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Summary: So what does Sungmin hate about Kyuhyun?

10. “I hate the way you tease me.”

Kyuhyun was the member who’d tease everyone and got away with it. He’d made it routinely. Monday, Leeteuk and Kangin. Tuesday, Heechul, Hangeng, Kibum and Siwon. Wednesday, Yesung and Ryeowook. Thursday, Eunhyuk and Donghae. Friday, Sungmin, only Sungmin. Saturday, most of them except for Sungmin, and Sunday, since God rested, he too will rest. But most times, Kyuhyun would mix up the days so they’d all be pranked.

Friday, it was Sungmin’s hatest day. He didn’t thank God for it. He’d always wake up with Kyuhyun in front of him already and pranked him and all that. As much as he wanted, he wanted to avoid the impudent magnae, but that magnae knew where Sungmin had gone. Sungmin would always sleep angrily during Friday nights. But he would always love Saturdays when Kyuhyun would ignore him, but he felt that he didn’t get the attention. He was confused himself.

9. “I hate the way you’re my roommate.”

Kyuhyun was always the messiest and noisiest in the room. He’d leave crumbs on the floor when he’s hungry and does not bother picking it up. When it’s time to wake up, Kyuhyun does not even bother fixing his bed. After their tours or concerts, Kyuhyun would always leave the bag in the floor where there’s a place to put the bag in the cabinet. He’d always play Star Craft every night, which added the irritation to Sungmin’s Friday’s nights. When sleeping, he always snored and this added more and more to Sungmin’s irritation. Sungmin wished he’d already die. But he hates it when he’s alone when SJ-M’s on tour. He hated being alone as much as he wanted to.

8. “I hate the way you stare and smile.”

Kyuhyun had the way with his members. He’d always irritate them to a point they’d kill him. But they love Kyuhyun, for without him, there won’t be thrill in their lives, but Sungmin was the one who hated Kyuhyun a lot. He hates the fact when Kyuhyun smiles devilishly at him thinking of plots to tease him more and all that. He always hated the fact when Kyuhyun stares at him when Sungmin was doing something trivial. He hated the fact when Kyuhyun randomly stared at him, Sungmin knew a person would stare at you when there was something wrong with you, or the other way around. Sungmin would in turn roll his eyes at Kyuhyun and Kyuhyun would smile his devilish smile. But he hated the fact the most of the time he’s alone and he’s not given that much attention. He hated it.

7. “I hate the way you dance.”

Kyuhyun sucked at dances he admits. But he was pretty good, but not as good as his hyungs, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Shindong, Leeteuk and yes, even Sungmin. Kyuhyun would always mess up routines or sometimes mess up practice times for his own practical jokes. Sungmin was the type of person who would want to focus and he didn’t want little distractions get in their way. He hates the fact that sometimes Kyuhyun would get a solo. But he hated it when too much practice was in their way, when no one was there to even make them laugh. He also hated it when Kyuhyun pleaded to have a solo and he didn’t get one.

6. “I hate the way you touch my things, especially the pink ones.”

Kyuhyun was always fascinated with the fact that his hyung Sungmin loved pink so much as the next girl. He has a lot of pink bunnies, pink shirts and sometimes it irritated Kyuhyun to have Sungmin his roommate the pink lover. But he didn’t mind. Sungmin hated the way when Kyuhyun touched his stuff without proper permission. He’d always touch and cuddle the pink bunny all the time and sometimes his pink cell phone and pink iPod. But Sungmin hated it when his favorite pink bunny wasn’t cuddled at all.

5. “I hate it when I’m alone and you’re not there.”

Sungmin always hated the fact when Kyuhyun wasn’t around to cheer him up. Sure he was the most irritating person in the group but Kyuhyun would manage to make him smile as hell. Sungmin hated the fact when he spent the sleepless nights worrying about Kyuhyun who wasn’t in their room. He hated it a lot.

4. “I hate the way you make me smile.”

Sungmin would always hate the fact when Kyuhyun wasn’t there to make him smile. Sungmin always hated the fact that Kyuhyun would always make him smile when he sings and when he sits next to him. He hated the fact a lot because he didn’t know that the only person that can make him smile as hell was Cho Kyuhyun and the members would notice and Sungmin would always deny.

3. “I hate the way you lose at Starcraft.”

Sungmin feels very sad when Kyuhyun loses at his games. Sure, he hates the fact the Kyuhyun would cuss and all that, but Sungmin was Team Kyuhyun all the way. Sungmin hates it because it ruins his sleep but it also ruins Kyuhyun’s sleep making him more sleep deprived and irritated and the morning however it still remains a mystery of how this man’s mind worked, he could get up happily after losing in Starcraft a lot.

2. “I hate it when you sing.”

Sungmin was sure envious of Kyuhyun’s singing abilities. Sungmin knew Kyuhyun wasn’t the best at dancing but Kyuhyun’s singing made him smile, made him feel tingly all inside and made his heart beat fast and slow at the same time and realized it after Kyuhyun sings. Kyuhyun would always sing in the shower and Sungmin giggled knowing that Kyuhyun had the most beautiful voice, he didn’t have to boast it in front of his members. Kyuhyun would always sing their songs in the shower and Sungmin hated the fact Kyuhyun sounded better with Sungmin’s parts of the song, but he smiled knowing he sang it.

1. “I hate the way, I don’t hate you. Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.”

Sungmin would always hate Kyuhyun’s imperfection, whether it is small or big. But he would always accept Kyuhyun for what he is because he’s different. And that’s the reason Sungmin loves Kyuhyun. Sungmin loves Kyuhyun because when Sungmin was teased, Kyuhyun would give sincere apologies to his hyung and sometimes hug him knowing his hyung was the most sensitive of them all. Sungmin loves Kyuhyun because he makes an effort to be neat because he knows Sungmin is one hell of a neat freak. Sungmin loves Kyuhyun because when Kyuhyun smiles his heart leaps. Sungmin loves Kyuhyun because he can dance and he gets solos. Sungmin loves Kyuhyun because Kyuhyun appreciates his pink stuff especially the pink bunny, which Kyuhyun himself gave him on his birthday. Sungmin loves it when Kyuhyun is at his side when he’s very sad and tired. Sungmin loves it when Kyuhyun makes him laugh and smile because that’s what Sungmin’s about: smiling and laughing and Kyuhyun says his cute that way. Sungmin loves it when Kyuhyun wins at Starcraft because his smiles happily and he could sleep soundly without giving Sungmin an ounce of worry. Sungmin loves it when his sings because it made his heart leap like hell and loves it when Kyuhyun makes him go to sleep because he has a special lullaby for him and Sungmin loves Kyuhyun, just because.

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