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Umi chapter 1..yay! XD

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Chapter 1: Her childhood friend?

“A! kyo-kun?” Kana mumbled as a guy at the school grounds bumped her. It was obviously an accident; still the guy could’ve at least apologized. ‘Oh well it doesn’t matter’, she thought. The guy, it looks like someone familiar and she was certain about it. *oh, kyo-kun?
She was in a deep thought.
“Yo! Ohayou!” shouted an upperclassman cracking her thoughts as he passed the students smiling. She was already used to it, Kazuki senpai’s sudden greetings; it was something that earned him many friends and of course, admirers. ‘Well, who wouldn’t be? He was always so cheerful, a nice and laid back guy. Approximately half of the girls here or even more likes him.’
She continued to her classroom, she was included class 2-A.
“Ohayou..” shyly greeted Kana upon seeing her friend Rima. And Rima greeted her as well.
It was no longer than a minute when a guy sitting beside the window caught her attention. ‘Yappari ano otoko’tte Kyo-kun.’ She thought.
*that guy really was Kyo after all
“Nani? Nani? You like that guy??” pestered Rima noticing that her friend was in fact looking at the guy.
“Chigaimasu..tada..tada..ma iiyo..” denied Kana. Rima was about to tease her when their homeroom teacher came in and place the students in their designated seats. Saito, the name of the guy Kana noticed was still sitting by the window and Kana was placed beside him. She felt tensed.
*It’s not like that, it’s just..just..oh nevermind..
“Ohayou seito tachi! Ore wa Yagami Haruna, antatachi no sensei da.” Introduced their teacher. He was in his mid twenties, a man wearing coat and tie but looks like it doesn’t suit him as his facade was quite the tricky type.
*morning students! I’m Yagami Haruna, your homeroom teacher.
“Hmm.. I’ll just remind you of one thing. I don’t care whether you listen to my discussions or not, but the moment I call your name, be sure you know what to answer. If else..”
His students were all nervous except for Saito.
“Nothing! Just thought of making it sound you know, a bit intimidating..” joked Haruna sensei while making quite a face.
‘Mou..what’s with him? Anyway, that guy, I certainly thought it’s Kyo but I guess I was wrong. He’s name is Saito? Maybe I should try asking him if he’s first name is Kyousuke or maybe his second?’ 
It was already break time and students were rushing to the cafeteria fearing loss of seats. There was only Saito, the guy sitting by the window and Kana inside the classroom. A while ago, “Break time! Ne Kana I’ll be going first, okay? I don’t want to end up standing while eating you know, but don’t worry cause I’m saving a seat for you! Ja!”  hurried Rima.
‘So what do I do? Should I approach him? Nah that would just be troublesome, he seems like he’s not into socializing with other people type of guy. But trying won’t hurt right?’ She thought again..
And because she’s in the midst of thinking, she didn’t notice that Saito was out of the room already. She then turned around to talk with him.
“Ano..Sai..eh? He left already? Oh I’m hopeless.” She regretted. She was about to leave the classroom when suddenly their class representative approached her.
“A! Inchou-san! Eto..nan desu ka?” said the surprised Kana.
*oh iinchou..umm..what is it?
“Oh did I scare you? Gomen ne.. I was just wondering if you could bring this to the library, well, only if you’re free.” Asked their president smiling at her.
‘How could I say no? Iinchou hasn’t changed a bit, her smile is still suspicious. I wouldn’t try rejecting her favor, I’m afraid something bad might happen to me ’
“Ootori-san? Dame kana?” again asked their president.
“A iie, wakatta, I’ll bring them to the library this very moment.” Agreed kana without hesitation.
“Arigatou Ootori-san.” Thanked iinchou still smiling.

