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chapter 2 of UMI..

Chapter 2: his undeniably terrible attitude..

“Ohayou!!!” a loud greeting from someone surprised other students from class 2-A. They were rather surprised upon seeing that it was Kazu-senpai with Kana who even dropped her at her classroom. Well, of course that’s what the girls think, but the truth is, he was just walking with Kana going to his classroom who happen to stroll past 2-A.
“Kyaa!! Kazu-senpai!! Ohayou!” some of the girls screamed.
“What’s with her being so friendly with Kazu-senpai?!” others muttered in jealousy.
Saito on the other hand, just glimpse at them while turning his head looking back at the window.
“Yo! Eto, ja ne!” Kazu-senpai waded smiling.
A group of girls by the corner of the room can be heard speaking badly about Kana upon being with Kazu-senpai and they’ve got guts to even stare at her. Iinchou who noticed it, looked and then approached them.
“Do you mind keeping the unnecessary commentary to yourselves ladies?” she warned smiling.
“A..HAI!” they answered in unision and with nervousness.
“Iinchou wa yappa kowai yo ne? Onii mitai.” one of them mumbled, but unluckily for them, their president heard it.
“Dare ga onii desu ka?” she asked smiling, though this time with her eyes a bit opened.
‘Shimatta!’ the student thought. “Gomen nasai..eto..moshiake arimasen..” she apologized while even bowing her head.
*I’m sorry..umm..I am truly sorry, forgive me..
“Ii yo..but don’t dare try to do that again, understood?” she asked them, with her eyes back to normal.
“Fufufu..” sarcastically laughed Rima facing the group who thinks badly of Kana. Her facial expression is clearly stating, ‘that’s what you get for bullying Kana-chan!’ and of course the girls were in raged but is afraid to do something as Rima is an Aikido specialist and Iinchou might approached them again.
A minute later, Haruna sensei arrived and everyone got back to their seats. Kana who is seating beside Saito is still feeling uneasy.
“Ohayou..okay, use this formula in answering the exercises in pages 217-219. f(2h) = (2h)2 + 3(2h) – 4 = 4h2 + 6h – 4” asked Haruna sensei right after greeting his students.
Everyone was dumbfounded to see Saito answered all the questions correctly.
“Sa suga Kanazawa-kun desu ne..” the students whispered in unison.
*As expected from Saito-kun
‘Sugoi..Saito-kun..sugoi..’ Kana thought in amazement.
*Saito’s amazing.
“Okay..that’s correct..Now, anyone here who got a perfect score aside from Saito?” again asked Haruna sensei, and of course no one except for Saito got a perfect score.
“I thought so. Study more okay? Now, since you’re all a bit drained you may answer the next 20 questions using the same formula.” He said sarcastically.
“EH?!” everyone complaint in unison.
Haruna sensei smiles, “Nante ne.. Go, eat, and have your empty brains be recharged, if ever you have any.” Again he said mocking his students.
“You mean will be having our break earlier??” gladly asked Rima.
“Well, you can have one-on-one lessons with me instead Sohma-san.”
“Zettai yada yo! I’d rather eat!!”
“You sure have some guts telling me that are you Sohma-san?” terrifyingly asked Haruna.
“Eto.. Yatta! Thanks for that sensei!!” thanked Rima who clearly ignore her teacher’s scary approach.
“Oh well..” Haruna thought leaving the classroom.
Everyone was again in hurry. But Saito left the room earlier than any of them.
“Rima shouldn’t we be hurrying? We might lose seats.” Kana invited.
“No, no. We still have 10 minutes to at least reach the canteen with extra seats for us.”
“A, sokka. Eto.. I’ll be going earlier; I have some errand to do. Will that be alright?” she asked.
“Errand huh? You really are helpful are you? Oh well, I’ll meet you at the canteen instead.” Agreed Rima.

Kana who went out earlier, tried following Saito hoping that he might be somehow connected to her childhood friend.
‘I don’t have any proof but I guess this is what they call a friend’s instinct.’ She thought while following Saito.
They walked and walked but Kana can’t seem to find the right timing to approach him. She just got all her guts to ask him when he, suddenly collapsed.
“Saito-kun!!” she screamed, panicked and decided to put all her strength to carry him to the clinic. Luckily, their adviser saw them and he then carried Saito.
“You’re pretty strong carrying him are you?”
“No, no I can’t carry him at all. Maybe it’s the adrenaline rush that helped me carry him a little farther from where he collapsed.” Explained Kana.
“Sokka. It seems that even that tough Saito is prone in collapsing.” He assumed sarcastically.
“Hai, hai. So, tell me, what exactly happened?” he asked curiously.
“Well, he’s simply walking when he suddenly passed out and I don’t know what to do.”
“Okay, guess we better hurry.”
Inside the clinic, Kana was waiting in the small lobby of their school clinic.
‘Daijobu kana Saito-kun..’ she worriedly thought.
*Is saito alright?
“A sensei, eto, Saito-kun wa daijobu desu ka?” she asked right after Haruna finished talking with the school doctor.
*Uhm.. Is Saito Okay?
“He’s in a 50-50 state.” He said gloomily.
“EH?!” she responded worriedly.
“Jodan da, aitsu wa daijobu. Shimpai suru na.”
*just kidding, he’s fine. No need to worry
“What’s with that sensei? But why did he collapse?”
“Lack of sleep according to the doctor.”
“Is that it?? Nothing serious is concerned?” she asked again still not contented with the lack of sleep idea.
“Yeah, why are you worrying too much? Now eat, that’s the best thing you can do right now.” Haruna explained.

Classes had ended and Kana remained at their room.
“You sure you’re okay here?” asked Rima.
“I’ll be fine. Go, you still have your club meeting.”
After a few minutes Saito arrived fresh from the clinic.
“Eto, Saito-kun?” Kana said in a low voice as she approached Saito.
“I just thought that since you were absent for almost half of the day, you might want to have a copy of the lectures. I was thinking of lending you mine.” She said shyly with her head looking down.
“No need. I can catch up with the lessons even without that. And besides, I didn’t ask for your notebook.” He said harshly.
Kana was hurt and didn’t know what to reply so she stayed silent and the guy, he got his things and left her behind.
She then left the school spacing out, depressed and speechless.
The next morning, at the assembly, “Hey, you okay? You seem like you didn’t get enough sleep? Are you feeling down or something?” her friend, Rima asked.
“No, I’m fine, don’t worry.” Assumed Kana.
“How can I-” Rima said when someone’s loud voice coming from the gym’s speakers stopped her.
“Ohayou minna! Continue your blabbing later. I’ll be saying some announcements.”
“What’s with him??” Rima whispered in an irritated voice.
“It’s too early but we decided to celebrate our Maora Festival and Senpai-Kouhai challenge game earlier than before as we wanted to make you’re first weeks in school unforgettable enough. Now, for those students who will not be seen participating, will surely get an equal punishment from our vice president. Fair enough? Oh and let me remind you that whoever wins in the Senpai-Kouhai game will be receiving free tickets going to Paris.”
“EH??!!” students all over the gym screamed as they were shocked and can’t barely believe in what they have heard.

~~ END of chapter II ~~

Fuyuumi: Who just did the sudden announcements? And a ticket to Paris? That was..a good idea.. Well, try reading the next chapter and you’ll find out more about it. Though we will need a bit of you’re patience to wait for the next chapter. Hoping for you’re kind consideration. (smiles)
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