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part 4 of my fanfic

 ~ continuation again.. ^~^ ~

'What JUST happened?!' she thought, all red and flustered.
"It's getting cold here madam, let's go inside..." Heechul invited upon appearing behind Faye. 
"Oh Heechul..okay.."

After getting her clothes changed she went at her balcony and stare at the sky for a little.
"Looks like Donghae hasn't changed a bit..good, seems like there's nothing to worry after all.." Heechul mentioned as he dropped a sweater on Nathalie's shoulder.
"Kamsahamnida..." she thanked, then added, "Yeah..I guess..I've been thinking that he changed a bit...just a bit..." 
"That's adolescence. Haha! Aren't you happy that he actually kissed you?"
"Wha-?! What are you talking about Heechul oppa?!" 
"Oh must've been a mistake seeing that he kissed on you on the cheek." he teased.
"Stop it! It's just a friendly kiss!" she exclaimed, denying....
"Oh well...It's getting late now, go to bed already..." he mentioned, almost leaving.
"Oh okay, by the way, one of my friend's told me you're beautiful..." she said smiling at him.
"I know that ever since I was born...oh well, thank her for me..." he said as he disappeared from Faye's room.

At some other place, "Won't you come home already?? It's getting late now." I asked Sungmin who was busy playing a video game at my living the way, I'm living alone, my parents were both in London..I guess...
"I'm not yet finished here!" he insisted.
A few more minutes and I fell asleep already...
"Oi Karin! Oh! What is she doing in here? Sleeping at the sofa...she'll catch a cold like that..." he whispered upon seeing me, he then carried me to my room.
He placed me at the middle of the bed and covered me with my blanket, he too was getting sleepy already that he actually did fell asleep. His head at my bed while he was sitting at the my bedroom stool..

[yawns...] As I stretched my arms up high..and...
"Woah!!" I screamed in astonishment upon seeing the pink guy at my bed, well, his head was...
"What...happened?" he asked, awaken by my loud voice..he's scratching he's head while slowly opening he's eyes...
'Crap! I can't deny it! He's...cute..yeah, hell yeah...I hate that part of me...'
"Are you alright?" he again asked getting closer to my face...
"STOP! You're too close, you idiot!!" I yelled, unconsciously smacking him.
"Aya!!" he too shouted upon being smacked.   *Ouch!
"Gomen...Heh! What am I saying? What the heck are you still doing here?!" I questioned.
"I'm...having a sleepover?? HAHAHA!" he joked, that pisses me off.
"HA?! sleepover? without homeowner's permission?!"
"Okay, fine. I'm sorry.." he apologized looking innocently at me.
'Those puppy eyes again huh? Damn.'
"Okay, to make it up for you, I'll cook ya a delicious breakfast!" he said ammending.
He stood up, washed his face and went straight to the kitchen. I stayed at my bed, feeling a bit bothersome to stand up..a few more minutes and he suddenly entered my room holding a tray with toast and my favorite hot chocolate drink..
"You didn't have to, I can go to the kitchen myself."
"I doubt it, with that heavy body of yours!! HAHA!" he teased, that's kinda offensive you know!
"Go to hell." I demanded, glaring at him.
"Easy there! I'm just kidding!"
"What the hell is wrong with you?"
"Nothin'! Oh gotta go! See ya later!!" he said as he wade goodbye..
'Didn't he knew that telling a girl that she's heavy is really hurtful! What the heck?!'
As I started eating, I noticed a piece of paper on the says there, YOH! I prepared a huge breakfast meal for're getting thinner, that's bad you know! Eat up, enjoy, and have a GOOD MORNING!
"What is wrong with him??" I whispered as I smiled contenttedly.
'Wait, as I remember correctly I fell asleep at the sofa...then that means....' I thought as I blushed..I'm blushing too much lately..there's really something wrong with me.

Just when almost everyone in the gang were present at the school gate, the Choi's limo stopped by again..
"Here comes the ojou-sama again..." Ryeowook exclaimed.
"And her beautiful butler..." Yuki added smiling happily. Ryeowook didn't respond though...
"Al-aseo joh-eun sigan bonae." Heechul said before leaving the ojou but before completely getting inside the limo, he looked and smiled at Yuki. *Have a good time, take care.

"Kamsahamnida.." Faye thanked.
"Hey, did you just see that? HE actually smiled at me!" Yuki mentioned while facing Ryeowook.
"He wasn't." he answered sternly.
"What's with you? Not in the mood??" she asked quite suspicious of Ryeowook's sudden emotionless answer.
"Good morning Yuki-san, Ryeowook-san, Karin-san, Sungmin-san and Donghae!!" she greeted
"Ohayou Faye-chan!!" Yuki greeted as well, completely forgetting about Ryeowook's attitude.
"Good morning!" we all greeted joyfully, except for Ryeowook who did greet but seemed not in the mood.

Inside the classroom, "Ohayou!" sensei greeted. 'I really like his usual smile, very refreshing.'
"Okay, everyone get your clothes changed, we are going to play tennis!" he instructed as everyone got ut excitedly.
'Ughh, tennis again...'
"That's okay! Playing tennis early in the morning isn't so bad!" Yuki said trying to cheer me up. She knows how I hate tennis or anything which involves physical strength.
"Yeah right."

I was feeling so gloomy about the weather, I didn't really wanted to play...
"Are you not feeling well?" sensei suddenly asked me.
", no. I'm just fine.."
"Are you sure? I wouldn't want to send an ill player out there." he said.
'He's too nice, students may take advantage of him...'
"Sensei..." I started.
"Aren't you being too nice sensei? I might not even feeling ill, yet you're allowing me not to play?"
"Well, if you're not feeling ill at all, then that's good!" he said smiling.
"Alright, I'll play." I agreed as I smiled back.
"I'm expecting to hear that." he smiled again as we walked towards the field, side by side.
"He's too close, he's smiling too much, he's too gentle with Karin...Arggh!" Sungmin pointed out, staring at me and sensei.
"Ohoo! Look who's getting jealous!" Yuki teased grinning.
"I'm not jealous, you idiot! Hmp! And before noticing something that shouldn't be noticed, shouldn't you worrying first at why Ryeowook's acting a bit strange??" he then questioned her.
"Oh yeah, I almost forgot!"
She rushed inside the locker area where she saw Ryeowook, she was in a hurry that she didn't notice the spilled juice on the floor..and..
She slipped and had gone unconcious..
Later, at the clinic...
"Where am I?" Yuki asked, a bit confused, holding her head which seems to be in pain.
"You slipped, I carried you here. Are you fine now?" Ryewook explained.
"Oh yeah right! Ryeowook!" she suddenly yelled.
"Is there something bothering you?! I came rushing to ask you."
"Idiot. Don't ever do that again, seeing you here, injured, bothers me most more than anything else.." he said, smiling while looking down.
"I'll be dead first just worrying about you. You surely stress my heart out.." he added, looking at her.
"I'm sorry..." she whispered apologizing while looking down.
"That's okay, good thing you're not that injured." he assured her..patting her head.
"YUKI!!" I and Faye shouted as we got inside the clinic, worried.
"Oh hey guys!" se greeted casaually..
"Are you alright???" we asked.
"Yup, thanks for the concern."
"Whew, you scared me!" I sighed. 
"Good thing you're alright." Donghae mentioned, then he added, "I won't probably know what to do when something like that happens to you Faye!"

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