Tuesday, May 25, 2010

UMI chapter 1....I mean character introduction..XD



(Just introducing them in here)

Ichinomiya Kazuki – he is a happy-go-lucky 2nd year student who loves greeting everyone around him. Maybe it’s his friendly habit. He is better known as Kazu or Kazu-senpai in Maora Gakuen.
Kanazawa Saito – the silent & cold wuss. ^^,v  He doesn’t like socializing and is by himself most of the time. His hang out place is Maora Gakuen’s rooftop.
Ootori Kana – an average-but-quite-the-shy type kind of girl.  She is classmates with Saito and has mistaken him as her childhood friend, Kyousuke. Her bestfriend is Rima and is good friends with Kazuki.
Ichinomiya Inoue – he is Kazuki’s jolly father, owner of a sushi shop.
Sakamoto Fuyumi – class 2-A’s president (Iinchou) she’s always smiling (eyes closed) in a way that it’s very rare for other students to even see her eyes. Though the moment she opens it, be sure you behave or else.
Sohma Rima – Kana’s best friend and her very own supporter. She has a very good disposition in life, always cheerful and optimistic. She is part of the Aikido club together with Kazu.
Yagari Haruna – class 2-A’s homeroom teacher. The sly-but-have-a-habit-of-grinning type of guy. He likes teasing his students and making them wonder what his real intentions were.
Yoshinura Shiraishi – Kazuki’s best friend, a rich guy whose family owns the school itself. He is a very blunt person, he will honestly tell you what he feels, whether or not he’s gonna hurt you. He disregards a person’s feelings.

 chapter 1 will be coming soon..haha

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