Friday, May 28, 2010

part 2 of my fanfic....

 ~ continuation..~

A few more hours passed and its already time to go home..
'For some reason, it seems that time flies way faster than before..what the am I thinking? Is my brain still functioning well??'
"Ya, Karin what were you thinking??" Sungmin asked upon seeing me at the gate.
"Nothing, by the way..." I started.
"Would you stop wearing pink jacket, pink gloves and pink bonnet altogether?!" I stated out of irritation.
"EH??!! WHY??" 
"My eyes is allergic to color pink!!!!" I declared.
'Yes, that's right, I AM awfully irritated with that color, Sungmin likes it too much, he's overdoing it!'
"HAHAHA! Don't worry I'll buy you a cheesecake on our way home. Peace?" he apologized smiling sweetly.
'There comes that smile again! Ughh...'
"Oh alright.." I said at complete loss.
"HAHA! Way to go Sungmin! As expected from you're cute looks attack! Even the tough looking Karin can't resist!!!" Yuki shouted making a fool out of me.
'Hey don't go announcing it, you spider coward! In the end, I lost, damn that smile of him. Tsk!'
We were all having fun, I mean they were having fun when Ryeowook, Donghae and Faye approached us.
"Looks like you're having fun here??" Donghae said.
"They were, so, are you guys coming with us?" I asked facing Donghae and Faye.
"Would you mind if we come?" Faye asked, she was hesitating a bit.
"Of course! The more the merrier!" Yuki mentioned.
Just when Faye was about to answer, a beautiful man wearing a butler uniform approached her. They talked, just the two of them.
"Hey, hey. Who's that butler looking guy??" Sungmin asked out of suspicion.
"He IS a butler. That's Heechul-san, he's the ever so loyal but quite irritating butler of the Choi family."  Donghae explained.
"WHAT?!" we all said in unison.
"Oh Donghae, it's been a long time. So you're on the same school as Nathalie, that answers why she's so happy today." the butler concluded.
"Heechul!!" Faye uttered in embarassment.
"You'll have the privilage to see our princess everday in school, I'm quite jealous of that." Heechul confessed grinning.
"Hmp! Feel jealous all you want!" Donghae said in raged.
'Like hell you're get jealous! You're living in the same house with her you know!' he thought.
"Hey, stop it you two. Oh Heechul oppa I won't be riding home with you, I'll be at my friend's house for a while." she explained stopping the two.
"Oh I see, see you then. Enjoy your first day Nathalie, I'll come pick you up later." the butler replied.
"Oh no need to, I'll be driving her home." Donghae protested.
"Ooohh...Okay..Just be sure to return her in full piece or else I won't let you off easily." Heechul warned Donghae.
"Huh? We're not going in some war you know! Tsk, never mind. Let's go." he said as he held Faye's hand..again..
The butler then rode the limousine and drove off as he gave Donghae quite the smile.
'Now I know why Donghae's irritated at him.'
"He's....BEAUTIFUL..." Yuki said flustered.
"Is he really a guy? I mean, he's just so good looking." she added.
Ryeowook held her hand and asked her, " So, what do you want for dinner??" he said completely changing the topic.
"Guess I'll have your specialty!" she answered joyfully.
'ohoo! looks like someone's feeling jealous in here!' 

"We'll catch up with you guys! I'll just buy her a cheesecake!" Sungmin announced holding my hand as he dragged me along with him.
'Hey, hey, I thought you're gonna buy me a cake yourself. It's way different from WE'RE gonna buy cheescake, Oh well..I've got no choice now..I've been dragged in here after all.'
"Here," he said handing me the yellow cheescake.
'Hey cut out the smile!'
"I've been thinking.." he started.
"What type of guys do you usually fall for??" he asked out of the blue.
'Wha-? what is he saying???'
I was feeling awkward that I didn't know what to answer..
"Heeeyy.." he added, bowing a little, looking straight at me.
'Stop staring you idiot!'
"No..." I stuttered.
"Nothing!! I'm not interested!"
"Really??? Aren't you intersested in Hangeng sensei??" 
"Well, maybe. Oh who cares..." I ended as I started walking with the cheesecake in my hand.
He followed me then grabbed the cheesecake, "Well, I CARE." he said.  "Let me carry that for you, it's my treat after all.." he was now walking by my side, I felt tensed for some reason..
'What was that? Snap out of it! he was just probably making fun of me!' I thought, confused and a bit red.......

<<-- the beautiful butler...:D

~ uwaaa.....hahaha...that's it...hope you enjoyed it!! It's getting late now...I'll continue this tom. but you can comment about it already...I'm open for criticisms too (or if ever you have any violent reactions with the characters..haha) oh well..g'nyt guys!! ~


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