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my supposed to be short SuJu fanfic.. *-*

(This was based on my perspective (Karin = my story name, Yuki = for my friend Mc and for Faye, it's just as it is...) unless I included a note somewhere in the story, and well, the setting here is in Japan. Quite contradicting huh? sorry 'bout that.. I just looove Japan, even though I've never set foot on there before..haha) 

<<-- the teacher :D  

 <<-- the mother of the gang.. XD

 <<-- the friendly type..

 <<-- the pink guy.... ^~^

'this is one hell of a love story..I guess?'

"Okay class, settle down!" Hangeng sensei instructed as he stood in front of the class.
'I've been thinkin about it, as Sungmin reported, sensei's actually a native from China, yet he's good in Korean and  speaks as well in Japanese... what a guy.' 

[ silence]

"Okay, today, we'll be having a new transfer student!" he announced happily.
"Sensei isn't a transfer student always new?" Ryeowook asked.
'He always pay too much attention to details...'
"Yeah, I guess." 
"Then why use new and transfer student together?? Isn't it a bit odd??" 
"Well you've got a point in that..haha.. maybe it just sounds good to me.."
"Ryeo-kun not all transfer students are new.." Yuki mentioned patting Ryeowook's shoulder. An Oohh is all Ryeowook answered.
"Oh well, let's just let her in.. oh by the way, she's an American but she grew up in Korea..even so, be nice to her okay?" sensei added.
'What a laid back teacher.. well he's better off that way..'
"O-ohayou..I'm Nathalie..nice to meet you. Hoping to become good friends with all of you." she introduced shyly.
"Faye!!" someone from behind me shouted.
'I knew it, that friendly voice belongs to...'
"Looks like you know someone here already, good for you Nathalie-san! Hmm... let's see, you're seat would be there."  sensei smiled pointing at the seat next to me and just in front of Donghae's. 
"He's my childhood friend." she mentioned.
"Oohhh.." everybody said in unison. 
'Looks like some girls are getting pretty jealous in here..haha.'
She walked past the students gracefully until she stopped by my side. "Hi, I'm Faye nice to meet you!" she smiled.
"Oh okay, likewise." I replied. 'She's graceful, is she an ojou-sama or something?' 
"Yoh! Yuki here!" the girl in front of me suddenly introduced. She's a good friend of mine.
"Here at my right side is Ryeo-kun." she added. "Hello, I'm Ryeowook." 
'He's a good friend of mine too.
"Oh and I'm Sungmin!!" another guy introduced excitedly, he's sitting beside me. 'And him too.'
"Oh and Nathalie-san, you won't really have to worry, you see, we actually have 3 Korean students in this class so..." again said sensei reassuring the new student.
'So Ryeowook and Sungmin are Korean too as I expected.' Faye thought as she sat down.

[break time, START!]       *Start? haha..whatever.. 

"It's been a long time! How have you been?? I mean, where are you living right now?? And what took you here??" Donghae asked, firing multiple questions simultaneously.
"Hold it, you're asking too much..hmm..let's see, I'm just fine as you can see, I'm living in a condo unit not too far away from here and my family went here for some business related things. There. haha," she explained.
They were walking together when Donghae suddenly looked down and become silent.
"Uhmmm, is there something wrong?" she asked, a bit worried.
"Nah, just reminds me of the old days. I'm just really happy to see you again, I missed you after all." he blurted, this time, looking straight at her. 
"Oh I see." she replied, feeling a bit awkward. Not to mention, she's blushing. 
"So, let's go?" he said happily holding her left hand while pulling her on their way to the cafeteria. 
"Oh no, looks like we're late, the cafeteria looks full." he said as they reached the place.
"Oh it's Donghae and the transferee!" Sungmin shouted as he waved his hands, signaling there's free seats on our table. "Her name's Faye, keep that in mind pink guy." I reminded.
"Yoh!!" Yuki greeted.
"Could we sit here?" Nathalie asked shyly.
"Of course, feel free to sit there!" Sungmin replied.

# Tomaranai mirai wo mezashite, yuzurenai negai wo dakishimete.. #

"You're phone Yuki." Ryeowook called out.
"A! right..Moshi moshi! 'Kasan? Eh? mm..Yeah, okay. got it!" she said closing her flip phone. 
"So?" I asked.
"Mom won't be home tonight, meaning, I'll leave the cooking to you again Ryeo.." Yuki pointed out.
"Hai, hai." he agreed without hesitation.
'What was that?are they living together??' the transferee thought.
"Uhmm.." she started, with a confused face.
"Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I don't know how to cook and is not interested to learn either. So, since my nice neighbor Ryeowook is good in cooking, he agreed to cook for me whenever my mom's out." Yuki explained clearing the misunderstanding.
"That's so nice of you!" Faye mentioned.
"Oh thanks." 
"As expected from the mom of the gang!" Sungmin added.
"Yeah, I've heard of it, because of Ryeowook's, uhmm, home skills, I guess, he was labeled the mom of their group." Donghae explained.
(Faye's train of thought: MOM = cute tiny guy??)
"Oh well." I sighed.
"It's decided then! we'll have our dinner at the Ryuuzaki (Yuki's surname) residence!!" Sungmin suddenly proclaimed.
"Eh? iino?" Donghae asked.    *Is it alright?
"Yeah, it's always like that after all whenever Ryeo's cooking for me." Yuki ascertained.

Later, at their room just before lunch break...
"Tsk! I've lost yet another bet from Karin!" a guy shouted in disappointment.
"Haha! So what's the punishment for ya??" another guy asked.
"Am gonna buy her lunch.."
"Poor you, so what do you plan on buying her?"
"Anything. Maybe a sashimi combo or whatever.."
"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Karin doesn't eat sashimi you know." Sungmin suddenly mentioned appearing in front of the guys.
"Oh who cares??"
"If I were you, I'll buy her Domburi instead, or else she'll smack you to death!" he added frightening the guys.
(Sashimi is raw seafood; Domburi is a bowl of cooked rice with some other food put on top of the rice.)
"Okay, okay." the guy agreed as they left for lunch.
"You sure know a lot about Karin do you?" Faye asked Sungmin curiously.
"Not really, we've just been friends for like..hmm..9 years only.." he said casually.
"9 years?!" 
"Haha, that's more than enough Sungmin!" Donghae said barging in with their conversation.
"Really?? HAHAHA!"
"But are you serious about what you said earlier, the one where you said that Karin will smack him to death??"
"Yeah, maybe. Haha, but believe me, she's scary when she gets mad, really scary.." he explained in a frightened manner.
"Ha? You're way scarier than I am when you're totally not in the mood." I said as i opened the door.
'They sure seems so close...' Faye thought as they were all walking toward the cafeteria, for lunch.

~~ okay, this is getting longer than I thought..haha..I'll seperate the continuation of this in another post.. please comment about it!! thanks~!! ~~


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