Friday, May 28, 2010

part 3 of fanfic..

~ continuation.....~

On the other way, "You're an ojou-sama after all! sugoi!" Yuki shouted in amazement.
"Ojou-sama?" she wondered.
"It's a honorific for someone who came from a rich family, it's how they address such wealthy young lady like you." Ryeowook explained while on their way.
"Nan jeongmal geuleon anieyo!" She denied.
"Huh?" they both said in unison.
"She just said, 'I'm not really like that!'," Donghae explained smiling.
"Well, it's not like I'm that rich, it's my grandfather that is rich. He's actually being too strict with father." she added.
" even the rich got it tough at times huh..." Yuki concluded.
"Oh here we are!" Ryeowook said as he pointed at the little blue house.
"It really is not that far!" Donghae exclaimed.
"Yup!" Yuki said as she grabbed the knob to open the door for them.
They were all inside, chatting, watching and Ryeowook, cooking.
The kitchen was just close at the living room that the scent of his cooking will surely reach the living room. 
"Mas-issneun naemsae!" Fayed blurted upon smelling the scent.  *Smells delicious
"Naega bunmyeonghi dong-ui!" Donghae seemed to agree.   *I certainly agree
"Uwaa, I really can't comprehend their language..." she whispered as she excused herself to see if Ryeowook's just doing fine.
"Yoh! How's it going in here?" she asked tapping his shoulder.
"Just good, what's up? It's rare for you to check me in here." he mentioned as he dropped some ingredients into the pot.
"The guys there were talking Korean, can't cope up with them! haha!" she answered happily.
"Oh I see, then give me a hand here instead." he suggested smiling.
"Sure, sure!"

The two at the living area noticed that Yuki wasn't with them anymore that they sneaked at the kitchen.
"They really are close, they look so good together..." Faye exclaimed.
"As expected from childhood friends... well, at least that's what I've heard..." Donghae mentioned.
"Oh..does that mean that they're brought up here in Japan?" she asked out of curiosity.
Not too long and the food was already prepared so as Sungmin and Karin arrived together.
"Yay! Looks like were just in time for food!!" Sungmin shouted in excitement.
'Is he that hungry already??'
"Hey, we'll leave the dish washing to you guys!" Yuki insisted referring to Sungmin and me.
"Maldo an dwae!" Sungmin yelled swinging his head n disagreement.    *No way!
"Cut it Sungmin, there's no point in arguing with Yuki. Let's just do this." I agreed, a bit forced too.
"Alright, alright!"
They were having a good time that they lose track of time...
"Yabe, it's already this late?" I said as I looked at my circular orange watch.
"That's right, let's get going!" Donghae agreed as he stood up helping Faye to make a stand too.
"Uhmm, thanks guys, I really enjoyed today.." Faye thanked fixing her skirt a bit.
"No probolem! You can always visit here whenever you felt like it!" Yuki assured her.
"How 'bout you Ryeowook?" Donghae asked.
"I'll be going later, I can't just leave Yuki here all alone." he 
"We'll be going too then!" Sungmin waded as he dragged me along with him.
"Well then, Donghae, Faye's in your hand, kay? And Sungmin I leave Karin to you!" Yuki reminded as she let us off.
"I know that!" the guys said in unison.
'Good thing I have this Pink freak with me, he's just as reliable after all...'
"Bye guys!!" Yuki and Ryeowook both waded.

By the street where Choi household is located, Donghae too wade his goodbye...
"Kamsahamnida!" she thanked.
"No problem!" he replied happily, as he rode his motorcycle..though, a second before that, he stole a kiss from Faye's cheeks.
'What JUST happened?' she thought all red......

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