Monday, May 31, 2010

My real life bishies!!!

yoh!! haha..just taking quite a rest in Umi..
with that I've decided to put a list of my own real life bishies!! XD
this list is randomly made..not based on my favorites.. ^~^

 who can probably resist the smile of this cute swimmer/model/dancer/actor??!! 
No one..XD at least, for me..
he's one hell of a good swimmer, proffesionals even commented on how natural his talents are! Superb! :D
and that he's second home is actually underwater..haha..
He's acting skills is unbelivable too, proven in Katorse.. 
That goes the same when he's dancing or simply modeling...
he's one hell of a good natured person too!!
what a real bishie!!


when talking about cute celebrities, this little guy can never go wrong and I mean it!
You can clearly see how cute this guy is! Proven! XD
He's a good actor, and a good singer; he plays the guitar too!
He's also a crybaby..yeah..that's cute in some ways!! (wanna see him cry, just once..haha)
Even when not in motion, you can already be satisfied just by looking him!! XD

LEE SUNGMIN current favorite..:D
He's waay too cuute!
and he loOoves PINK!
How cute can that be???
He's a multi talented musician since he can play the guitar, drums and piano..and he's a good dancer too!!
what more is, he's also capable of doing Chinese martial arts! Cooool!!

~ haha..that's it for now...~

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