After doing what Iinchou asked her, Nami, another second year student approached her.
“Ne, Kore shitteru?” asked the student pointing to math problem in her notebook.
*hey, do you know this?
Kana was thinking on how to solve the problem but then again she wasn’t that good in math anyway so how could she possibly answer that. She was about to give up and make herself look dumb when something caught her eyes.
‘Kazu-senpai? What is he doing holding a white board? Wait. Is that a solution? Alright, maybe I should copy it. It’s better than nothing.’ And so Kana wrote the solution her senpai wrote.
“Woah, what a long solution! You’ve help me a lot in that Ootori-chan! As expected from someone in class A! Sankyu!” gratefully thanked Nami.
Meanwhile, Kazu who’s not far away smiled at her and gave her an ‘ok’ gesture.
‘Whew that was close.’ Kana sighed while Kazuki approached her.
“Eto, tasukatta desu yo senpai, arigatou.” Happily thanked Kana.
*Umm, you saved me in there senpai, thanks
“But, how did you know the answer when you didn’t even have the chance to see the question?” questioned Kana in amusement.
“Oh that? I just happen to pass the both of you looking seriously at the question and had a glimpse of it. And then when you look troubled I thought of giving you some help. Glad it was useful!” Kazu answered gladly.
“It was completely helpful! Thanks again!”
“Stop thanking me, it was no big deal. Anyway, it’s your break time too right? Should we head to the cafeteria together?” cheerfully asked Kazu. 
“Oh okay..” she agreed shyly.
While on their way to the cafeteria, Kana felt that all eyes were at her. Some because of jealousy being with Kazu-senpai, some were just plain looking at them while others are even looking with the intent of killing her.
‘This was not a good idea after all. I might end up dead somewhere in campus because of this.’ She nervously thought.
She was really uneasy, and Kazu noticed it.
“Daijobu? A! You hungry already? Don’t worry were almost there.” He assured.
‘This guy doesn’t have a clue on what’s happening at all. The girls were all looking, no, staring at us.’
They were at the cafeteria already but students all around were still looking at them. Rima on the other hand waved her hand while eating, signaling for their seat.
“A Rima. Guess that’s our table.” Kana said still nervous.
“Great. Hmm, can I seat with you two?”
She didn’t know what to answer when Rima suddenly approached them.
“Mochiron!” answered Rima without uncertainty.
*of course!
Now, they were all seated together, and, Rima & Kazu were both happily chatting with each other.
‘Guess that’s Rima for you, she was so friendly that she could chat with everyone normally.
“Gomen ne.” unexpectedly apologized Kazu while looking at Kana.
“Eh?” she said.
“I didn’t intend to make other girls, you know, jealous. Just want to try eating with you two. But I guess people were always jumping to conclusions, don’t worry I’ll tell them that nothing really is going on with us. Quite troublesome isn’t it? But we could be friends are we?” guaranteed and asked Kazu.
“A, hai!” she answered assured.
“Yatta! Rima mo.” Added Kazu smiling. “A! shimatta! Our class has already started; I’ll be going, okay? Thanks for your uhmm..consideration or maybe appreciative approach I guess. Ja!” He wades smiling.
“Nice senpai isn’t he?” concluded Kana.
“Fufufu..you like him right?” teased her friend, Rima.
“Chigaimasu yo. I just had the impression of him that he’s quite the overconfident type before but I guess he’s completely opposite from what I had imagined.” She explained.
“So? Ja suki yo ne??” again pestered her friend.
*Really? So you like him are you?
“Dakara chigaumasu.” Denied Kana.
*I told you, it’s not like that..
“Hai, Hai..” said Rima obviously ignoring her explanations.

It was morning, okay and students were all over the campus, chatting, making noise and the same.
“Ohayou!!!” a loud greeting from someone surprised other students from class 2-A. They were rather surprised upon seeing who it was.

Inoue: who could possibly it?? Well, you’ll find that out in the upcoming chapter of..UMI!! Yomu ni arigatou! (Thanks for reading)
Kazu: chotto ‘tousan.
Inoue: nandai?
Kazu: Dainieru wants me to give a little thanks to someone.
Inoue: Eh? Ii yo wakatta..
Kazu: yosh! (Coughs) for emshi (MC), our art directors who came up with our funky designs, wait, and are that funky?? Oh well, guess I’m good looking in there, so thanks for that Maria-san! Or should I just call you emshi after all? Or maybe Eagle? Anyway, thanks again!
Inoue: any name will do Kazu. The thing is, eto..Maria-san can you explain my appearance?? Seems like people were making fun of my looks, what’s so wrong with being a sushi vendor??? T.T  Oh and I don’t have any partner in the story so please tell a certain someone not to make fun of me having a partner such as the lettering!! Mattaku!
Kazu: hai, hai..’tousan. Lastly, there’s Jazi, our very first fan who’s always looking forward to reading this. Hope you’ll like the first chapter! Oh and our buchou (dainieru) is open for everyone’s suggestions, feel free to share!! Okay that’s all!! Please continue reading Umi!! Sankyu!! ^^,v

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