KARIN!!!" a noisy familiar voice from the stairs yelled.
'It was him after all..'
"Karin! What were you and sensei doing?! That's illegal!" Sungmin questioned almost out of breath.
"Huh? Stop your dirty imaginations. I just happen to see him here, that' all."
"Oh is that so? Hehe."
"Whatever, so  what brought you here?" I asked.
"I was searchin for ya! Literature class will begin in a minute." he reminded.
"Oh right.."

After class, at the school's main gate, "So will Yuki and Ryeowook join us?" Donghae asked.
"Mm.." I answered.
"Sorry for the wait guys.." Yuki mentioned upon appearing just in time, she's with usual..:D
The luxurious limo then appeared and the butler, Heechul, got outside.

"Heechul oppa they'll be going with the condo." Faye told Heechul.

"I understand, then I'll serve the best tea for them. You may get inside the car now." he said opening the door.
Faye got inside first then Donghae, followed by me and Sungmin and then Yuki and Ryeowook. When Yuki was on the brink of getting inside, Heechul smiled at her again. Ryeowook who noticed it, glared at the butler when it was his turn to ride.
'Oh so it's like that huh?' Heechul thought smiling deviously.

At the Choi residence..
"Woah! This in one huge condo you have here!" Yuki admitted astonished.
"Oh no, no.." was all Faye can answer.

While inside Faye's room, Ryeowook suddenly approached the bedroom owner. "Hey, what exactly is your relation with that butler?" he asked suspiciously.
"He's like an older brother to me.." 
"Oh, then will you please tell you're butler slash older brother like to stop looking suspiciously at Yuki?" he said in a very serious tone.
"Oh I'm sorry, he's just like that. Okay, I'll tell him then."
"What were you two talking about?" Yuki asked him.

Yuki felt kind of distant but she knew that asking him repeatedly would not result in anything good.
But, like before, we again had a great time. We enjoyed each others presence cause that's what's important after all.
"Guys, I'm planning to go to the mall this weekend, would you guys wanna tag along?" Sungmin asked while munching on some homemade cookies.
"Yeah, sure." Faye agreed and so as Donghae.
"If Yuki's coming then I'll tag along." Ryeowook stated.
"Alrighty then, I'll go too!" Yuki agreed as well.
"Pass." I said.
"Pass? Not allowed!" Sungmin protested.
"I already have plans this weekend." 
"It'll be way happier if you'll come!" he insisted.
"He's right, it'll be fun if everyone's present!" Donghae agreed.
"I told you, I already have plans..."

The night grew deeper that everyone decided to call it a day...
Sungmin kept on pestering me to come and I consistently gave the same answer...
At Lee's residence, (Sungmin's surname) he kept on thinking on reasons why I won't come along. He can't come up with any answers though...he ended up not being able to now he's sleep deprived...poor him..
The mall-trip-day came along....and....Sungmin can hardly believe seeing me in the same mall with....

* Is this really Ryeowook?? haha..he's really cute in here!!!!! XD...peace YUKI-chan/MC ^^,v


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I can't resist this cute guy!!!!!! He's way tooo cuuuute!!!

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